Cashalot is a Medieval-themed event made in honor of Adventure Capitalist's 4th anniversary. It started on March 7th and ended March 12th. The event's currency is Fair Faire. It introduced the Make-It-Reign Ensemble, which gave a 500% boost to the power surge in any event for each piece of the ensemble. The set bonus doubles the effect of each piece, so you would have a 3000% boost if you have all of the pieces equipped and they are Power Level 1.


Pimp Thy Steed

Tepestry Selfie Booth

Serf Surfing


Unicorn Jousting

Armor Bedazzling Shoppe

Centaur Rides

Dragon Race

Killer Rabbit Show

Managers Edit

Image Manager Business Cost References
D-Isplay Sr. Pimp Thy Steeds $75,000,000 Xzibit
Mama Weaver Tapestry Selfie Booths $10 Billion James Weaver
Joffrius Autocratus Serf Surfing $75 Billion Joffrey Baratheon

Julius Caesar


Rich Ikcup Wyver nr y $2.5 Trillion ???
Lance Thatchalot Unicorn Jousting $600 Trillion Sir Lancelot
Armarachi Armor Bedazzling Shoppes $54.321 Quadrillion Liberace
Pepporius Centaur Rides $72.5 Quintillion Didi Gregorius
RuNerys Dragon Races $3 Sextillion RuPaul

Daenerys Targaryen

Timmicula Killer Rabbit Shows $4.5 Spetillion Bunnicula


Cashalot (Entrepreneur): 400 points

Adds a 60% boost to the base speed of your Pimp Thy Steed in the Cashalot event.

Wyvernry (Executive): 5000 points

Adds a 2x boost to your base Ad Watch bonus in the Cashalot event

Armor Bedazzling (Executive): Given to players because of a bug with the Anniversary Party Hat not working in the events.

Previous: Adds a 20% discount to the cost of businesses on any event!

Current: Adds a 6% bonus per Angel in the Cashalot event.

Killer Rabbit Show (Mogul): 40000 points

Adds a 3.5x boost to the base speed of your Lemonade Stand on Earth.

Dragon Race (Magnate): 60000 points

Adds a 15x boost to the bast profit of your Werewolf Colony on the moon.

Capitalist ConnectionsEdit

Card Name/Job/Skill/Trivia
1. D-isplay Sr.
  • Job Title: Chief Streetglow Tech
  • Skill: Has fuzzy dice in every colour
  • Trivia:
2. Mama Weaver
  • Job Title: Senior Spinster
  • Skill: Weaves 1,000 tapestries and hour
  • Trivia:
3. Joffrius Autocratus
  • Job Title: Pleeb Scouter
  • Skill: Has a really punchable face
  • Trivia:
4. Rick Ickup
  • Job Title: Wyvern Whisperer
  • Skill: Speaks at a frequency only lizards hear
  • Trivia:
5. Lance Thatchalot
  • Job Title: Unicorn Trainer
  • Skill: Has the most lustrous looks
  • Trivia:
6. Armarachi
  • Job Title: Gem-Cutter
  • Skill: Making those diamonds really sparkle!
  • Trivia:
7. Pepporius
  • Job Title: Centaur Tamer
  • Skill: Really rocks a mullet
  • Trivia:
8. RuNerys
  • Job Title: Queen Mutha
  • Skill: Serving looks and being fierce
  • Trivia:
9. Timmicula
  • Job Title: Hare Harbinger
  • Skill: Excels on bunny agility courses
  • Trivia:
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