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Cash Upgrades are Upgrades bought with money. They multiply specific profits of different businesses. After every reset, they will always need to be re-bought. Cash upgrades on Mars have the same purpose as they do on Earth and Moon.

The list below shows the upgrades available on Mars.

Upgrade List[]

Name Business Description Price Reference
Shovel Extensions Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $15,000,000.00
Oiler Oil Marsies Marsies profit x33 $500,000,000.00
Testosterone Cologne Men Men profit x33 $100 billion
Extra Tall Fences Buggles Buggles profit x33 $19 trillion
Warning Signs Heck Portal Heck Portal profit x33 $1 quadrillion
Interpretors Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $12 quintillion
No Chafe Restraints Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $9 sextillion
Free Me2 Album LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $600 sextillion The album "Songs of Innocence" by U2, which was given away for free to all iTunes-users.
Genetic Modifications Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x33 $3 octillion
Plentiful BBQs Men Men profit x66 $1 undecillion
Saddles Buggles Buggles profit x66 $3 duodecillion
Spray Bottles Heck Portal Heck Portal profit x66 $25 tredecillion
Prepackaged Doves Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x66 $130 quattuordecillion
Friendly Neuro-Scrubbers Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x66 $300 quindecillion
Trendy Commercials LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x66 $60 sexdecillion
Spider Treats Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x66 $10 septendecillion
O2 In A Can All businesses All profits x33 $1 octodecillion
Fancy Wheelbarrows Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $1 novemdecillion
Cake Injections Marsies Marsies profit x999 $700 novemdecillion
Video Games Men Men profit x99 $900 novemdecillion
Sugar Licks Buggles Buggles profit x99 $1 vigintillion
Brimstone Filters Heck Portal Heck Portal profit x99 $5 unvigintillion
Olive Branches Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x99 $17 unvigintillion
Discount Uploads Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x99 $99 unvigintillion
Innovative Shapes LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x99 $231 unvigintillion
Obedience Training Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x99 $333 unvigintillion
Free Pretzels All businesses All profits x33 $500 duovigintillion
Work Gloves Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $123 tresvigintillion
Super Sizers Marsies Marsies profit x999 $246 tresvigintillion
Milking Machines Buggles Buggles profit x999 $369 tresvigintillion
Fun Guns Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x999 $2 quattuorvigintillion
Nose Implants Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x999 $3 quattuorvigintillion
Oxygen Service Plans LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x999 $12 quattuorvigintillion
Spider Houses Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x999 $23 quattuorvigintillion
Novelty Bobbleheads All businesses All profits x66 $1 quinvigintillion
Mullet Installer Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $5 tretrigintillion
Splash Proof Friers Marsies Marsies profit x33 $125 tretrigintillion
BBQ Sauce Stocks Men Men profit x33 $450 tretrigintillion
Squeeze Toys Buggles Buggles profit x33 $625 tretrigintillion
Friendship Invasion Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $3 quattuortrigintillion
Attractive Faux Spouses Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $25 quattuortrigintillion
New Charge Cables LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $100 quattuortrigintillion
Mars Cars All businesses All profits x33 $100 quintrigintillion
Big Ol' Buckets Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x77 $1 sextrigintillion
Mandatory Staff Sing Alongs Marsies Marsies profit x77 $4 sextrigintillion
Gunmetal Utensils Men Men profit x77 $55 sextrigintillion
Buggle Drives Buggles Buggles profit x77 $90 sextrigintillion
Thoughtful Gifts Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x77 $210 sextrigintillion
Inconspicous Turbans Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x77 $431 sextrigintillion
Smile Lessons LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x77 $777 sextrigintillion
Lucky Stars All businesses All profits x777 $500 septentrigintillion
Carbon Fiber Lassos Buggles Buggles profit x33 $5 trequadragintillion
Rainbows Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $35 trequadragintillion
Austrian Accent-er Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $177 trequadragintillion
Siriously Friendly AI LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $569 trequadragintillion Siri is the personal assistant in Apple products, such as the iPhone.
Backhoe With Rockets Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $714 trequadragintillion
Creamcheese Sprayer Marsies Marsies $976 trequadragintillion
Rocket Golf Carts Men Men profit x33 $1 quattuorquadragintillion
Cheap Water All businesses All profits x33 $50 quattuorquadragintillion
Dump Tracks Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x66 $1 septquadragintillion
Smarmy Mascot Marsies Marsies profit x66 $2 septquadragintillion
Pirate Flags Men Men profit x66 $6 septquadragintillion
Rodeo Clowns Buggles Buggles profit x66 $9 septquadragintillion
Ear Plugs Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x66 $49 septquadragintillion
Robo-Taxi Upgrades Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x66 $300 septquadragintillion
Free Tortoisenecks LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x66 $700 septquadragintillion
President Carter All businesses All profits x55 $300 octoquadragintillion
New Labels Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x99 $5 unquinquagintillion
FDM Deregulation Marsies Marsies profit x99 $14 unquinquagintillion
Military Hardware Men Men profit x99 $66 unquinquagintillion
Genetic Engineering Buggles Buggles profit x99 $88 unquinquagintillion
Karaoke Machines Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x99 $250 unquinquagintillion
Mutant Slums Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x99 $444 unquinquagintillion
Fancy Logo LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x99 $653 unquinquagintillion
Free Cookies All businesses All profits x15 $1 trequinquagintillion
Flashy Sandbags Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x77 $1 sexquinquagintillion
Shiny Bibs Marsies Marsies profit x77 $3 sexquinquagintillion
Carbon Nanotube Mugs Men Men profit x77 $9 sexquinquagintillion
Fancy Feed Buggles Buggles profit x77 $19 sexquinquagintillion
Power Ties Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x77 $36 sexquinquagintillion
Brain Drains Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x77 $99 sexquinquagintillion
Magnetic Plugs LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x77 $279 sexquinquagintillion
Trees All businesses All profits x25 $400 sexquinquagintillion
Anti-Grav Spades Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $1 sexagintillion
Sticks Marsies Marsies profit x999 $5 sexagintillion
Lightning Shooters Men Men profit x999 $8 sexagintillion
Petting Zoo Buggles Buggles profit x999 $10 sexagintillion
Sensitivity Training Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x999 $66 sexagintillion
Magnets Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x999 $153 sexagintillion
Is there life on Mars? LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x999 $372 sexagintillion
Test Spiders 11 Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x999 $500 sexagintillion
Mars Movers Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $6 sexsexagintillion
Beer-batter Formula Marsies Marsies profit x33 $25 sexsexagintillion
Easy-On Muscles Men Men profit x33 $80 sexsexagintillion
Trusty Buggle-Dogs Buggles Buggles profit x33 $170 sexsexagintillion
Diplomacy Simulators Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $439 sexsexagintillion
$10 Rebate Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $650 sexsexagintillion
More Marketing LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $900 sexsexagintillion
Big Old Lasers Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x33 $25 septsexagintillion
KLAATU Drones All businesses All profits x9 $250 septsexagintillion The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) (Film)
Dirt Magnets Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x22 $1 septuagintillion
Mega Sized Marsies Marsies profit x22 $11 septuagintillion
Micro-Breeds Buggles Buggles profit x22 $222 septuagintillion
Elocution Lessons Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x22 $333 septuagintillion
A CHOPPA Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x22 $444 septuagintillion
Audience Engagment LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x22 $555 septuagintillion
Web Ornaments Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x22 $666 septuagintillion
Magnetosphere All businesses All profits x66 $1 unseptuagintillion
All Terrain Scoopers Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x44 $10 treseptuagintillion
Drone Delivery Marsies Marsies profit x44 $20 treseptuagintillion
Funny Hats Buggles Buggles profit x44 $40 treseptuagintillion
Revealing Robes Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x44 $60 treseptuagintillion
Good Lawyers Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x44 $150 treseptuagintillion
Hot Tubs LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x44 $356 treseptuagintillion
Juicy Space Flies Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x44 $900 treseptuagintillion
Earth Independence All businesses All profits x777 $6 quattuorseptuagintillion
The Mega Dirt Upgrade Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $1 quinseptuagintillion
The Mega Marsie Upgrade Marsies Marsies profit x999 $1 sexseptuagintillion
The Mega Buggle Upgrade Buggles Buggles profit x999 $1 septseptuagintillion
The Mega Ambassador Upgrade Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x999 $1 octoseptuagintillion
The Mega Brain-cation Upgrade Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x999 $1 novempeptuagintillion

(should be novemseptuagintillion)

The Mega LiFE Pod Upgrade LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x999 $1 octogintillion
The Mega Terrorformer Upgrade Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x999 $1 unoctogintillion

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