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This part or feature has been removed from the game.

This part or feature was removed in an update, and is no longer in the game.

Gilding an investment applies a x7.77 boost for 45 Gold Gold each. This boost is permanent, and the boosted investment turns gold. It is exclusive to Events and is more expensive than on Earth, Moon, or Mars, which boosting on those planets will give the same boost but only cost 1 Mega Ticket Mega Ticket (20 Gold Gold to buy it). Investments will stay gilded even if you reset to claim Angel Investors. To gild an investment, press the Gold next to the icon of the investment you want to boost, then press yes. A sound will play and the investment will be boosted. Gilding has been removed in an update and now there are two Event multipliers. The first one applies a gold x7 boost to all investments for 20 Gold Gold. The other one applies a platinum x28 boost to all investments for 45 Gold Gold.


  • Gilding an investment applies the same boost as spending a Mega Ticket Mega Ticket for a multiplier on Earth, Moon, and Mars.
  • The two Event multipliers are a replacement for gilding.