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Reset is the process of claiming Angel Investors in AdVenture Capitalist. Each reset wipes out almost all of the progress - money, businesses, upgrades, and unlocks (starts with the first business). However, any Angel Investors earned in the last session activate, and any previously acquired Angel Investors are still retained. They're the one resource that persists and accumulates across resets.

Resetting should be done when a significant number of new Angel Investors is reached. The next session will be that much faster, due to the new Angels, and will let the player get further before things slow down too much.

Angel reset

A good target for the first reset is between 50 and 150 Angel Investors, which can be achieved in a day or two with reasonably efficient play. That'll speed up the next session with an automatic ✕ 2-4 multiplier. Future resets should probably occur after the Angel Investor number is at least doubled, so that it has a noticeable effect (for the first few resets, it is easy to get 10 times the total). By the second or third reset, building up all the initial infrastructure should take only a short period of time - you'll know you're doing well if you can get your Oil Company to 25 or 50 before it finishes its first profit cycle. 

Resetting the game on Earth does not reset the countdown for Moon and Mars. Resetting on Earth will not affect the Moon or Mars. Angel Investors do not carry across to other planets, and every planet has a separate number of angels. 

Hard reset

The hard reset completely resets the game on a finished planet, including Angels and money. The player starts with no Angels, no cash, and the first business. It can be done by clicking the "Reset Game" button in the "Stats" tab, located in the Career menu. To reset, press the button and click yes on the warning. The button appears after the planet is finished. Hard resetting the game on Earth will reward the player with 200 Gold. However, this bonus can only be earned once. Hard resetting the game on the Moon will reward the player with 50 Gold. This bonus can only be earned once.

The following will not be reset:


  • Resetting cannot be done if the amount of angels that can be claimed is zero.