AdVenture Capitalist Wiki

Golden Goals can randomly appear on your Goals. If the finished goal is replaced after 1.5 seconds, that means a Golden Goal is next. A tone will play when a Golden Goal has appeared. Only one Golden Goal can be on a Goal set. They are much harder than regular Goals, but completing one will reward you 2,000 points (enough points to get the Time Warp Express) at first, increasing daily to 2,300, 2,700, then 3,400. They have 3 hours before they expire, if you don't complete it before it expires you will have to remove it and get no points. However, a new Golden Goal can replace the expired one, giving you another chance to complete one. If you allow AdVenture Capitalist to send you notifications and a Golden Goal you were working on is about to expire, you will get a notification saying, Golden Opportunity! There is still time to complete your Golden Goal! If you get that notification, you should immediately return to the game and quickly complete that Goal, you only have little time left before it expires.


  • Golden Goals sparkle to show that they are special.
  • Sometimes when a new Goal replaces a completed Goal, the new one is also completed.