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Earth is the starting location of AdVenture Capitalist. The game starts with a tutorial, and after its completion, the player can invest in businesses.


There are a total of 10 businesses on Earth:

Business Initial Cost ($) Coefficient Initial Time Initial Revenue Cash/second Initial Revenue/Initial cost
Lemonade Stand Lemonade Stand 3.738 1.07 0.6 1 1.67 0.26
Newspaper Delivery Newspaper Delivery 60 1.15 3 60 20 1
Car Wash Car Wash 720 1.14 6 540 90 0.75
Pizza Delivery Pizza Delivery 8,640 1.13 12 4320 360 0.5
Donut Shop Donut Shop 103,680 1.12 24 51,840 2,160 0.5
Shrimp Boat Shrimp Boat 1,244,160 1.11 96
622,080 6,480 0.5
Hockey Team Hockey Team 14,929,920 1.10 384
7,464,960 19,440 0.5
Movie Studio Movie Studio 179,159,040 1.09 1536
89,579,520 58,320 0.5
Bank Bank 2,149,908,480 1.08 6144
1,074,954,240 174,960 0.5
Oil Company Oil Company 25,798,901,760 1.07 36864
29,668,737,024 804,816 1.15


Managers are upgrades that enhance business productivity. Earth is the only planet to have all three categories of managers: normal, accountant, and discount.

Normal Managers: run businesses automatically
Avatar Name Business Cost
Cabejohnson Cabe Johnson Lemonade Stand 1,000
Perryblack Perry Black Newspaper Delivery 15,000
Heisenberg W.W. Heisenbird Car Wash 100,000
Mama Mama Sean Pizza Delivery 500,000
Jimthorton Jim Thorton Donut Shop 1,200,000
Foresttrump Forest Trump Shrimp Boat 10 million
Dawncherry Dawn Cheri Hockey Team 111,111,111
Sspeilberg Stefani Speilburger Movie Studio 555,555,555
Darklord The Dark Lord Bank 10 billion
Derrick Derrick Plainview Oil Company 100 billion
Accountant Managers: multiply business cost by 0.9 and show income/sec
Avatar Name Business Cost
5 Ebenezer Rockerfeller Oil Company 10 Angels
Grumpy Darky McGrumpface Bank 100 Angels
Shrek Jenn Catsburger Movie Studio 1,000 Angels
Dwayne Dwayne Greatsky Hockey Team 9,999 Angels
Krunch Cpt Janeway Krunch Shrimp Boat 100,000 Angels
Homersprinkles Homer Sprinkles Donut Shop 1 million Angels
Pjfries P.J. Fries Pizza Delivery 10 million Angels
Pollos Gus Pollos Car Wash 100 million Angels
Millybayes Milly Bayes Newspaper Delivery 1 billion Angels
Gladys Gladys Caroline Lemonade Stand 10 billion Angels
Discount Managers: divide business cost by 100,000.
Avatar Name Business Cost
Mayoneil May O'Neil Newspaper Delivery $10 tretrigintillion
Duckguy Gordie Palmbay Hockey Team $75 quattuortrigintillion
Alfredhitchpost Alfredo Hitchpost Movie Studio $250 quintrigintillion
Gordanramsay Jordan Ram C. Pizza Delivery $100 sextrigintillion
Raygunzulu Raygun P. Zuzu Bank $50 septentrigintillion
Duncand Duncan Eclair Donut Shop $3 octotrigintillion
Snackbar Admiral Snackbar Shrimp Boat $750 octotrigintillion
Jessie Jessie Car Wash $3 novemtrigintillion
Richieruthless Richard Ruthless Oil Company $33 quadragintillion
Chill Chill Lemonade Stand $9 unquadragintillion


For Earth's Swag see Swag (Earth)
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Unlocks are very similar between investments. Traditionally each unlock is equally spaced from the next, with some variation. At the start of Earth, for all investments except Newspapers, unlocks will double the speed of the investment for the first 6 unlocks. The 7th unlock and onward will instead multiply the investment in terms of profits instead of its speed. The amount which it is multiplied by usually depends on if an unlock happens to land on a significant number of that investment, such as 1000, 5000, etc.

Newspapers have more complicated unlock patterns. The first 3 unlocks double its speed, but the proceeding unlocks create a pattern of multiplying the profits of other investments instead of itself. To make up for this, unlocks are placed at 25 Newspapers each until 1,250 Newspapers, where it becomes 50, and 2,000 Newspapers, where it becomes 100.

Sometimes, unlocks can have a massive profit boost, for example, when you reach 1,000 Newspaper Deliveries, its profit multiplies by a ridiculous 7,777,777.


Upgrades increase the profits by adding income multipliers to the businesses. Like the other planets, there are three categories of upgrades on Earth: Cash Upgrades, which are bought with money, Angel Upgrades, which are bought by sacrificing Angel Investors, and Gold Upgrades, which are bought with Gold.

Capitalist Connections[]

Card Name/Job/Skill/Trivia
1. Cabe Johnson
  • Job Title: Sr. Lemonade Barista
  • Skill: Spells 99% of Names Correctly
  • Trivia: His name is similar to Cave Johnson, a character in the Portal franchise
2. Perry Black
  • Job Title: Editor-in-Chief
  • Skill: Writing catchy headlines
  • Trivia: Based on a character Perry White in DC Comics Superman
3. W. W. Heisenbird
  • Job Title: Soap Chemist
  • Skill: Never leaves streaks
  • Trivia: Parody of AMC's Breaking Bad main character Walter White "Heisenberg"
4. Mama Sean
  • Job Title: Cheese Distribution Expert
  • Skill: Making that cheddar!
  • Trivia: Based on a similar pizza chain Papa John's
5. Jim Thorton
  • Job Title: Sprinkle Scientist
  • Skill: Glazes 10 nonagintillion donuts an hour
  • Trivia: His name is based on a Canadian coffee & donut chain Tim Hortons and also the owner Jim Treliving
6. Forest Trump
  • Job Title: Crustacean Interpreter
  • Skill: Eats 40 million krill in a single sitting
  • Trivia: He is based on the 45th US President Donald Trump and the titular character from Forrest Gump
7. Dawn Cheri
  • Job Title: Lead Puck Purchaser
  • Skill: Wears a different suit each day
  • Trivia: Her name is similar of hockey commentator Don Cherry
8. Stefani Speilburger
  • Job Title: Bestest Boy Grip
  • Skill: Finding the perfect shot
  • Trivia: Her name is similar to director Steven Spielberg and her outfit is based on Indiana Jones
9. The Dark Lord
  • Job Title: Vault Auditor M. D.
  • Skill: Knows how to use an abacus
  • Trivia: He is based on the 5th president of Iraq Saddam Hussein, appearance is similar to Satan in South Park
10. Derrick Plainview
  • Job Title: Petroleum Siphoner
  • Skill: Average bowling score of 300
  • Trivia: He is based on a character in There Will Be Blood Daniel Plainview.
    • A derrick is a lifting device, which in this case, oil is used to pump up in the machine

Other planets[]

The player can also play other planets, but they need to buy them first. Currently, the other planets are the Moon and Mars. The Moon costs $1 decillion dollars to be unlocked and Mars, 100 Mega Bucks. They offer a slightly different Capitalism experience because going to another planet does not harm the Earth game, as the player can freely switch back and forth between the bodies easily.


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After speeding up your investments, The Oil Company will become the dominant investment, because it gives many profits. After reaching 1000 to 1250 Lemonade Stands, it becomes the dominant invetment due to being very cheap and giving a x4 Profit Boost every unlock. Another reason why it takes over the Oil Company is because it is very fast, So fast, it is instant.

There is a point in the Quinquagintillions where there are upgrades that are named after words related to large; such as massive, giant, huge and XLarge.

Somewhere in the Septuagintillions, Angel Claims will reduce from x100 profits to x2 > x8 profits as the Angel Upgrades prices will become more distant, jumping from a Quintrigintillion to a Septentrigintillion as All Profits upgrades become more rare. You will need to reset after getting double to 10x the angels.

During the near-the-end points of Earth, it becomes very hard due to the Angel Claims slowing down to a crawl and the upgrades become more expensive after the other.

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