Gold is the premium currency in AdVenture Capitalist. It can be obtained through gameplay during events, by earning certain "Everything Unlocks" on Earth or the Moon, or doing a hard reset on Earth. The hard reset will reward the player with 200 Gold, and can only be earned once.

Gold is not required to play the game. It merely makes the game a little easier/faster, via Gold Upgrades. It also sometimes adds small aesthetic changes along with the boosts.

Gold Bars cost Edit

Cost Gold Bonus
$4.99 55
$9.99 115 Gold Suit
$19.99 240 Gold Suit
$49.99 625 Gold Suit
$99.99 1300 Gold Suit

Gold Upgrades Edit

Main article: Gold Upgrades

Gold Upgrades are special upgrades bought with gold. Like the other upgrades, Gold Upgrades increase the earnings multiplier. Most of these upgrades are permanent, meaning they persist through normal resets and hard resets.

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