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Goals are a feature exclusive to Events. You complete them by making/stockpiling/spending cash, owning/buying investments, and watching ads. Completing Goals will earn you points, which are needed to go up the Leaderboard. When you complete a Goal, a chime plays, letting you know that a Goal has been completed. Press the Goals button to see your Goals. Press the Claim button on the completed Goal to claim the points. The points will be claimed and the Goal will be replaced with a new one instantly. They first reward 45 points, the reward increases as you complete Goals. There is no time limit for regular Goals. When you enter an Event, you already completed a Goal, giving you enough points to get your first reward, 2 Gold.

Golden Goals

Main article: Golden Goals

Sometimes, Golden Goals appear. Only one Golden Goal can be on a set of goals. If the completed goal is replaced after 2 seconds, that means a Golden Goal is next. They appear with a chime. Golden Goals are much harder but reward at least 2,000 points. They only have 3 hours before they expire. If you fail to complete it before it expires, you will have to remove it, and you get no points. If you allow AdVenture Capitalist to send you notifications and a Golden Goal is about to expire, you will get a notification saying: Golden Opportunity! There is still time to complete your Golden Goal! You can refresh your goals by spending 20 Gold, but this will replace all unfinished goals.


  • Golden Goals Sparkle to look special.
  • If the Goal is to just buy investments, you can keep buying some investments and claiming angels until you have bought a certain number of that investment.