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Angel Upgrades are a special kind of Upgrade bought by sacrificing Angel Investors, rather than spending money. They are very much worth it if you buy them at the right time.

Be careful, because you will lose the profit bonus from the angels you spend and you'll lose angel upgrades and have to re-buy them after resetting, but you don't get the Angels you spent back. An upgrade that costs Angels is only worth it if the multiplier applied to your boost from your remaining Angels substantially outweighs the boost you gave up in the cost. Keep in mind that as you earn more angels, you need more money for each one, and if you spend angels, the money required to earn more will be the same as if you haven't spent them. It's generally best to not spend more than 1% of your current angels on non-all profit upgrades for this reason.

Safe upgrades do not require confirmation. Upgrades that cost more than 1% of your angels are not considered safe and will require you to confirm the purchase (regardless if it is worth it or not) to prevent accidentally purchasing the upgrade, which can cause huge profit losses. The message "Are you sure you want to spend X angels?" pops up for purchases that cost between 1% and 15% of your angels, and even "Egads! Are you sure you want to spend X% of your angel investors?" for upgrades costing over 15% of your angels. The Quik Buy button buys angel upgrades up until the next one will bring the amount of angels you're spending above 1% of your current angels. For example, if you have 10 Duovigintillion angels, Quik buy will buy all angel upgrades that cost less than 38 Unvigintillion angels, even though there are upgrades after that that cost less than 1% of 10 Duovigintillion angels, because if those upgrades were bought, you would end up spending more than 1% of your angels. For all profit angel upgrades and a few other cases, it is worth buying angel upgrades costing over 1% of your current angel count.

A multiplier or angel boost upgrade will increase your profit if you have Angels, where:

New angel effectiveness
Current angel effectiveness
Example: Angel Sacrifice (10K for ×3 multiplier) at default angel-boost of 0.02:
[1 + 3(0.02×10000-1)]÷[0.02E×3 - 0.02] = (1+3×199) ÷(2×0.02) = 14950
Multiplier without Angel Sacrifice: 14950×0.02 + 1 = 300
Multiplier with Angel Sacrifice: [(14950-10000)×0.02 + 1]×3 = (99+1)×3 = 300

Minimum break-even points at default angel boost for some of the upgrades:

Angel Sacrifice (10K for ×3 multiplier) at ≥ 14950 Angels
Angelic Selection (1B for ×5 multiplier) at ≥ 1.25 Billion Angels
Divine Intervention (100B for ×9 multiplier) at ≥ 112.5 Billion Angels
Rapture Contingent (1T for ×11 multiplier) at ≥ 1.1 Trillion Angels
Buy Earth (1S for ×15 multiplier) at ≥1.0714 Sextillion Angels

This does not mean that angel upgrades should be bought as soon as you reach these thresholds, since you do not get the angels back or keep the upgrade on your next reset. It's best to buy x2, x3, x4, and ≥x5 all profit angel upgrades when they cost ≤20%, ≤30%, ≤40%, and ≤50% of your current angels, respectively. Double-digit multipliers can be bought at ≤60% of your current angels.

Finding the "effective multiplier" for the ones that increase Angel effectiveness depends on what other Angel-increasing Upgrades, including Cash Upgrades, were bought. Breakpoint numbers for the Upgrades that give multipliers to particular Businesses, or that simply grant additional Business units of a certain type, are more difficult to obtain, and depend more heavily on the state of your game.

Important Note: To calculate a 2% effectiveness change use: Cost/((Current %/New %) -1). You can use the above formula as well, but remember a 2% to 4% change is a 2x multiplier, while a 4% to 6% change is a 1.5x multiplier. So, wait until the currency upgrades have started to slow down and then calculate your breakeven before deciding to buy.

Provided you always earn back your AI spend (and still reach whatever target you previously had) before resetting, and give the AI purchases time to have an effect, all that is lost by the repeated exchange of AI boost for other boosts is that the cost to acquire new angels is higher than before, provided the net boost gain is positive. You should therefore buy most of the AI upgrades you can afford (based on the above calculations) at the START of a new reset (with the exception of the +x number of commodities and some of the newer individual business multipliers, which are a little more complicated because your break even point calculation is done AFTER bringing that commodity up to a certain level with other upgrades that take you time to get to, so spending before that point will just make those multipliers take longer to buy).

Example: you have 2 Billion AI and spend 1 Billion on the ×5 multiplier. If your target was doubling AI (earning equal to current), you need still need to earn 2 Billion AI to achieve that, as that will give you 3 Billion, then you will spend 1 Billion again and have 2 Billion remaining, which is double what you are currently using (after AI spend this time). The general strategy for resetting is to do so when the number of angels gained is at least as high as the number of angels you've started with after the previous reset. It's worth considering waiting slightly longer if you spent over 40% of your angels after the previous reset.

Breakeven constants by multiplier:

To determine the breakeven point of an upgrade, multiply the AI cost by the constant provided. E.g. a hypothetical x5 upgrade costs 3 billion AI. (3 billion)×(1.25) = 3.75 billion angels

  • ×2: 2.0000
  • ×3: 1.5000
  • ×4: 1.3333
  • ×5: 1.2500
  • ×6: 1.2000
  • ×7: 1.1666
  • ×7.77: 1.1477
  • ×9: 1.1250
  • ×11: 1.1000
  • x13.11: 1.090009
  • ×15: 1.0714

The list below is the Angel Upgrades available on Earth. For the other planets see Angel Upgrades (Moon) and Angel Upgrades (Mars). See also Cash Upgrades (Earth). There are a total of 194 angel upgrades on Earth. "Recommended purchase amount" means the angel upgrade should be bought when you have at least that many angels.


Name Business Price Description Recommended purchase amount (AI) Reference/Meaning
Angel Sacrifice All Businesses 10,000 Angels All profits x3 33,333
Angelic Mutiny Angel Investor 100,000 Angels Angel Investor Effectiveness +2% 1 Million
Angelic Rebellion Angel Investor 100 Million Angels Angel Investor Effectiveness +2% 2 Billion
Angelic Selection All Businesses 1 Billion Angels All profits x5 2 Billion
Newspaper Swap Newspaper Delivery 25 Million Angels +10 Newspaper Delivery 2.5 Billion
Car Wash Swap Car Wash 25 Million Angels +10 Car Wash 2.5 Billion
Pizza Swap Pizza Delivery 25 Million Angels +10 Pizza Delivery 2.5 Billion
Donut Swap Donut Shop 25 Million Angels +10 Donut Shop 2.5 Billion
Divine Intervention All Businesses 100 Billion Angels All profits x9 200 Billion
Newspaper  Surge Newspaper Delivery 250 Million Angels +50 Newspaper Delivery 25 Billion
Car Wash  Surge Car Wash 250 Million Angels +50 Car Wash 25 Billion
Pizza Surge Pizza Delivery 250 Million Angels +50 Pizza Delivery 25 Billion
Donut Surge Donut Shop 250 Million Angels +50 Donut Shop 25 Billion
Newspaper Merger Newspaper Delivery 25 Billion Angels +50 Newspaper Delivery 2.5 Trillion
Car Wash Merger Car Wash 25 Billion Angels +50 Car Wash 2.5 Trillion
Pizza Merger Pizza Delivery 25 Billion Angels +50 Pizza Delivery 2.5 Trillion
Donut Merger Donut Shop 25 Billion Angels +50 Donut Shop 2.5 Trillion
Rapture Contingent All Businesses 1 Trillion Angels All profits x11 1.667 Trillion
Newspaperion Ultrus Newspaper Delivery 250 Trillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 25 Quadrillion
Washicus Maximus Car Wash 750 Trillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 75 Quadrillion
Pizzeria Primus Pizza Delivery 2 Quadrillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 200 Quadrillion
Ultimus Donuticus Donut Shop 5 Quadrillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 500 Quadrillion
Shrimpus Glorious Shrimp Boat 10 Quadrillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 1 Quintillion
Puckus Alotus Hockey Team 25 Quadrillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 2.5 Quintillion
Cinemaxima Spiritus Movie Studio 75 Quadrillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 7.5 Quintillion
Fundorium Sanctum Bank 200 Quadrillion Angels Bank profit x3 20 Quintillion
Oil Vincit Omnia Oil Company 400 Quadrillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 40 Quintillion
Lemonus Supremus Lemonade Stand 1 Quintillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 4 Quintillion
Buy Earth All Businesses 1 Sextillion Angels All profits x15 1.667 Sextillion
Newspaper Takeover Newspaper Delivery 10 Sextillion Angels +75 Newspaper Delivery 1 Septillion
Car Wash Takeover Car Wash 10 Sextillion Angels +75 Car Wash 1 Septillion
Pizza Takeover Pizza Delivery 10 Sextillion Angels +75 Pizza Delivery 1 Septillion
Donut Takeover Donut Shop 10 Sextillion Angels +75 Donut Shop 1 Septillion
Shrimp Takeover Shrimp Boat 10 Sextillion Angels +75 Shrimp Boat 1 Septillion
Newspaper Assimilation Newspaper Delivery 100 Sextillion Angels +75 Newspaper Delivery 10 Septillion
Car Wash Assimilation Car Wash 100 Sextillion Angels +75 Car Wash 10 Septillion
Pizza Assimilation Pizza Delivery 100 Sextillion Angels +75 Pizza Delivery 10 Septillion
Donut Assimilation Donut Shop 100 Sextillion Angels +75 Donut Shop 10 Septillion
Shrimp Assimilation Shrimp Boat 100 Sextillion Angels +75 Shrimp Boat 10 Septillion
First Amen-dment Newspaper Delivery 10 Nonillion Angels +100 Newspaper Delivery 1 Decillion
Unrefusable Offer Car Wash 100 Nonillion Angels +100 Car Wash 10 Decillion
Paradise Lost And Found Angel Investor 1 Decillion Angels Angel Investor Effectiveness +10% 5 Decillion "Paradise Lost" (1667) is an epic poem about the Fall of Man in the Bible.
Black Friday the 13th All Businesses 10 Decillion Angels All profits x15 16.667 Decillion
Divine Write Off All Businesses 1 Undecillion Angels All profits x3 3.333 Undecillion
In Brightest Day... All Businesses 10 Duodecillion Angels All profits x5 20 Duodecillion The start of the Green Lantern oath.
In Darkest Night... All Businesses 1 Tredecillion Angels All profits x5 2 Tredecillion Second line of the Green Lantern oath.
The Good News Newspaper Delivery 2 Tredecillion Angels +50 Newspaper Delivery 100 Tredecillion
Synergize Suds Car Wash 100 Quattuordecillion Angels Car Wash profit x4 10 Quindecillion
Feta Beta-Testing Pizza Delivery 200 Quattuordecillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x6 20 Quindecillion
Pumpkin Spice Donut Shop 700 Quattuordecillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 70 Quindecillion
Cocktail Parties Shrimp Boat 2 Quindecillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 200 Quindecillion
Free Jerseys Hockey Team 25 Quindecillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 2.5 Sexdecillion
In-Universe Continuity Movie Studio 500 Quindecillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 50 Sexdecillion
Dolla Bills Ya'll Bank 20 Sexdecillion Angels Bank profit x3 2 Septendecillion The song "Money" (1997) by Coolio.
Anti-Solar Research Oil Company 80 Sexdecillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 8 Septendecillion
Divine Squeeze Lemonade Stand 150 Sexdecillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 15 Septendecillion
Perfumed Pages Newspaper Delivery 300 Sexdecillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 30 Septendecillion
Hark! Angel Investor 500 Sexdecillion Angels Angel Investor Effectiveness +10% 5 Septendecillion "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" is a classic Christmas carol.
Fold Into Hats Newspaper Delivery 1 Septendecillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 100 Septendecillion
Free Breakfast Car Wash 4 Septendecillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 400 Septendecillion
Little Nero's Pizza Delivery 9 Septendecillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 900 Septendecillion

Little Caesar's is a pizza restaurant chain.

Nero was the Roman Emperor (a Caesar) from 54-68 AD.

"Little Nero's" was a pizza chain in the movie "Home Alone"

Donut Isotopes Donut Shop 25 Septendecillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 250 Septendecillion
Son Of A Shrimp Shrimp Boat 75 Septendecillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 750 Septendecillion
Quack! Hockey Team 177 Septendecillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 17.7 Octodecillion The Mighty Ducks
Rotten Potatoes Movie Studio 300 Septendecillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 30 Octodecillion Rotten Tomatoes is an online movie review aggregator.
Money Bin Life Guards Bank 500 Septendecillion Angels Bank profit x3 50 Octodecillion
Texas Tea Oil Company 800 Septendecillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 80 Octodecillion
Lemonster Lemonade Stand 1 Octodecillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 100 Octodecillion
Recycling Boom Newspaper Delivery 30 Novemdecillion Angels +30 Newspaper Delivery 3 Vigintillion
Redundant Facilities Car Wash 30 Novemdecillion Angels +30 Car Wash 3 Vigintillion
No Competitors Pizza Delivery 30 Novemdecillion Angels +30 Pizza Delivery 3 Vigintillion
Donut Boutiques Donut Shop 30 Novemdecillion Angels +30 Donut Shop 3 Vigintillion
Hokey Honky Hockey Hockey Team 30 Novemdecillion Angels +30 Hockey Team 3 Vigintillion
Sacred Trust Fund All Businesses 100 Novemdecillion Angels All profits x5 200 Novemdecillion
Effective Marketing Newspaper Delivery 2 Vigintillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Car Dirty-ers Car Wash 2 Vigintillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Guaranteed Horse Free Pizza Delivery 2 Vigintillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Cartoon Endorsements Donut Shop 2 Vigintillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 15 Vigintillion
Government Subsidy Shrimp Boat 2 Vigintillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Union Busting Hockey Team 2 Vigintillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Hire Viewers Movie Studio 2 Vigintillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Sue Everything Bank 2 Vigintillion Angels Bank profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Accident Free Week Oil Company 2 Vigintillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Fund Favorable Studies Lemonade Stand 2 Vigintillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 200 Vigintillion
Hallelujah! All Businesses 100 Vigintillion Angels All profits x7 200 Vigintillion
Heavenly News Newspaper Delivery 1 Unvigintillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 100 Unvigintillion
Discounts For Investors Car Wash 4 Unvigintillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 400 Unvigintillion
Ascended Pizza Pizza Delivery 13 Unvigintillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 1.3 Duovigintillion
Holy Donut Holes Donut Shop 20 Unvigintillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 200 Unvigintillion
Shrimp Saints Shrimp Boat  29 Unvigintillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 2.9 Duovigintillion
Angelic Refs Hockey Team 38 Unvigintillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 3.8 Duovigintillion
Angel Best Boys Movie Studio 52 Unvigintillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 5.2 Duovigintillion
Seraph Saturdays Bank 67 Unvigintillion Angels Bank profit x3 6.7 Duovigintillion
The Cleansing Fires Oil Company 72 Unvigintillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 7.2 Duovigintillion
Thirsty Cherubs Lemonade Stand 96 Unvigintillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 9.6 Duovigintillion
It Is Done Newspaper Delivery 125 Unvigintillion Angels +50 Newspaper Delivery 3 Duovigintillion Revelation 21:6
Profit-dence All Businesses 777 Unvigintillion Angels All profits x7.777777 1.554 Duovigintillion
Emergency Reserves Newspaper Delivery 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Newspaper Delivery 500 Duovigintillion
Bite The Cost Car Wash 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Car Wash 500 Duovigintillion
A Little Further Pizza Delivery 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Pizza Delivery 500 Duovigintillion
Desperate Measures Donut Shop 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Donut Shop 500 Duovigintillion
Impulse Buy Shrimp Boat 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Shrimp Boat 500 Duovigintillion
Seize Every Inch Hockey Team 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Hockey Team 500 Duovigintillion
Small Opportunity Movie Studio 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Movie Studio 500 Duovigintillion
Off Shore Refuge Bank 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Bank 500 Duovigintillion
Shell Corporations Oil Company 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Oil Company 500 Duovigintillion
Expensive Lemonade Stand 5 Duovigintillion Angels +10 Lemonade Stand 500 Duovigintillion
Manufacture The News Newspaper Delivery 1 Tresvigintillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 20 Tresvigintillion
Freak Dust Storms Car Wash 5 Tresvigintillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 500 Tresvigintillion
Famine Zone Delivery Pizza Delivery 22 Tresvigintillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 2.2 Quattuorvigintillion
Heritage Appeal Donut Shop 44 Tresvigintillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 440 Tresvigintillion
Onboard Orchestra Shrimp Boat 111 Tresvigintillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 11.1 Quattuorvigintillion
Pay Per View Hockey Team 222 Tresvigintillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 22.2 Quattuorvigintillion
Enough Parking Spots Movie Studio 333 Tresvigintillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 33.3 Quattuorvigintillion
Catapults Bank 444 Tresvigintillion Angels Bank profit x3 44.4 Quattuorvigintillion
Large Hadron Pumps Oil Company 555 Tresvigintillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 55.5 Quattuorvigintillion Large Hadron Collider built by research organization CERN.
Oktoberlemon Lemonade Stand 666 Tresvigintillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 66.6 Quattuorvigintillion Oktoberfest, an annual beer celebration/festival in many parts of the world. Of German origin.
Propped Up Car Wash 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Car Wash 2.5 Quinvigintillion
Aunty Idol Newspaper Delivery 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Newspaper Delivery 2.5 Quinvigintillion Anti-Idle, another idle game.
Pizza Clicker Pizza Delivery 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Pizza Delivery 2.5 Quinvigintillion Cookie Clicker, another idle game.
Donut Box Donut Shop 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Donut Shop 2.5 Quinvigintillion Candy Box, another idle game.
Clicker Shrimps Shrimp Boat 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Shrimp Boat 2.5 Quinvigintillion Clicker Heroes, another idle game.
Dark Hockey Hockey Team 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Hockey Team 2.5 Quinvigintillion A Dark Room, another idle game.
Farley's Angels Movie Studio 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Movie Studio 2.5 Quinvigintillion

Chris Farley was a film/tv comedian.

Charlie's Angels

Aggressive Negotiation Bank 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Bank 2.5 Quinvigintillion
Worth It? Oil Company 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Oil Company 2.5 Quinvigintillion
Lemon Scented Angels Lemonade Stand 25 Quattuorvigintillion Angels +25 Lemonade Stand 2.5 Quinvigintillion
Loyal Readers Newspaper Delivery 11 Quinvigintillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 1.1 Sexvigintillion
Mud Enthusiasts Car Wash 27 Quinvigintillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 2.7 Sexvigintillion
Gamers Pizza Delivery 43 Quinvigintillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 4.3 Sexvigintillion
Police Officers Donut Shop 87 Quinvigintillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 8.7 Sexvigintillion
Voracious Tourists Shrimp Boat 190 Quinvigintillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 19 Sexvigintillion
Canadian Angels Hockey Team 321 Quinvigintillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 32.1 Sexvigintillion
Movie Buffs Movie Studio 495 Quinvigintillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 49.5 Sexvigintillion
Up And Coming Capitalists Bank 600 Quinvigintillion Angels Bank profit x3 60 Sexvigintillion
Off Roaders Oil Company 725 Quinvigintillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 72.5 Sexvigintillion
Thirsty Neighbors Lemonade Stand 898 Quinvigintillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 89.8 Sexvigintillion
Proverbs All Businesses 3 Septenvigintillion Angels All profits x13.11 5 Septenvigintillion Proverbs 13:11 -

"Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow."

Pile Of Haloes All Businesses 13 Octovigintillion Angels All profits x5 26 Octovigintillion
Last Lunch Special All Businesses 3 Novemvigintillion Angels All profits x3 10 Novemvigintillion
Holy Guacamole All Businesses 13 Trigintillion Angels All profits x4 32.5 Trigintillion
Low Sinterest Rates All Businesses 24 Untrigintillion Angels All profits x5 48 Untrigintillion
Newspaper Dealing Newspaper Delivery 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Newspaper Delivery 100 Tretrigintillion
Car Wash Dealing Car Wash 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Car Wash 100 Tretrigintillion
Pizza Dealing Pizza Delivery 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Pizza Delivery 100 Tretrigintillion
Donut Dealing Donut Shop 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Donut Shop 100 Tretrigintillion
Shrimp Dealing Shrimp Boat 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Shrimp Boat 100 Tretrigintillion
Hockey Dealing Hockey Team 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Hockey Team 100 Tretrigintillion
Movie Dealing Movie Studio 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Movie Studio 100 Tretrigintillion
Bank Dealing Bank 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Bank 100 Tretrigintillion
Oil Dealing Oil Company 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Oil Company 100 Tretrigintillion
Lemon Dealing Lemonade Stand 1 Tretrigintillion Angels +25 Lemonade Stand 100 Tretrigintillion
Ultra Mega Death Holiness All Businesses 333 Quintrigintillion Angels All profits x3 1.11 Sextrigintillion Character from the Angry Video Game Nerd web series called "Super Ultra Mecha Death Christ".
Angel-Sourced Ingredients Newspaper Delivery 1 Septentrigintillion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 100 Septentrigintillion
Blessed Fuzzy Dice Car Wash 20 Septentrigintillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 200 Septentrigintillion
Holy Moly Guacamole Pizza Delivery 50 Septentrigintillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 500 Septentrigintillion
Heavenly Sprinkles Donut Shop 100 Septentrigintillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 10 Octotrigintillion
Tridents Shrimp Boat 200 Septentrigintillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 20 Octotrigintillion
Turn Water Into Teeth Hockey Team 300 Septentrigintillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 30 Octotrigintillion
Answered Movie Prayers Movie Studio 400 Septentrigintillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 40 Octotrigintillion
Security Guardians Bank 500 Septentrigintillion Angels Bank profit x3 50 Octotrigintillion
Peppy Laborforce Oil Company 750 Septentrigintillion Angels Oil Company profit x3 75 Octotrigintillion
Awe-Inspiring Toasts Lemonade Stands 2 Octotrigintillion Angels Lemonade Stand profit x3 200 Octotrigintillion
Newspaper Transaction Newspaper Delivery 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Newspaper Delivery 100 Duoquadragintillion
Car Wash Transaction Car Wash 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Car Wash 100 Duoquadragintillion
Pizza Transaction Pizza Delivery 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Pizza Delivery 100 Duoquadragintillion
Donut Transaction Donut Shop 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Donut Shop 100 Duoquadragintillion
Shrimp Transaction Shrimp Boat 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Shrimp Boat 100 Duoquadragintillion
Hockey Transaction Hockey Team 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Hockey Team 100 Duoquadragintillion
Movie Transaction Movie Studio 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Movie Studio 100 Duoquadragintillion
Bank Transaction Bank 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Bank 100 Duoquadragintillion
Oil Transaction Oil Company 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Oil Company 100 Duoquadragintillion
Lemon Transaction Lemonade Stand 1 Duoquadragintillion Angels +25 Lemonade Stand 100 Duoquadragintillion
Venerated Bike Baskets Newspaper Delivery 1 Quinquadragintilion Angels Newspaper Delivery profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Hoses Car Wash 1 Quinquadragintillion Angels Car Wash profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Pizza Savers Pizza Delivery 1 Quinquadragintillion Angels Pizza Delivery profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Novelty Mugs Donut Shop 1 Quinquadragintillion Angels Donut Shop profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Rain Caps Shrimp Boat 1 Quinquadragintillion Angels Shrimp Boat profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Hockey Tape Hockey Team 1 Quinquadragintillion Angels Hockey Team profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Clackers Movie Studio 1 Quinquadragintillion Angels Movie Studio profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Spreadsheets Bank 1 Quinquadragintillion


Bank profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Sippy Cups Lemonade Stand 1 Quinquadragintillion


Lemonade Stand profit x3 5 Quinquadragintillion
Venerated Lunch Boxes Oil Company 1 Quinquadragintillion


Oil Company profit x3 100 Quinquadragintillion
Forever And Ever All Business 2 Quinquadragintillion Angels All profits x19 3.333 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Clean Car Wash 2 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Car Wash 200 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Cocktails Shrimp Boat 2 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Shrimp Boat 200 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Games Hockey Team 2 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Hockey Team 200 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Cashflow Bank 2 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Bank 200 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Feasts Pizza Delivery 2 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Pizza Delivery 200 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Lemons Lemonade Stand 2 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Lemonade Stand 200 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Stories Newspaper Delivery 3 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Newspaper Delivery 300 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Pastries Donut Shop 3 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Donut Shop 300 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Classics Movie Studio 3 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Movie Studio 300 Quinquadragintillion
Let There Be Blood Oil Company 4 Quinquadragintillion Angels +25 Oil Company 400 Quinquadragintillion

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