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Bugs are issues with the game that are caused by flawed coding, and cause it to function in ways that are not intended. These can sometimes break the flow of the game.

Known bugs:

For some players, the boosts you buy in the shop for an event will carry over the next time the event comes around.

•Watching an ad to earn extra angels after a reset increases your lifetime earnings.

• When buying businesses on max using multiple fingers quickly, there is a chance that it will cause you to get way more businesses than what should be possible.

When switching planets or before entering the app, spamming in the section where the current event is will cause more goals to appear if you spam fast enough.

Resetting and going to another planet before claiming goals will make goals way easier.

Resetting, getting no managers, and claiming a cash goal will cause all goals after it to be easy and beatable instantly. Or it will cause you to only get cash goals on that goal spot. These cash goals are also beatable instantly. Buying a manager reverts this back to normal. It's better for only cash goals to appear so you don't have to reset to complete "Buy more" goals.

Goals are worth significantly more (300-800 points max) at the beginning of an event. When you get within + or - 5-6k from the 12th goal reward, the goal amount goes down to 50-395 pts max depending on the event.

These events don't have this bug resulting in them having goals worth 600-800 points max on the last day of the event. All other events have goals only being worth 395 max after getting within + or - 5-6k of the 12th goal reward on the last day.


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Black and Blue Friday

The Root of All Evil

This is not a bug but goals are worth more every day as the event goes. The amount increases by 15.00% 24 hours in, 17.39% 48 hours in, 25.93% 72 hours in, and 26.47% 96 hours in. (the value 96 hours in is for steam only)

(The goals increase the current value by that amount. (current value x % = max value for that day. 300 becomes 345, then 405, 510, and 645. Not 300, 345, 430, 510 like it would be using 300 as the base value for all 5 days). (If the value is 300, use 300 x 1.15 for the base value the next day. Then use 345 x 1.1739, then 430x 1.2593 and so on).