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The list below is the Angel Upgrades available on Mars. They will always need to be repurchased after claiming angels unless you use gold.

List of Mars Angel Upgrades[]

Name Business Price Description Breakeven Point (AI)
Help From Above All Businesses 100 Billion Angels All profits x3 150 Billion Angels
More Help From Above All Businesses 100 Quadrillion Angels All profits x3 150 Quadrillion Angels
Holy Diggers Red Dirt 1 Sextillion Angels Red Dirt profit x5
Holy Friers Marsies 2 Sextillion Angels Marsies profit x5
Wingmen Men 4 Sextillion Angels Men profit x5
Holy Wranglers Buggles 8 Sextillion Angels Buggles profit x5
Conflict of Interest Heck Portal 16 Sextillion Angels Heck Portal profit x5
Holy Interpretors Ambassadors 32 Sextillion Angels Ambassadors profit x5
Holy Implanters Brain-cation 64 Sextillion Angels Brain-cation profit x5
Holy Cameramen LiFE Pod 128 Sextillion Angels LiFE Pod profit x5
Holy Ranch Hands Terrorformer 256 Sextillion Angels Terrorformer profit x5
Holy Boosters All Businesses 1 Septillion Angels All profits x3 1.5 Septillion Angels
Angelic Work Crew Red Dirt 1 Nonillion Angels Red Dirt profit x7
Consumers Marsies 3 Nonillion Angels Marsies profit x7
Fashion Consultants Men 9 Nonillion Angels Men profit x7
Buggle Massagers Buggles 27 Nonillion Angels Buggles profit x7
Protal Guards Heck Portal 100 Nonillion Angels Heck Portal profit x7
Little Sandwich Servers Ambassadors 200 Nonillion Angels Ambassadors profit x7
Disposable Henchmen Brain-cation 400 Nonillion Angels Brain-cation profit x7
Early Adopters LiFE Pod 600 Nonillion Angels LiFE Pod profit x7
Web Washers Terrorformer 900 Nonillion Angels Terrorformer profit x7
Delivery Angels All Businesses 1 Undecillion Angels All profits x5 1.25 Undecillion Angels
Oxygen Wranglers All Businesses 1 Tredecillion Angels All profits x3 1.5 Tredecillion Angels
Brushers Red Dirt 3 Quattuordecillion Angels Red Dirt profit x3
Graceful Cashiers Marsies 12 Quattuordecillion Angels Marsies profit x3
Palm Leaf Fanners Men 29 Quattuordecillion Angels Men profit x3
Buggle Pokes Buggles 136 Quattuordecillion Angels Buggles profit x3
If You Say So Heck Portal 311 Quattuordecillion Angels Heck Portal profit x3
Dignitary Chaffeurs Ambassadors 555 Quattuordecillion Angels Ambassadors profit x3
Nurses Brain-cation 789 Quattuordecillion Angels Brain-cation profit x3
Pod Installers LiFE Pod 25 Quindecillion Angels LiFE Pod profit x3
Terrorformer Bait Terrorformer 100 Quindecillion Angels Terrorformer profit x3
Wandering Salesmen All Businesses 100 Septendecillion Angels All profits x5 125 Septendecillion Angels
Dirt Quality Assurance Red Dirt 1 Novemdecillion Angels Red Dirt profit x5
Chocolate Injectors Marsies 5 Novemdecillion Angels Marsies profit x5
Landlords Men 45 Novemdecillion Angels Men profit x5
Buggle Milkers Buggles 66 Novemdecillion Angels Buggles profit x5
Containment Units Heck Portal 99 Novemdecillion Angels Heck Portal profit x5
Secret Spies Ambassadors 175 Novemdecillion Angels Ambassadors profit x5
Brain Fixers Brain-cation 280 Novemdecillion Angels Brain-cation profit x5
Pod People LiFE Pod 420 Novemdecillion Angels LiFE Pod profit x5
Atmosphere Testers Terrorformer 700 Novemdecillion Angels Terrorformer profit x5
Mars Angel, Will You Be Mine All Businesses 5 Vigintillion Angels All profits x5 6.25 Vigintillion Angels
Holy Mars-aroni All Businesses 100 Tresvigintillion Angels All profits x7 116 Tresvigintillion Angels
Keeping On Red Dirt 1 Quinvigintillion Angels Red Dirt profit x9
Food Testers Marsies 10 Quinvigintillion Angels Marsies profit x9
Holy Bros Men 20 Quinvigintillion Angels Men profit x9
Buggle Washers Buggles 100 Quinvigintillion Angels Buggles profit x9
Heck Is A Heck Of A Drag Heck Portal 200 Quinvigintillion Angels Heck Portal profit x9
Body Guards Ambassadors 400 Quinvigintillion Angels Ambassadors profit x9
Resistance Members Brain-cation 800 Quinvigintillion Angels Brain-cation profit x9
Hug Givers LiFE Pod 16 Sexvigintillion Angels LiFE Pod profit x9
Fly Catchers Terrorformer 222 Sexvigintillion Angels Terrorformer profit x9
Holy Synergy All Businesses 666 Sexvigintillion Angels All profits x9 749 Sexvigintillion Angels
Mars Rising All Businesses 1 Septenvigintillion Angels All profits x9 1.12 Septenvigintillion Angels
Helpful Hand Red Dirt 2 Novemvigintillion Angels Red Dirt profit x15
Burn Proof Workers Marsies 14 Novemvigintillion Angels Marsies profit x15
Got Your Back Men 56 Novemvigintillion Angels Men profit x15
Good With Animals Buggles 112 Novemvigintillion Angels Buggles profit x15
Still Not Comfortable Heck Portal 179 Novemvigintillion Angels Heck Portal profit x15
Secret Service Ambassadors 298 Novemvigintillion Angels Ambassadors profit x15
Idea Men Brain-cation 434 Novmevigintillion Angels Brain-cation profit x15
Pod Decorators LiFE Pod 620 Novemvigintillion Angels LiFE Pod profit x15
Baby Sitters Terrorformer 808 Novemvigintillion Angels Terrorformer profit x15
Here To Serve All Businesses 1 Trigintillion Angels All profits x15 1.07 Trigintillion Angels
That Glorious Hour All Businesses 9 Duotrigintillion Angels All profits x9 10.1 Duotrigintillion Angels
The Last Dirt Upgrade Red Dirt 34 Quattuortrigintillion Angels Red Dirt profit x21
The Last Marsies Upgrade Marsies 6 Quatturotrigintillion Angels Marsies profit x21
The Last Manly Upgrade Men 12 Quattuortrigintillion Angels Men profit x21
The Last Buggle Upgrade Buggles 24 Quattuortrigintillion Angels Buggles profit x21
The Last Heck Upgrade Heck Portal 69 Quattuortrigintillion Angels Heck Portal profit x21
The Last Ambassador Upgrade Ambassadors 105 Quattuortrigintillion Angels Ambassadors profit x21
The Last Brain Upgrade Brain-cation 214 Quattuortrigintillion Angels Brain-cation profit x21
The Last LiFE Pod Upgrade LiFE Pod 333 Quattuortrigintillion Angels LiFE Pod profit x21
The Last Terrorformer Upgrade Terrorformer 500 Quattuortrigintillion Angels Terrorformer profit x21
The End In Sight All Businesses 1 Quintrigintillion Angels All profits x9 1.12 Quintrigintillion Angels
Praise Ares All Businesses 777 Sextrigintillion Angels All profits x777 778 Sextrigintillion Angels

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