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Angel Investors increases all of your profits by 2% (This bonus can be increased with some upgrades). So 1 Angel Investor will give you an overall profit increase of +2%, 2 AI = +4% overall profit and so on. The catch? Angel Investors wait in the wings until you reset your game; they only give a benefit once you have reset the game. However, Angels are the only thing that persists and accumulates between resets, so any Angels you earn in by resetting will help you from then on, no matter how many additional times you reset. Unless of course, you spend them all, then you will have to accumulate them, and reset again to earn them back. (This can be very useful, though, but only spend a small chunk of them, say about 10% at most, or you will have to regain all the angels again, which can be tedious.)

Angels combine together additively: each one gives you +2% profits, so 50 gives you +100% profits (equal to a ×2 multiplier to all of your earnings). 1000 gives you +2000% (profit ×21).

The number of Angel Investors earned on Earth can be calculated according to this equation, created by Kongregate user Sodapants:

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(1015 is 1 quadrillion or 1,000,000,000,000,000)

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All result are calculated approximately.

Lifetime Earnings ($) Angel Investors Lifetime Earnings ($) Angel Investors
Ten (10) 0 Quadrillion (1015) 150
Hundred (100) 0 Quintillion (1018) 4,743
Thousand (1000) 0 Sextillion (1021) 150,000
Million (106) 0 Septillion (1024) 4,743,416
Billion (109) 0 Octillion (1027) 150,000,000
≈ 44,444,444,445 1 Nonillion (1030) 4,743,416,490
Trillion (1012) 4 Novemvigintillion (1090) 4,74 × 1039

Through the list, we can clearly see every time the lifetime earnings is multiplied by a thousand (1000), the Angel Investor cyclic change from "4,743..." to "150" and a digit is added to the number.

Note: To determine what amount of money you need to get a certain number of Angel Investors, just invert the previous equation:

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The number of Angel Investors earned on Moon is the same as the formula on Earth, but on Mars, you get twice as many angels for the same amount of earnings.

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