AdVenture Capitalist Wiki

Career is a menu in AdVenture Capitalist, which contains the current planet's Swag and stats, along with the news about the game and its social medias.


The Swag tab shows the current swag of the planet, along with all the badges earned by player. It also allows the player to mute/unmute the game sound, change their gender, and select their available suits.

The followings are the Swag for every planet:


The Stats shows the overall investment stats. It also allows the player to completely reset the planet.

  • Cash on Hand: The current cash amount on the current planet.
  • Session Earnings: The amount of cash earned in the current playing session. (this will reset after resetting for Angel Investors)
  • Lifetime (current planet's name) Earnings: The total amount of cash earned on the current planet.
  • Lifetime Career Earnings: The highest amount of cash earned out of any planet.
  • Total Resets: The number of resets for Angel Investors
  • Total Angel Investors: The current amount of Angel Investors
  • Sacrificed: The number of Angel Investors spent for Angel Upgrades.
  • Unlocks Earned: The number of unlocks earned on the current planet.


The News tab shows the latest changes to the game, informations about the current events, and messages from the AdVenture Capitalist team.


Connect is the last tab in the Career. It allows the player to acces the social medias of the game, the official site and soundtrack, and the help centre. It also shows the game's credits and version ,Also rewarding Gold for following on media platforms