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Cash Upgrades are Upgrades bought with cash, which give multipliers to Business profits or increase your Angel Investor multiplier. Cash Upgrades, like Angel Upgrades, are lost on reset and must be re-bought.

Generally, cash upgrades are worth buying as soon as you can easily afford them. If you have a stack of cash from idling overnight, check if you can afford any upgrades before spending them on more businesses.

The list below is the list of Cash Upgrades available on Earth as of version 8.2.3. There are 464 Cash Upgrades, 40 Mega Bucks Upgrades, and 194 Angel Upgrades for a total of 698 upgrades.


To find out precisely when it's worthwhile, find your cash per second for the business the upgrade applies to. (This can be difficult if the business's duration is less than a second; use the table at Businesses to find the initial duration and halve the time as appropriate to find the current duration, then divide your earnings by the resulting number.) Multiply the $/s by the upgrade's multiplier minus one, then divide by the upgrade's cost. This gives you the amount of income gained per dollar spent on the upgrade.

Then, divide the $/s by the number of buildings, and divide it again by the cost of the next upgrade. This gives you the amount of income gained per dollar spent on a new building.

If the first number is bigger than the second (and it usually is, if you're making anywhere near enough money for buying the upgrade to be realistic), you should buy the upgrade.

Upgrades List (Earth)[]

Name Business Price Description Reference
Little Umbrellas Lemonade Stand $250,000 Lemon stand profits x3
Funny Pages Newspaper Delivery $500,000 Newspaper Delivery Profit ×3
Drive Through Wash Car Wash $1,000,000 Car Wash Profit ×3
Robot Cars Pizza Delivery $5,000,000 Pizza Delivery Profit ×3
Pre-packaged Pastries Donut Shop $10,000,000 Donut Shop Profit ×3
Shrimp Satellite Shrimp Boat $25,000,000 Shrimp Boat Profit ×3
Team Jet Hockey Team $500,000,000 Hockey Team Profit ×3
3D Cameras Movie Studio $10 Billion Movie Studio Profit ×3
Gold Plated Vaults Bank $50 Billion Bank Profit ×3
Spill Proof Tankers Oil Company $250 Billion Oil Company Profit ×3
Monopoly All Businesses $1 Trillion All Profits ×3 Monopoly(board game)
Novelty Straws Lemonade Stand $20 Trillion Lemonade Stand Profit ×3
Sports Pages Newspaper Delivery $50 Trillion Newspaper Delivery Profit ×3
Automatic Vacuums Car Wash $100 Trillion Car Wash Profit ×3
Online Ordering Pizza Delivery $500 Trillion Pizza Delivery Profit ×3
Donut Holes Donut Shop $1 Quadrillion Donut Shop Profit ×3
Shrimp Magnets Shrimp Boat $2 Quadrillion Shrimp Boat Profit ×3
Energy Drink Sponsors Hockey Team $5 Quadrillion Hockey Team Profit ×3
Green Screens Movie Studio $7 Quadrillion Movie Studio Profit x3
Free Fancy Pens Bank $10 Quadrillion Bank Profit ×3
Eco-safe Pipeline Oil Company $20 Quadrillion Oil Company Profit ×3
Monopsony All Businesses $50 Quadrillion All Profits ×3
Holy Moola Angel Investor $100 Quadrillion Angel Investor Effectiveness +1%
Imported Ice Cubes Lemonade Stand $2 Quintillion Lemonade Stand Profit ×3
Business Pages Newspaper Delivery $5 Quintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit ×3
Microfiber Sponges Car Wash $7 Quintillion Car Wash Profit ×3
Drone Delivery Pizza Delivery $10 Quintillion Pizza Delivery Profit ×3
Bacon Sprinkles Donut Shop $20 Quintillion Donut Shop Profit x3
Carbon Nanotube Nets Shrimp Boat $35 Quintillion Shrimp Boat Profit ×3
GPS Puck Tracker Hockey Team $50 Quintillion Hockey Team Profit ×3
Smell-O-Vision Movie Studio $75 Quintillion Movie Studio Profit ×3
Credit Card Implants Bank $100 Quintillion Bank Profit ×3
Hyperloop Pumps Oil Company $200 Quintillion Oil Company Profit ×3
Illuminati All Businesses $500 Quintillion All Profits ×3
Immaculate Consumption Angel Investor $1 Sextillion Angel Investor Effectiveness +1%
Combustible Lemons Lemonade Stand $25 Sextillion Lemonade Stand Profit ×3
Gossip Pages Newspaper Delivery $50 Sextillion Newspaper Delivery Profit ×3
Blue Sky Brand Wax Car Wash $100 Sextillion Car Wash Profit ×3
Caviar Stuffed Crust Pizza Delivery $200 Sextillion Pizza Delivery Profit ×3
Free Coffee Donut Shop $300 Sextillion Donut Shop Profit ×3
3D Printed Shrimp Shrimp Boat $400 Sextillion Shrimp Boat Profit ×3
Lord Stanley's Cup Hockey Team $500 Sextillion Hockey Team Profit ×3
James Camera Movie Studio $600 Sextillion Movie Studio Profit ×3
Dogecoin Bank $700 Sextillion Bank Profit ×3
Biodiesel Derricks Oil Company $800 Sextillion Oil Company Profit ×3
Profit Prophet All Businesses $900 Sextillion All Profits ×3
Eternal Revenue Service Angel Investor $10 Septillion Angel Investor Effectiveness +2%
Gold Plated Lemons Lemonade Stand $1 Octillion Lemonade Stand Profit ×7
Celebrity Delivery Newspaper Delivery $5 Octillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x7
Bikini Babes Car Wash $25 Octillion Car Wash Profit ×7
Dessert Pizzas Pizza Delivery $100 Octillion Pizza Delivery Profit ×7
Intravenous Java Donut Shop $250 Octillion Donut Shop Profit ×7
Alcubierre Drives Shrimp Boat $500 Octillion Shrimp Boat Profit ×7
Holy Hockey Sticks Hockey Team $1 Nonillion Hockey Team Profit × 7
Rebooted Sequels Movie Studio $5 Nonillion Movie Studio Profit ×7
Giant Novelty Cheques Bank $25 Nonillion Bank Profit ×7
Solar Powered Derricks Oil Company $50 Nonillion Oil Company Profit ×7
Super PAC Man All Businesses $1 Tredecillion All Profits ×7
Low Orbit Delivery Newspaper Delivery $5 Tredecillion Newspaper Delivery Profit ×3
Beef Cake Buffers Car Wash $25 Tredecillion Car Wash Profit ×3
Recyclable Pizza Pizza Delivery $50 Tredecillion Pizza Delivery Profit ×3
Donut Bosons Donut Shop $100 Tredecillion Donut Shop Profit ×3
All you Can Eat Shrimp Boat $250 Tredecillion Shrimp Boat Profit ×3
Oculus Pucks Hockey Team $500 Tredecillion Hockey Team Profit ×3
Temporal Retcon Movie Studio $1 Quattuordecillion Movie Studio Profit ×3
Friendly Staff Bank $5 Quattuordecillion Bank Profit ×3
Self Aware Wells Oil Company $10 Quattuordecillion Oil Company Profit ×3
Self Picking Lemons Lemonade Stand $25 Quattuordecillion Lemonade Stand Profit ×3
Trust Buster Buster All Businesses $100 Quattuordecillion All Profits ×3
Bias Detector Newspaper delivery $250 Quattuordecillion Newspaper delivery profit x3
New Car Odorants Car wash $500 Quattuordecillion Car wash profit x3
Pizzaception Pizza Delivery $750 Quattuordecillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Graham's Donut Donut Shop $1 Quindecillion Donut Shop profit x3
Shrimp Is Life Shrimp Boat $5 Quindecillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Teeth Replacements Hockey Team $15 Quindecillion Hockey Team profit x3
Post-Credit Neuralizer Movie Studio $50 Quindecillion Movie Studio Profit x3
No Service Charges Bank $100 Quindecillion Bank profit x3
Zombie Proof Rigs Oil Company $250 Quindecillion Oil Company profit x3
Unlimited Refills Lemonade Stand $500 Quindecillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Smiles Are Free All Businesses $1 Sexdecillion All Profits x7
Heavenly Tax Shelter All Businesses $1 Septendecillion All Profits x5
Employ Humanity All Businesses $1 Novemdecillion All Profits x7
Old Timey Charm Newspaper Delivery $10 Novemdecillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Matchbox Adapter Car Wash $100 Novemdecillion Car Wash profit x3
Moxie Injections All Businesses $1 Unvigintillion All profits x9
Deep Dish 9 Pizza Delivery $10 Unvigintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Mug-Friendly Dippers Donut Shop $100 Unvigintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Immortality Research All Businesses $1 Tresvigintillion All Profits x11
Talk Like A Pirate Shrimp Boat $10 Tresvigintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Kicking Soundtrack Hockey Team $100 Tresvigintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Your Body Is Ready All Businesses $1 Quattuorvigintillion All Profits x13
Crass Pandering Movie Studio $10 Quattuorvigintillion Movie Studio Profit ×3
Golden Money Clip Bank $100 Quattuorvigintillion Bank Profit x3
A Towel All Businesses $1 Quinvigintillion All Profits x15
Air Fresheners Oil Company $10 Quinvigintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Lemon Hope Lemonade Stand $100 Quinvigintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
LOTS of Sticky Notes All Businesses $1 Septenvigintillion All Profits x3
Pi Charts All Businesses $3 Octovigintillion All Profits x3.1415926
Faux News Newspaper Delivery $1 Novemvigintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Free Bobblehead Car Wash $5 Novemvigintillion Car Wash profit x3
Superfood Status Pizza Delivery $25 Novemvigintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
King Horton Donut Shop $50 Novemvigintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Deadliest Catcher Shrimp Boat $100 Novemvigintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Shiny Pucks Hockey Team $250 Novemvigintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Kitten Ushers Movie Studio $500 Novemvigintillion Movie Studio Profit ×3
+1% Interest Bank $1 Trigintillion Bank Profit x3
Asteroid Drillers Oil Company $5 Trigintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Mass Thirst-eria Lemonade Stand $10 Trigintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Golden Parachute All Businesses $500 Trigintillion All Profits x2
Black Tuesday Deals Newspaper Delivery $2 Untrigintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x2
Crash Memorial Sale Car Wash $11 Untrigintillion Car Wash profit x2
Patriotic Pizza Pizza Delivery $66 Untrigintillion Pizza Delivery profit x2
Open Holidays Donut Shop $230 Untrigintillion Donut Shop profit x2
Sheesh-kabobs Shrimp Boat $400 Untrigintillion Shrimp Boat profit x2
Capped Salaries Hockey Team $700 Untrigintillion Hockey Team profit x2
Pleasing Distractions Movie Studio $4 Duotrigintillion Movie Studio Profit ×2
Googol All Businesses $10 Duotrigintillion All Profits x3
2 Googols All Businesses $20 Duotrigintillion All Profits x6
Bailouts For Everyone Bank $29 Duotrigintillion Bank profit x2
Pumping Freedom Oil Company $145 Duotrigintillion Oil Company profit x2
'Merica Flavored Lemonade Stand $300 Duotrigintillion Lemonade Stand profit x2
Recession Progression All Businesses $500 Duotrigintillion All Profits x2
Capitaltastic All Businesses $1 Tretrigintillion All Profits x5
Car Wash Focus Car Wash $5 Tretrigintillion Car Wash Profit x3
Enable Employees Car Wash $150 Tretrigintillion Car Wash Profit x3
Diversify Brand Car Wash $400 Tretrigintillion Car Wash Profit x3
Pizza Focus Pizza Delivery $900 Tretrigintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Adorable Mascot Pizza Delivery $6 Quattuortrigintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Free Bread Sticks Pizza Delivery $15 Quattuortrigintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Donut Focus Donut Shop $60 Quattuortrigintillion Donut Shop Profit x2
Soylent Frosting Donut Shop $185 Quattuortrigintillion Donut Shop Profit x3
Hand Made Donut Shop $500 Quattuortrigintillion Donut Shop Profit x3
Stock Tips All Businesses $600 Quattuortrigintillion All Profits x3
Shrimp Focus Shrimp Boat $750 Quattuortrigintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x2
Tiny Top Hats Shrimp Boat $5 Quintrigintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x3
Shrimp Shaped Boats Shrimp Boat $45 Quintrigintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x3
Hockey Focus Hockey Team $125 Quintrigintillion Hockey Team Profit x3
Cloud Based Goalies Hockey Team $300 Quintrigintillion Hockey Team Profit x3
Friendly Commissioner Hockey Team $900 Quintrigintillion Hockey Team Profit x3
Cigar Shaped Mansion All Businesses $1 Sextrigintillion All Profits x3
Movie Focus Movie Studio $5 Sextrigintillion Movie Studio Profit x2
Catered Lunches Movie Studio $70 Sextrigintillion Movie Studio Profit x3
More Sparkles Movie Studio $250 Sextrigintillion Movie Studio Profit x3
Bank Focus Bank $500 Sextrigintillion Bank Profit x3
Booth Banks Bank $900 Sextrigintillion Bank Profit x3
More Evil Bank $3 Septentrigintillion Bank Profit x3
Oil Focus Oil Company $15 Septentrigintillion Oil Company Profit x3
All The Lobbyists Oil Company $75 Septentrigintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Climate Sch-limate Oil Company $400 Septentrigintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Lemon Focus Lemonade Stand $500 Septentrigintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x3
Hybrid Lemons Lemonade Stand $750 Septentrigintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x3
Money In The Stand Lemonade Stand $1 Octotrigintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x3
Newspaper Focus Newspaper Delivery $2 Octotrigintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x3
Self Advertising Newspaper Delivery $20 Octotrigintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x3
Free Puppies Newspaper Delivery $150 Octotrigintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x3
The Capital Capital All Businesses $350 Octotrigintillion All Profits x5
Make It Storm All Businesses $500 Octotrigintillion All Profits x3
Printed On Money Newspaper Delivery $700 Octotrigintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x3
Conflict Free Suds Car Wash $950 Octotrigintillion Car Wash Profit x3
Anti-Terrorism Toppings Pizza Delivery $4 Novemtrigintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Freedom Infused Donut Shop $9 Novemtrigintillion Donut Shop Profit x3
Shrimply Amazing Shrimp Boat $24 Novemtrigintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x3
Elocution Lessons Hockey Team $111 Novemtrigintillion Hockey Team Profit x3
Drama Llamas Movie Studio $222 Novemtrigintillion Movie Studio Profit x3
You Can Bank On It Bank $333 Novemtrigintillion Bank Profit x3
Oil/Oil Hybrid Oil Company $444 Novemtrigintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Frosted Glasses Lemonade Stand $555 Novemtrigintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x3
A Sinister Proposal All Businesses $666 Novemtrigintillion All Profits x6.66
Frankly Ridiculous All Businesses $1 Quadragintillion All Profits x3
Self-Fetching Newspaper Delivery $3 Quadragintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Mr. Sheen Car Wash $6 Quadragintillion Car Wash Profit x3
It's Not Delivery Pizza Delivery $12 Quadragintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Mmmmm... Sprinkles Donut Shop $24 Quadragintillion Donut Shop Profit x3
The Shrimp Must Flow Shrimp Boat $48 Quadragintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x3
Heated Seats Hockey Team $96 Quadragintillion Hockey Team Profit x3
Movie-ception Movie Studio $192 Quadragintillion Movie Studio Profit x3
Fat Cat Scratch Post Bank $384 Quadragintillion Bank Profit x3
Sparkly Derricks Oil Company $768 Quadragintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Haunted Trees Lemonade Stand $1 Unquadragintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x3
Cross Promotions All Businesses $10 Unquadragintillion All Profits x5
Car Sweaters Car Wash $2 Duoquadragintillion Car Wash Profit x3
Free Candy Bank $5 Duoquadragintillion Bank Profit x3
Shakers Pizza Delivery $13 Duoquadragintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Complementary Pretzels Oil Company $29 Duoquadragintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Mineral Infused Lemonade Stand $71 Duoquadragintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x3
Action Figures Hockey Team $177 Duoquadragintillion Hockey Team Profit x3
Public Access Publishing Newspaper Delivery $250 Duoquadragintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x3
Pre-Screen Ads Movie Studio $310 Duoquadragintillion Movie Studio Profit x3
Holiday Specials Donut Shop $555 Duoquadragintillion Donut Shop Profit x3
Inspiring Documentary Shrimp Boat $736 Duoquadragintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x3
Lax Regulations All Businesses $900 Duoquadragintillion All Profits x2
Slow News Day Newspaper Delivery $5 Trequadragintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x2
Sluggish Sales Car Wash $95 Trequadragintillion Car Wash Profit x2
10 for 1 Sale Pizza Delivery $213 Trequadragintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x2
Sprinkle Fatigue Donut Shop $400 Trequadragintillion Donut Shop Profit x2
Antihistamine Cocktails Shrimp Boat $985 Trequadragintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x2
Ratings Slippage Hockey Team $8 Quattuorquadragintillion Hockey Team Profit x2
Anti-Piracy Measures Movie Studio $29 Quattuorquadragintillion Movie Studio Profit x2
Credit Union Smear Ads Bank $222 Quattuorquadragintillion Bank Profit x2
Raise Prices Oil Company $500 Quattuorquadragintillion Oil Company Profit x2
Suppress Iced Tea Lemonade Stand $900 Quattuorquadragintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x2
Restructuring All Businesses $5 Quinquadragintillion All Profits x3
Price Reduction Newspaper Delivery $136 Quinquadragintillion Newspaper Delivery Profit x3
Sign Spinners Car Wash $700 Quinquadragintillion Car Wash Profit x3
Buzzing Signs Pizza Deivery $925 Quinquadragintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Couch Cushions Check All Businesses $3 Sexquadragintillion All Profits x3
Tax Free Tuesdays Donut Shop $21 Sexquadragintillion Donut Shop Profit x3
Pollock Substitu(t)e Shrimp Boat $55 Sexquadragintillion Shrimp Boat Profit x3
Kids Watch Free Hockey Team $111 Sexquadragintillion Hockey Team Profit x3
Cheap Night Movie Studio $223 Sexquadragintillion Movie Studio Profit x3
ReOrg Bank $393 Sexquadragintillion Bank Profit x3
Think Tanks Oil $600 Sexquadragintillion Oil Company Profit x3
Artificial Sugar Lemonade Stand $799 Sexquadragintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x3
Market Recovery All Profits $2 Septquadragintillion All Profits x3
Newspaper Ads Newspaper Delivery $3 Septquadragintillion Newspaper Delivery Profits x3
Germaphobic Public Car Wash $6 Septquadragintillion Car Wash Profits x3
Secret Ingredients Pizza Delivery $9 Septquadragintillion Pizza Delivery Profits x3
Mildly Addictive Donut Shop $21 Septquadragintillion Donut Shop Profits x3
Fad Diet Shrimp Boat $44 Septquadragintillion Shrimp Boat Profits x3
Collectible Players Hockey Team $89 Septquadragintillion Hockey Team Profits x3
Effective DRM Movie Studio $129 Septquadragintillion Movie Studio Profits x3
Staff Parties Bank $180 Septquadragintillion Bank Profits x3
Rollin' Coal Kits Oil Company $210 Septquadragintillion Oil Company Profits x3
3 Star Stands Lemonade Stand $300 Septquadragintillion Lemonade Stand Profits x3
'e' Business All Profits $450 Septquadragintillion All Profits x2.71828
Inflate Demand Shrimp Boat $5 Octoquadragintillion Shrimp Boat Profits x5
Life Saving Instructions Newspaper Delivery $30 Octoquadragintillion Newspaper Delivery Profits x5
Lifetime Guarantees Car Wash $180 Octoquadragintillion Car Wash Profits x5
Tax Free Savings Bank $900 Octoquadragintillion Bank Profits x5
Reading Club Pizza Delivery $5 Novemquadragintillion Pizza Delivery Profits x5
Gas Additives Oil Company $20 Novemquadragintillion Oil Company Profits x5
Vending Machines Donut Shop $80 Novemquadragintillion Donut Shop Profits x5
Only Moisture Source Lemonade Stand $240 Novemquadragintillion Lemonade Stand Profits x5
Hypnotic Jumbotrons Hockey Team $720 Novemquadragintillion Hockey Team Profits x5
More Superheros Movie Studio $21 Quinquagintillion Movie Studio Profits x5
Four Score All Profits $500 Quinquagintillion All Profits x4.444444444
Shrimp Consultants Shrimp Boat $777  Quinquagintillion Shrimp Boat Profits x2
Yes Men Newspaper Delivery $888  Quinquagintillion Newspaper Delivery Profits x2
Rainbow Suds Car Wash $999  Quinquagintillion Car Wash Profits x2
Tinted Windows Bank $2 Unquinquagintillion Bank Profits x2
Cloth Napkins Pizza Delivery $4 Unquinquagintillion Pizza Delivery Profits x2
Pay At The Pump Oil Company $8 Unquinquagintillion Oil Company Profits x2
Mood Lighting Donut Shop $16 Unquinquagintillion Donut Shop Profits x2
Fresh Paint Lemonade Stand $32 Unquinquagintillion Lemonade Stand Profits x2
24 Hour Channel Hockey Team $64 Unquinquagintillion Hockey Team Profits x2
Self Serve Butter Movie Studio $128 Unquinquagintillion Movie Studio Profits x2
Oh say, can you 'c'? All Profits $514 Unquinquagintillion All Profits x2.99792458
Sustainable Methods Shrimp Boat $1 Duoquinquagintillion Shrimp Boat Profits x3
Biodegradable Pages Newspaper Delivery $10 Duoquinquagintillion Newspaper Delivery Profits x3
Scan to Pay Car Wash $25 Duoquinquagintillion Car Wash Profits x3
Wheelchair Ramps Bank $50 Duoquinquagintillion Bank Profits x3
Clean Bathrooms Pizza Delivery $75 Duoquinquagintillion Pizza Delivery Profits x3
Smog Recycling Oil Company $100 Duoquinquagintillion Oil Company Profits x3
Memberships Donut Shop $150 Duoquinquagintillion Donut Shop Profits x3
Themed Idle Game Lemonade Stand $200 Duoquinquagintillion Lemonade Stand Profits x3
Vuvuzelas Hockey Team $300 Duoquinquagintillion Hockey Team Profits x3
Partisan Documentaries Movie Studio $400 Duoquinquagintillion Movie Studio Profits x3
Optimize Prime All Profits $900 Duoquinquagintillion All Profits x2.35711
The Great Movie Upgrade Movie Studio $1 Trequinquagintillion Movie Studio Profits x24
Abacus Upgrades All Profits $250 Trequinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Huge Newspaper Upgrade Newspaper Delivery $500 Trequinquagintillion Newspaper Delivery Profits x22
Reinvest Profits All Profits $750 Trequinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Big Car Wash Upgrade Car Wash $1 Quattuorquinquagintillion Car Wash Profits x20
Placate Investors All Profits $250 Quattuorquinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Fat Bank Upgrade Bank $500 Quattuorquinquagintillion Bank Profits x18
Market Buzz All Profits $750 Quattuorquinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Giant Shrimp Upgrade Shrimp Boat $1 Quinquinquagintillion Shrimp Boat Profits x16
Break the Piggy Bank All Profits $250 Quinquinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Massive Hockey Upgrade Hockey Team $500 Quinquinquagintillion Hockey Team Profits x14
Bed Mattress Savings All Profits $750 Quinquinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Vast Oil Upgrade Oil Company $1 Sexquinquagintillion Oil Company Profits x12
Wad Patent All Profits $250 Sexquinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Mega Lemon Upgrade Lemonade Stand $500 Sexquinquagintillion Lemonade Stand Profit x10
Cornu Copiae All Profits $750 Sexquinquagintillion All Profits x2
The X Large Pizza Upgrade Pizza Delivery $1 Septquinquagintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x8
Faboulus Fiat All Profits $250 Septquinquagintillion All Profits x2
The Jumbo Donut Upgrade Donut Shop $500 Septquinquagintillion Donut Shop Profit x4
Positive Thinking Upgrade All Profits $1 Octoquinquagintillion All Profits x1.8
The Final Countdown? All Profits $5 Sexagintillion All Profits x9.87654321
Cana-dough Exchange All Profits $5 Duosexagintillion All Profits x5
Diamond Teeth All Profits $27 Tresexagintillion All Profits x3
Discontinue Pennies All Profits $13 Quattuorsexagintillion All Profits x4
T-Shirts for All
Neato Bike Fleet Newspaper Delivery $14 Sexsexagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Double Ply Napkins Pizza Delivery $198 Sexsexagintillion Pizza delivery profit x3
Swivel Chair Donut Shop $322 Sexsexagintillion Donut shop profit x3
Skate Sharpeners Hockey Team $888 Sexsexagintillion Hockey team profit x3
Weather Proof Cameras Movie Studio $19 Septsexagintillion Movie studio profit x3
Tea for protestors Oil company $199 Septsexagintillion Oil company profit x3
Condensation Supplements Lemonade Stand $233 Septsexagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
More Ads Newspaper Delivery $421 Septsexagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
A Skyler Car Wash $607 Septsexagintillion Car Wash profit x3
GPS Tracked Pizza Delivery $777 Septsexagintillion Pizza Delivery Profit x3
Gravy Filled Donut Shop $910 Septsexagintillion Donut Shop profit x3
The Angel Investors $1 Octosexagintillion Angel Investor effectiveness +2.1%
Superflous Motors Shrimp Boat $2 Octosexagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Animated Shorts Movie Studio $45 Octosexagintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Free Calendars Bank $200 Octosexagintillion Bank profit x3
Chocolate Money All profits $600 Octosexagintillion All profits x5
End Angel Investors $1 Septuagintillion Angel Investor effectiveness +1.5%
Refrigerated Straws Lemonade Stand $10 Septuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x11
Aerodynamic Field Newspaper Delivery $10 Septuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x11
Can Transform Car Wash $10 Septuagintillion Car Wash profit x11
Aerodynamic Crust Pizza Delivery $10 Septuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x11
Crispy Protocols Donut Shop $10 Septuagintillion Donut Shop profit x11
Blended With Ice Shrimp Boat $10 Septuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x11
Simpsons Did It Hockey Team $10 Septuagintillion Hockey Team profit x11
More Musicals Movie Studio $10 Septuagintillion Movie Studio profit x11
Scratch N Sniff Notes Bank $10 Septuagintillion Bank profit x11
Stress Balls Oil Company $10 Septuagintillion Oil Company profit x11
Lemon Scientists Lemonade Stand $150 Septuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Crowd Sourced Newspaper Delivery $166 Septuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Soapier Soap Car Wash $193 Septuagintillion Car Wash profit x3
Show Pony Pepperoni Pizza Delivery $410 Septuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Radical New Slogan Donut Shop $678 Septuagintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Responsibly Sourced Shrimp Boat $900 Septuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Times Angel Investors $1 Unseptuagintillion Angel Investor Effectiveness +1%
Skull Helmets Hockey Team $12 Unseptuagintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Call In Cumberbatch Movie Studios $67 Unseptuagintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Sassy Clerks Bank $123 Unseptuagintillion Bank profit x3
Brand Makeover Oil Company $321 Unseptuagintillion Oil Company profit x3
Cross The Stream-ables All Businesses $555 Unseptuagintillion All profits x5
Rind Recycling Lemonade Stands $800 Unseptuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Bamboo-based Paper Newspaper Delivery $800 Unseptuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Scifi Sound Effects Car Wash $800 Unseptuagintillion Car Wash profit x3
Anti-Pizza Roof Sealant Pizza Delivery $900 Unseptuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Are Angel Investors $1 Duoseptuagintillion Angel Investor effectiveness +2% Still More Glaze Donut Shop $3 Duoseptuagintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Sailing Lessons Shrimp Boat $4 Duoseptuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Extra Slippery Ice Hockey Team $5 Duoseptuagintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Soft Lighting Movie Studio $6 Duoseptuagintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Cartoonish Vaults Bank $300 Duoseptuagintillion Bank profit x3
Operation Oil-E Oil Company $421 Duoseptuagintillion Oil Company profit x3
Lemon Based Cleanse Lemonade Stand $600 Duoseptuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Controversial Headline Newspaper Delivery $789 Duoseptuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Quick Queues Car Wash $845 Duoseptuagintillion Car Wash profit x3
Asbestos Free Pizza Delivery $2 Treseptuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
10,000 Folds Donut Shop $5 Treseptuagintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Harpoons Shrimp Boat $14 Treseptuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Robot Refs Hockey Team $54 Treseptuagintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Pretension Dampeners Movie Studio $108 Treseptuagintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Evil Busniess Cards Bank $219 Treseptuagintillion Bank profit x3
Helpful Wise Old Guy Oil Company $468 Treseptuagintillion Oil Company profit x3
Mini Lemons Lemonade Stand $1 Quinseptuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x7
Newsworthy Articles Newspaper Delivery $1 Quinseptuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x7
Cafe Expansions Car Wash $1 Quinseptuagintillion Car Wash profit x7
Self-Delivering Boxes Pizza Delivery $1 Quinseptuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x7
Ancient Forbidden Recipe Donut Shop $1 Quinseptuagintillion Donut Shop profit x7
Mini Jumbo Shrimp Shrimp Boat $1 Quinseptuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x7
Better Pads Hockey Team $1 Quinseptuagintillion Hockey Team profit x7
Scheduled Bathroom Breaks Movie Studio $1 Quinseptuagintillion Movie Studio profit x7
A Website Bank $1 Quinseptuagintillion Bank profit x7
Stunt Drivers Oil Company $1 Quinseptuagintillion Oil Company profit x7
Reinvest Dividends All businesses $100 Quinseptuagintillion All profits x5
Colorful Glasses Lemonade Stand $3 Sexseptuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Cholesterol Free Paper Newspaper Delivery $8 Sexseptuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Meteor Proofing Car Wash $69 Sexseptuagintillion Car Wash profit x3
Earth All businesses $100 Sexseptuagintillion All profits x2
Ghost-repellant Pizza Delivery $188 Sexseptuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Diplomatic Immunity Donut Shop $239 Sexseptuagintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Flood Insurance Shrimp Boat $411 Sexseptuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Free College Tuition Hockey Team $700 Sexseptuagintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Coup-Resistant Coating Movie Studio $912 Sexseptuagintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Slot Machine ATMs Bank $12 Septseptuagintillion Bank profit x3
Mega Filters Oil Company $24 Septseptuagintillion Oil Company profit x3
Genetic Improvements Lemonade Stand $63 Septseptuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Discover New Markets Newspaper Delivery $199 Septseptuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Send Mud Assassins Car Wash $398 Septseptuagintillion Car Wash profit x3
Hunger Provoking Gas Pizza Delivery $566 Septseptuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Bacon-Based Super Glaze Donut Shop $700 Septseptuagintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Salt Water Engines Shrimp Boat $800 Septseptuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Fan Piggy Backs Hockey Team $900 Septseptuagintillion Hockey Team profit x3
The Final Frontier All businesses $10 Octoseptuagintillion All profits x4
Kaiju Chickflicks Movie Studio $12 Octoseptuagintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Receipts Bank $25 Octoseptuagintillion Bank profit x3
Really Big Jerry Cans Oil Company $50 Octoseptuagintillion Oil Company profit x3
More Colors Lemonade Stand $1 Novemseptuagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x2
Homing Technology Newspaper Delivery $5 Novemseptuagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x2
Awe-inspiring Eyebrows Car Wash $9 Novemseptuagintillion Car Wash profit x2
These Are the Outcomes All businesses $10 Novemseptuagintillion All profits x3
Quintuple Meat Pizza Delivery $21 Novemseptuagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x2
Donutrition Research Donut Shop $45 Novemseptuagintillion Donut Shop profit x2
Pirate-y Accents Shrimp Boat $89 Novemseptuagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x2
Free Punches Hockey Team $153 Novemseptuagintillion Hockey Team profit x2
More ZomRomComs Movie Studio $299 Novemseptuagintillion Movie Studio profit x2
Awesome New Stationary Bank $577 Novemseptuagintillion Bank profit x2
Tycoon-y Executive Suits Oil Company $813 Novemseptuagintillion Oil Company profit x2
Self-Squeezing GMO Lemonade Stand $2 Octogintillion Lemonade Stand profit x2
Of The System All businesses $10 Octogintillion All profits x6
Slam Poems Newspaper Delivery $22 Octogintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x2
Petting Zoos Car Wash $44 Octogintillion Car Wash profit x2
Exotic Moon Ingredients Pizza Delivery $66 Octogintillion Pizza Delivery profit x2
Smaller Portions Donut Shop $88 Octogintillion Donut Shop profit x2
Adorable Steam Whistles Shrimp Boat $111 Octogintillion Shrimp Boat profit x2
Butt Guards Hockey Team $222 Octogintillion Hockey Team profit x2
Super Nice Gofers Movie Studio $333 Octogintillion Movie Studio profit x2
Ample Parking Bank $444 Octogintillion Bank profit x2
Oil Resistant Monocles Oil Company $555 Octogintillion Oil Company profit x2
They Call Capitalism All businesses $10 Unoctogintillion All profits x4
And It's Neverending Pursuit All businesses $10 Duooctogintillion All profits x7
One Workforce. One Uniform. All businesses $1 Treoctogintillion All profits x5
To Profit At Any Cost All businesses $10 Treoctogintillion All profits x2
Gum Applications Lemonade Stand $10 Treoctogintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Anti-News Papers Newspaper Delivery $10 Treoctogintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Manicures While You Wait Car Wash $10 Treoctogintillion Car Wash profit x3
Triangle Pizza Discovery Pizza Delivery $10 Treoctogintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Gluten Free Coffee Donut Shop $10 Treoctogintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Gentler Methods Shrimp Boat $10 Treoctogintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Stirring Simultaneous Debates Hockey Team $10 Treoctogintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Kale-Based Soft Drinks Movie Studio $10 Treoctogintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Snooty Glasses Bank $10 Treoctogintillion Bank profit x3
Spin Department Oil Company $10 Treoctogintillion Oil Company profit x3
Bold Health Claims Lemonade Stand $50 Treoctogintillion Lemonade Stand profit x9
Paper Mache Packs Newspaper Delivery $75 Treoctogintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x9
Catchy Background Music Car Wash $125 Treoctogintillion Car Wash profit x9
Pizza Singularity Pizza Delivery $625 Treoctogintillion Pizza Delivery profit x9
One Stop Shops Donut Shop $3 Quattuoroctogintillion Donut Shop profit x9
To Destroy New Worlds All businesses $10 Quattuoroctogintillion All profits x6
Bacon/Shrimp Synthesis Shrimp Boat $15 Quattuoroctogintillion Shrimp Boat profit x9
More Jackets For Dawn Hockey Team $75 Quattuoroctogintillion Hockey Team profit x9
DDL vs RDJ: The Movie Movie Studio $375 Quattuoroctogintillion Movie Studio profit x9
Slide-N-Slip Parks Oil Company $800 Quattuoroctogintillion Oil Company profit x9
Mood Lighting Bank $1 Quinoctogintillion Bank profit x9
Actual Fortune Cookies All businesses $2.5 Quinoctogintillion All profits x2
Spray-Based Delivery Lemonade Stand $6.4 Quinoctogintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Extinct Life All businesses $10 Quinoctogintillion All profits x5
Ultra Thin Editions Newspaper Delivery $12.2 Quinoctogintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
Nonjudgemental Scrubbers Car Wash $233 Quinoctogintillion Car Wash profit x3
9th Dimensional Crusts Pizza Delivery $399 Quinoctogintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Chicken Rings Donut Shop $766 Quinoctogintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Anti-Iceberg Artilery Shrimp Boat $1 Sexoctogintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
And Enslave Civilization All businesses $10 Sexoctogintillion All profits x5
Cavier Popcorn Hockey Team $19 Sexoctogintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Hilarious Advertisements Movie Studio $98 Sexoctogintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Laser Defense Systems Bank $260 Sexoctogintillion Bank profit x3
Cray-Cray Crates Oil Company $544 Sexoctogintillion Oil Company profit x3
Lemon Implants Lemonade Stand $700 Sexoctogintillion Lemonade Stand profit x3
Reprinting Classic Editions Newspaper Delivery $1 Septoctogintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x3
To Boldly Grow All businesses $10 Septoctogintillion All profits x3
Limited Edition Buckets Car Wash $45 Septoctogintillion Car Wash profit x3
Pizza-Based Drone Tech Pizza Delivery $69 Septoctogintillion Pizza Delivery profit x3
Really Big Sandwiches Donut Shop $89 Septoctogintillion Donut Shop profit x3
Sea Shanty Record Album Shrimp Boat $189 Septoctogintillion Shrimp Boat profit x3
Hocky-Talkies Hockey Team $289 Septoctogintillion Hockey Team profit x3
Isotope-Free Butter Movie Studio $448 Septoctogintillion Movie Studio profit x3
Potted Flowers Bank $900 Septoctogintillion Bank profit x3
Anti-Residue Everything Oil Company $5 Octooctogintillion Oil Company profit x3
(To No End) All businesses $10 Octooctogintillion All profits x7
Deregulation All businesses $1 Novemoctogintillion All profits x5
Squeeze Out Competition Lemonade Stand $1 Nonagintillion Lemonade Stand profit x7
Copyright 'News' Newspaper Delivery $2 Nonagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x7
Patent 'Washing' Car Wash $3 Nonagintillion Car Wash profit x7
Brand 'Pizza' Pizza Delivery $6 Nonagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x7
Monopolize Sugar Donut Shop $25 Nonagintillion Donut Shop profit x7
Impose Sanctions Shrimp Boat $200 Nonagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x7
Secure Broadcasting Rights Hockey Team $600 Nonagintillion Hockey Team profit x7
Condemn Pirates Movie Studio $999 Nonagintillion Movie Studio profit x7
As No System All businesses $10 Unnonagintillion All profits x4
Print All Currency Bank $15 Unnonagintillion Bank profit x7
Trademark Oil Oil Company $30 Unnonagintillion Oil Company profit x7
Has Ever Grown All businesses $10 Duononagintillion All profits x5
Before All businesses $10 Trenonagintillion All profits x7.77
Write News Personally Newspaper Delivery $1 Quattornonagintillion Newspaper Delivery profit x13
Wash Cars Personally Car Wash $1 Quattornonagintillion Car Wash profit x13
Deliver Pizza Personally Pizza Delivery $1 Quattornonagintillion Pizza Delivery profit x13
Makes Donuts Personally Donut Shop $1 Quattornonagintillion Donut Shop profit x13
Catch Shrimp Personally Shrimp Boat $1 Quattuornonagintillion Shrimp Boat profit x13
Play Hockey Personally Hockey Team $1 Quattuornonagintillion Hockey Team profit x13
Direct Movies Personally Movie Studio $1 Quattuornonagintillion Movie Studio profit x13
Count Money Personally Bank $1 Quattuornonagintillion Bank profit x13
Drill Oil Personally Oil Company $1 Quattuornonagintillion Oil Company profit x13
Live Rich All businesses $10 Quattuornonagintillion All profits x7.77
And Profit! All businesses $1 Quinnonagintillion All profits x77.77


  • As of version 4.0, a list of upgrades were introduced, in order to balance the lategame, since it was considered impossible to finish Earth.
  • There are two main phrases created by these series of upgrades. The semicolon character (" ; ") distinguishes each upgrade:
    • Angel Investor Efficiency Upgrades - The; End; Times; Are; Upon; Us; Best; Prepare; Your; Legion; Of; Angels; For; The; Final; Battle; On; Earth; If; You; Win; You; Will; Be; Set; Free!;
    • All Profits Upgrades - Earth; The Final Frontier; These Are The Outcomes; Of The System; They Call Capitalism; And It's Neverending Pursuit; To Profit At Any Cost; To Destroy New Worlds; Extinct Life; And Enslave Civilization; To Boldly Grow; As No System; Has Ever Grown; Before;
  • At some point between version 4.0 and version 6.1.1, all of the Angel Investor Efficiency Upgrades in the list above were switched over to Mega Bucks Upgrades requiring a total of 5200 Mega Bucks instead of cash to purchase. Changes were also made to some of the profit multipliers for businesses and "All Profits".

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