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AdVentures is a menu containing Mission control, Currency Exchange, Mega Boosts, and Events. It replaced the Mission control bar in version 2.0, and had no initial cost.

Mission control[]

Mission control is the first tab located in the AdVentures menu. It is the access place between Earth, Moon and Mars. In version 2.0, it was replaced by AdVentures and it has no initial cost anymore. The Moon costs $100 trillion dollars to be unlocked and Mars, 100 Mega Bucks. However on the PS4 version, you have to fund a mission to The Moon or Mars for $1 trillion dollars, and you must wait 72 hours before you can access them.

Currency Exchange[]

The Currency Exchange is the second tab in the AdVentures. It is the process of exchanging money/credits in order to get Mega Bucks. Mega Bucks can be used to buy Mega Tickets.

Mega Boosts[]

Mega Boosts allows the exchange of gold and Mega Bucks for Mega Tickets. One ticket can be obtained by spending either 20 gold, or 10 Mega Bucks. 10 Mega Tickets can be obtained at once by spending 180 gold, or 90 Mega Bucks, with 10% discount. Boosting all of the investments on a planet increases the boost to x17.77, which can be further increased to x77.77, x777.77, and x7777.77, by spending 10, 30, and 50 Mega Bucks, respectively. It also gives the Mega Ticket Badge.


Main article: Events

Events is the last tab in the AdVentures. They are periodic updates that allow players to access a bonus "planet" with new businesses, managers, and upgrades. They are only playable for about a week's time and are usually released at or around some sort of real life holiday or celebration. Players who complete these events in the allotted time are rewarded with unique badges, Mega Bucks, gold and rarely with unique items.