AdVenture Capitalist Wiki

Staff members are users with special privileges, with the responsibility to keep the wiki running smoothly.

Staff Positions

  • Administrators (also known "sysops") are trusted users who have the ability to edit whitelisted MediaWiki pages, block/unblock users, and change the community's skin and format.
  • Bureaucrats have the ability to promote and revoke rollback, Content Moderator and administrator rights as well as appointing new bureaucrats. While they cannot directly remove another user's bureaucrat status, they can remove their own. Bureaucrat status can only be removed by FANDOM Staff, or by the Bureaucrat themselves.
  • Rollbacks have the ability to undo multiple edits with one click. Content Moderators and administrators have this ability as well.
  • Content Moderators are users who have the ability to delete and move protected pages, reupload files, delete and move files, and protect pages. Administrators have this abilities as well.

Current Staff members

Username Staff member since Position(s) Status
SilasGreaves12 September 9, 2017 • Bureaucrat
• Administrator
IamAnotherEditor March 15, 2018 • Administrator Active

Former Staff members

Username Promoted Demoted Position(s)
Dkpure June 27, 2014 September 9, 2017 • Founder
• Bureaucrat
• Administrator