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Cash Upgrades are Upgrades bought with money. They multiply specific profits of different businesses. After every reset, they will always need to be re-bought. Cash upgrades on Mars have the same purpose as they do on Earth and Moon.

The list below shows the upgrades available on Mars.

Upgrade List

Name Business Description Price Reference
Shovel Extensions Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $15,000,000.00
Oiler Oil Marsies Marsies profit x33 $500,000,000.00
Testosterone Cologne Men Men profit x33 $100 billion
Extra Tall Fences Buggles Buggles profit x33 $19 trillion
Warning Signs Heck Portal Heck Portal profit x33 $1 quadrillion
Interpretors Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $12 quintillion
No Chafe Restraints Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $9 sextillion
Free Me2 Album LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $600 sextillion The album "Songs of Innocence" by U2, which was given away for free to all iTunes-users.
Genetic Modifications Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x33 $3 octillion
Plentiful BBQs Men Men profit x66 $1 undecillion
Saddles Buggles Buggles profit x66 $3 duodecillion
Spray Bottles Heck Portal Heck Portal profit x66 $25 tredecillion
Prepackaged Doves Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x66 $130 quattuordecillion
Friendly Neuro-Scrubbers Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x66 $300 quindecillion
Trendy Commercials LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x66 $60 sexdecillion
Spider Treats Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x66 $10 septendecillion
O2 In A Can All businesses All profits x33 $1 octodecillion
Fancy Wheelbarrows Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $1 novemdecillion
Cake Injections Marsies Marsies profit x999 $700 novemdecillion
Video Games Men Men profit x99 $900 novemdecillion
Sugar Licks Buggles Buggles profit x99 $1 vigintillion
Brimstone Filters Heck Portal Heck Portal profit x99 $5 unvigintillion
Olive Branches Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x99 $17 unvigintillion
Discount Uploads Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x99 $99 unvigintillion
Innovative Shapes LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x99 $231 unvigintillion
Obedience Training Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x99 $333 unvigintillion
Free Pretzels All businesses All profits x33 $500 duovigintillion
Work Gloves Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $123 tresvigintillion
Super Sizers Marsies Marsies profit x999 $246 tresvigintillion
Milking Machines Buggles Buggles profit x999 $369 tresvigintillion
Fun Guns Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x999 $2 quattuorvigintillion
Nose Implants Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x999 $3 quattuorvigintillion
Oxygen Service Plans LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x999 $12 quattuorvigintillion
Spider Houses Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x999 $23 quattuorvigintillion
Novelty Bobbleheads All businesses All profits x66 $1 quinvigintillion
Mullet Installer Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $5 tretrigintillion
Splash Proof Friers Marsies Marsies profit x33 $125 tretrigintillion
BBQ Sauce Stocks Men Men profit x33 $450 tretrigintillion
Squeeze Toys Buggles Buggles profit x33 $625 tretrigintillion
Friendship Invasion Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $3 quattuortrigintillion
Attractive Faux Spouses Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $25 quattuortrigintillion
New Charge Cables LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $100 quattuortrigintillion
Mars Cars All businesses All profits x33 $100 quintrigintillion
Big Ol' Buckets Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x77 $1 sextrigintillion
Mandatory Staff Sing Alongs Marsies Marsies profit x77 $4 sextrigintillion
Gunmetal Utensils Men Men profit x77 $55 sextrigintillion
Buggle Drives Buggles Buggles profit x77 $90 sextrigintillion
Thoughtful Gifts Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x77 $210 sextrigintillion
Inconspicous Turbans Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x77 $431 sextrigintillion
Smile Lessons LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x77 $777 sextrigintillion
Lucky Stars All businesses All profits x777 $500 septentrigintillion
Carbon Fiber Lassos Buggles Buggles profit x33 $5 trequadragintillion
Rainbows Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $35 trequadragintillion
Austrian Accent-er Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $177 trequadragintillion
Siriously Friendly AI LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $569 trequadragintillion Siri is the personal assistant in Apple products, such as the iPhone.
Backhoe With Rockets Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $714 trequadragintillion
Creamcheese Sprayer Marsies Marsies $976 trequadragintillion
Rocket Golf Carts Men Men profit x33 $1 quattuorquadragintillion
Cheap Water All businesses All profits x33 $50 quattuorquadragintillion
Dump Tracks Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x66 $1 septquadragintillion
Smarmy Mascot Marsies Marsies profit x66 $2 septquadragintillion
Pirate Flags Men Men profit x66 $6 septquadragintillion
Rodeo Clowns Buggles Buggles profit x66 $9 septquadragintillion
Ear Plugs Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x66 $49 septquadragintillion
Robo-Taxi Upgrades Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x66 $300 septquadragintillion
Free Tortoisenecks LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x66 $700 septquadragintillion
President Carter All businesses All profits x55 $300 octoquadragintillion
New Labels Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x99 $5 unquinquagintillion
FDM Deregulation Marsies Marsies profit x99 $14 unquinquagintillion
Military Hardware Men Men profit x99 $66 unquinquagintillion
Genetic Engineering Buggles Buggles profit x99 $88 unquinquagintillion
Karaoke Machines Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x99 $250 unquinquagintillion
Mutant Slums Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x99 $444 unquinquagintillion
Fancy Logo LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x99 $653 unquinquagintillion
Free Cookies All businesses All profits x15 $1 trequinquagintillion
Flashy Sandbags Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x77 $1 sexquinquagintillion
Shiny Bibs Marsies Marsies profit x77 $3 sexquinquagintillion
Carbon Nanotube Mugs Men Men profit x77 $9 sexquinquagintillion
Fancy Feed Buggles Buggles profit x77 $19 sexquinquagintillion
Power Ties Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x77 $36 sexquinquagintillion
Brain Drains Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x77 $99 sexquinquagintillion
Magnetic Plugs LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x77 $279 sexquinquagintillion
Trees All businesses All profits x25 $400 sexquinquagintillion
Anti-Grav Spades Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $1 sexagintillion
Sticks Marsies Marsies profit x999 $5 sexagintillion
Lightning Shooters Men Men profit x999 $8 sexagintillion
Petting Zoo Buggles Buggles profit x999 $10 sexagintillion
Sensitivity Training Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x999 $66 sexagintillion
Magnets Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x999 $153 sexagintillion
Is there life on Mars? LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x999 $372 sexagintillion
Test Spiders 11 Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x999 $500 sexagintillion
Mars Movers Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x33 $6 sexsexagintillion
Beer-batter Formula Marsies Marsies profit x33 $25 sexsexagintillion
Easy-On Muscles Men Men profit x33 $80 sexsexagintillion
Trusty Buggle-Dogs Buggles Buggles profit x33 $170 sexsexagintillion
Diplomacy Simulators Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x33 $439 sexsexagintillion
$10 Rebate Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x33 $650 sexsexagintillion
More Marketing LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x33 $900 sexsexagintillion
Big Old Lasers Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x33 $25 septsexagintillion
KLAATU Drones All businesses All profits x9 $250 septsexagintillion The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) (Film)
Dirt Magnets Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x22 $1 septuagintillion
Mega Sized Marsies Marsies profit x22 $11 septuagintillion
Micro-Breeds Buggles Buggles profit x22 $222 septuagintillion
Elocution Lessons Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x22 $333 septuagintillion
A CHOPPA Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x22 $444 septuagintillion
Audience Engagment LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x22 $555 septuagintillion
Web Ornaments Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x22 $666 septuagintillion
Magnetosphere All businesses All profits x66 $1 unseptuagintillion
All Terrain Scoopers Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x44 $10 treseptuagintillion
Drone Delivery Marsies Marsies profit x44 $20 treseptuagintillion
Funny Hats Buggles Buggles profit x44 $40 treseptuagintillion
Revealing Robes Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x44 $60 treseptuagintillion
Good Lawyers Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x44 $150 treseptuagintillion
Hot Tubs LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x44 $356 treseptuagintillion
Juicy Space Flies Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x44 $900 treseptuagintillion
Earth Independence All businesses All profits x777 $6 quattuorseptuagintillion
The Mega Dirt Upgrade Red Dirt Red Dirt profit x999 $1 quinseptuagintillion
The Mega Marsie Upgrade Marsies Marsies profit x999 $1 sexseptuagintillion
The Mega Buggle Upgrade Buggles Buggles profit x999 $1 septseptuagintillion
The Mega Ambassador Upgrade Ambassadors Ambassadors profit x999 $1 octoseptuagintillion
The Mega Brain-cation Upgrade Brain-cation Brain-cation profit x999 $1 novempeptuagintillion

(should be novemseptuagintillion)

The Mega LiFE Pod Upgrade LiFE Pod LiFE Pod profit x999 $1 octogintillion
The Mega Terrorformer Upgrade Terrorformer Terrorformer profit x999 $1 unoctogintillion

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