AdVenture Capitalist Wiki

Managers are upgrades that enhance business productivity. Managers come in three groups: normal, accountant, and discount. All manager names are a pun, joke, or pop-culture reference.

Normal Managers[]

Normal managers automatically start a profit cycle after one ends, even if the player is disconnected from the game. Therefore, they allow AdVenture Capitalist to be an idle game. Normal managers are bought with money.


Earth Managers
Avatar Name Business Reference(s) Cost
Cabejohnson Cabe Johnson Lemonade Stand [[wikipedia:Gabe Newell|Gabe Newell] (Founder of Valve software), Cave Johnson (Founder of Aperture Science (Portal universe)) 1,000
Perryblack Perry Black Newspaper Delivery Perry White (Superman), Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks NBA Team Owner) 15,000
Heisenberg W.W. Heisenbird Car Wash Walter "Heisenberg" White (Breaking Bad) 100,000
Mama Mama Sean Pizza Delivery Papa John's (American pizza chain) 500,000
Jimthorton Jim Thorton Donut Shop Tim Hortons (Canadian coffee & donut chain), Jim Treliving (Boston Pizza and Tim Horton's owner, ex-Mountie) 1,200,000
Foresttrump Forest Trump Shrimp Boat Forrest Gump, Donald Trump (Real estate developer, 45th President of the United States) 10 million
Dawncherry Dawn Cheri Hockey Team Don Cherry (Canadian hockey commentator) 111,111,111
Sspeilberg Stefani Speilburger Movie Studio Steven Spielberg (Director); Indiana Jones 555,555,555
Darklord The Dark Lord Bank The love child of Saddam Hussein and Satan, from South Park 10 billion
Derrick Derrick Plainview Oil Company Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood). Derrick is a machine used to pump oil.   100 billion


Moon Managers
Avatar Name Business Reference Cost
Buzz Cobler Buzz Cobbler Moon Shoe Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story franchise) and Buzz Aldrin (Second man on the moon) 750.00
Gracie Stone Gracie Stone Gravity Booth Gracie Hart (Miss Agent movie) and Ryan Stone (Gravity movie) 22,500.00
Dolly Pardon Dolly Pardon Payday Clone Dolly Parton (American country singer) and Dolly (first animal to be cloned) 150,000.00
Jean Luc Turanga Jean Luc Turanga Moon Delivery Jean Luc Picard (Star Trek: Next Generation) and Turanga Leela (Futurama) 1,850,000.00
Strange Lange Strange Lange Oxygen Bar Quark (Star Trek Deep Space 9), Isaac Washington (The Love Boat) played by Ted Lange. Strange references a type of quark 4,300,000.00
Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy Helium-3 Farm GERTY (Moon - movie) 145,000,000.00
Nick Gromcraft Nick Gromcraft Cheese Mine Notch (Minecraft Developer), Howard Phillips Lovecraft (American writer), Gromit (Wallace & Gromit) 33.333 billion
Willy Dizzy Willy Dizzy Amusement Park Willy Wonka (Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), Walt Disney (Founder of The Walt Disney Company) 55 billion
Mike Jameson Wolf Mike Jameson Wolf Werewolf Colony John Jameson aka Man-Wolf (Marvel Comics), John Rolfe (early English settler to North America), Michael J Fox, who starred in Teen Wolf. 1.53 trillion
Dr.Bad News Dr. Bad News Giant Laser Dr. Evil (Austin Powers series) 11.109 trillion


Mars Managers
Avatar Name Business Reference Cost
Dr Dirtwood Redsmith Red Dirt Kurtwood Smith (Actor); Joe Dirt 100.00
Ccc General Candy Coates Marsies Colonel Sanders (KFC); M&M's (Mars Inc. Candy) 5,000.000
Crr Carlos "Roundhouse" Ray Men Chuck Norris (Actor) 10,000,000.00
Mw M. Wong Buggies Amy Wong (Futurama); M. Bison (Street Fighter 2) 1 billion
Hag Hekhov A. Guy Heck Portal Hellboy (Hellboy); Doomguy (Doom) 400 billion
Sa Sister Ack Ambassadors Sister Act (Movie)

Mars Attacks (Collectible Cards & Movie)

100 trillion
Tkc Tommy K. Quaid Brain-Cations Agent K (Men in Black) played by Tommy Lee Jones; Douglas Quaid (Total Recall) 15 quadrillion
Ml Marty Landsajob LiFE Pods Steve Jobs (Apple); "Marty lands a job" 10 quintillion
Lw Lieutenant Wildwebs Terrorformers General Zod (Superman II; Man of Steel); Dr. Arliss Loveless (Wild Wild West) 200 septillion

Event Managers[]

Gates of Heck[]

Gates of Heck Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Raze N. Face
Raze N. Face Texas Raisins Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre); The California Raisins 255.00
B. Dandyman
B. Dandyman Dandy Candies Candyman; Edward Malus (Wickerman) 4,260.00
Masky McSullahan
Masky McSullahan Ice Screams James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (Monsters Inc.); Ghostface (Scream) 38,400.00
Bumpkin Noggin
Bumpkin Noggin Snack O'Lanterns Pumpkin Head 124,080.00
Shreddy Krueger
Shreddy Krueger Shredded Treats Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) 2,064,960.00
Charles Chuck Wesker
Charles "Chuck" Wesker Creepy Dollies Chucky (Child's Play); Arnold Wesker/The Ventriloquist (Batman) 89,575,200.00
Jonson Davoorhees
Jonson Davoorhees Korn Maizes Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th); Jonathan Davis (Korn) 534,798,240.00
Barb Zombie
Barb Zombie Brains Rob Zombie; Coming Soon 8.945 billion
Bucket Head
Bucket Head Treat Baskets Shaun (Shaun of the Dead); Pinhead (Hellraiser) 34.553 billion
Jeff Goldgoon
Jeff Goldgoon Full Sized Choco-Bars Jeff Goldblum; Creature from the Black Lagoon 999.999 billion

Black & Blue Friday[]

Black & Blue Friday Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Johnny J. Kool Johnny J. Kool Door Crashers Jack Torrance (The Shining); Kool-Aid Man 500.00
Moe Powa TuulMan Moe Powa TuulMan Power Tools He-Man; Tim the Tool Man (Home Improvement) 1,000.00
Mrs. T Starkworth Mrs. T Starkworth Waffle Irons Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel); Mrs. Butterworth 2,000.00
Ray Bluemano Ray Bluemano Blu-Ray Players Blue Man Group; Ray Romano 4,000.00
Edward Hedgefinger Edward Hedgefinger Coupon Clippers Edward Scissorhands 8,000.00
Ghoulhand Luke Greeter Ghoulhand Luke Greeter Microwaves Cool Hand Luke; Hanson (Scary Movie 2); Retail store greeter 16,000.00
Councilman G. GoGo Quimby Councilman G. GoGo Quimby Kitchen Gadgets Inspector Gadget; Mayor Quimby (The Simpsons) 32,000.00
The Unstoppable Krusternaut The Unstoppable Krusternaut Trample-ines Krusty the Clown (The Simpsons); The Juggernaut (Marvel) 64,000.00
Shea Guy LaVince Shea Guy LaVince Sucky Vacuums Shia LaBeouf; Vince Offer (TV commercials); Shaggy 128,000.00

A Capitalist Carol[]

A Capitalist Carol Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Charles Bruut Charles Bruut Happy Saplings Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy); Charlie Brown (Peanuts) 5,000.00
Ag Bailey Ag Bailey Silver-ish Bells George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life); Silver Bells (A Christmas song); (AG is the abbreviation for silver on the Periodic Table) 5,000,000.00
The Solo Ralphie The Solo Ralphie BB Blasters Ralphie

(Christmas Story); The Lone Ranger

50 billion
Anthony Griswalder Anthony Griswalder Garnish Varnishes Tony the Tiger (Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal); Clark Griswold (Christmas Vacation) 500 trillion
Kevin Dutchman McGoldjunk Kevin Dutchman McGoldjunk Decorammunitions Kevin McCallister (Home Alone); Goldmember (Austin Powers in Goldmember) 5 quintillion
Bernardo Commando Bernardo Commando Giving Tanks Bernard (The Santa Clause); Green Army Men 50 sextillion
Bob Gross Bob Gross Fuzzees Bob Ross; Gremlins 5 octillion
Postman Sinboost Postman Sinboot Super Bro Dolls Myron Larabee and Booster (Both from Jingle All the Way) 500 nonillion
Fry Grinchi Fry Grinchi Roast Beasts Guy Fieri; The Grinch (Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas) 50 duodecillion

New You Resolutions[]

New You Resolutions Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Rev 'Run' Ronnie Rev 'Run' Ronnie Shred-mills Ronnie Dobbs (Run Ronnie Run!); Rev Run 600.00
DJ Masta D DJ Masta D Pro-Team Shakes Master Shake (Aqua Teen Hunger Force); DJ Pauly D (Jersey Shore cast member) 3,600.00
Billy-Bo Simmons Billy-Bo Simmons Tae Kwon Do-Flex Billy Blanks; Richard Simmons 19,200.00
L.C. Slater L.C. Slater Dum Dum-Bells A.C. Slater (Saved by the Bell); Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber) 96,000.00
Ho Ho Toot Toot Ho Ho Toot Toot Veggies Popeye; Jolly Green Giant 460,800.00
Matt 'LeChicken Coop' Cooper Matt 'LeChicken Coop' Cooper Com-Fy Boys Joe "Coop/Airman" Cooper (BASEketball); Matt Leblanc (Joey Tribianni from Friends) 300.00
The Queen of Pop The Queen of Pop Soda-licious Michael Jackson; Britney Spears 1,200.00
Robo-Wiz Robo-Wiz Vid-Yah Games Lucas Barton (The Wizard) 6,300.00
Deputy Moose CHiPs Deputy Moose CHiPs Macro Chips CHiPs (70s-80s TV show); Coming Soon 13,200.00
Super Meat Girl Super Meat Girl Mystery Meat Meatwad (Aqua Teen Hunger Force); Super Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy); Wendy (Wendy's restaurants) 33,000.00

For the Love of Money[]

For the Love of Money Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Sanic Shufflefast Sanic Shufflefast Choc Boxes Sonic the Hedgehog; Chunk (Goonies) 5,555.00
Tommy Choo Choo Tommy Choo Choo Valentines Thomas the Tank Engine; Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons) 22,222.00
Rachel Gosling Rachel Gosling The Notebooks Ryan Gosling; Rachel McAdams 66,666.00
Spicy Spice Spicy Spice Pricy Spicy Sauce Spice Girls 99,999.00
Axl Roseanne Axl Roseanne Any Other Names Axl Rose; Roseanne 333,333.00
Mystery Anna Mystery Anna Bling Mr. T; Rihanna 555,555.00
Hannib-Al Bundy Hannib-Al Bundy Feel Meals Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs); Al Bundy (Married with Children) 888,888.00
Pvt. Salty Ray Pvt. Salty Ray Bitter Sweets Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles)

Billy Ray Cyrus

Russell Browe Russell Browe Unicoach Rides My Little Pony; Russell Crowe 7,777,777.00

Making it Rain[]

Making it Rain Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
NOS-Kwik 800 NOS-Kwik 800 Micro-Eggs Quicky (Nesquik); T-800 (Terminator) 272.00
Kenneth Broil Rock Kenneth "Broil" Rock Sham-Rocks Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; Coming Soon 4,558.00
Chloe Vern Fields Chloe Vern Fields Clover Fields Cloverfield Monster 41,088.00
Don E. Huey Hefno Don E. Huey Hefno Bunny Ears Frank the Rabbit (Donnie Darko); Hugh Hefner 132,765.00
Lepre Claus Lepre Claus Pot O' Golds Leprechaun; Santa Claus 2,209,507.00
Maurley Ripovich Maurley Ripovich Di-egg-nostics Ellen Ripley (Alien); Maury Povich (Maury) 572,234,116.00
Lt. LyVar La Lynch Lt. LyVar La Lynch Rainbow Makers Geordi La Forge (Star Trek); Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks) 9.571 billion
Elmer Big Ol Fuut Elmer "Big Ol" Fuut Cruelty-Free Feet Elmer Fudd (Looney Tunes); Bigfoot 36.972 billion
Puff Sugar Yucky Puff "Sugar" Yucky Yucky Charms Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters); Lucky (Lucky Charms cereal) 77.777 billion

The Root of All Evil[]

The Root of All Evil Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Lois Boulevard Lois Boulevard SuperKings Lois Griffin (Family Guy); Lois Lane (DC Comics) 240.00
Blue Jean Blue Jean Honey Badgers Beast (Marvel); Jean Grey (Marvel) 5,000.00
Alfie Grayson Alfie Grayson Black Knights Alf (TV Series); Dick Grayson/Nightwing (DC Comics) 23,100.00
Plain Jane Plain Jane Rope Slingers Emily (Corpse Bride); Mary Jane Watson (Marvel) 79,380.00
Spliteroni Splinteroni Samurai Pizza Turtles Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 1,866,480.00
Flex Luther Flex Luther BadDays Lex Luthor (DC Comics); Flex Armstrong 3,250.00
Mystic Mind Mystic Mind Mag-Neatos Megamind (Megamind); Mystique (Marvel) 46,200.00
Quinn Davidson Quinn Davidson The Pranksters Harley Quinn (DC Comics); Harley-Davidson (Motorcycle Company) 259,560.00
J. Jonah Hillson J. Jonah Hillson Jareth Greens J. Jonah Jameson (Marvel); Jonah Hill 2,552,000.00
Dredder Dredder Hair Clans Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); Judge Dredd 79,999,220.00

Live Rich & Profit[]

Live Rich & Profit Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Skelemorph Skelemorph X0 Skeletons Xenomorph (Alien); Skeletor (Masters of the Universe) 1,111.00
Rose-E Rose-E Cleaning Droids Rosie (The Jetsons); Wall-E (Wall-E) 1,111,111.00
Beetlespice Beetlespice Spicy Sand Worms Beetlejuice; Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice commercials) 111.111 billion
Vulkenny Vulkenny Red Shirts Kenny McCormick (South Park); Vulcan (Alien species on Star Trek) 11.111 quadrillion
Barfa The Hutt Barfa the Hutt Barf Buckets Barf (Spaceballs); Pizza the Hutt (Spaceballs); Jabba de Hutt (Star Wars) 1.111 sextillion
Mac-T1000 Mac-T1000 Space Gates T-1000 (Terminator 2); Angus MacGyver (MacGyver) 111.111 septillion
Roman Charges Roman Charges Calling Cards E.T (E.T the Extra-Terrestrial); Harry Lime (Home Alone); "Roaming charges" 11.111 nonillion
Ruff Neck Ruff Neck Bug Spray Kirk Lazarus (Tropic Thunder); Starship Troopers 1.111 decillion
Space Ventura Space Ventura Space Buddies Ace Ventura; Chewbacca (Star Wars) 111.111 undecillion

Insert Coins to Continue[]

Insert Coins to Continue Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Jeffrey Explosion Jeffrey Explosion Explosive Dudes Nathan Explosion (Metalocalypse); Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski (The Big Lebowski) 125.00
Silvia Brooks Silvia Brooks Silver Blades Blade and Silver Sable (Marvel Comics) 250.00
LeCrank LeCrank Primate Paradise Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong Country); LeChuck (The Secret of Monkey Island) 500.00
Pick N. Flick Pick N. Flick Flemmings Stimpy (Ren & Stimpy); Boogerman (Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure) 1,000.00
Kermy D. Frogger Kermy D. Frogger Fightingfrogs Kermit the Frog (Muppets); Frogger 2,000.00
Jackie Draven Jackie Draven Crow & Jack Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas); Eric Draven (The Crow) 4,000.00
Mark Skid Mark Skid Street Skid 2 Carrot Top 8,000.00
Coolio Squints Coolio Squints Rad Caps Dot Warner (Animaniacs); Coolio 16,000.00
Theodore James Theodore James Space Worm Ted Earthworm Jim; Ted (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) 32,000.00


Cashella Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Kurdt Crowbrain Kurdt Crowbrain Food Fighters Kurt Cobain; Rufio (Hook) 1,994.00
Dr. Dray Z Dr. Dray Z L.I.L. Z Dr. Dre; Jay Z; Day Z (Video Game) 1,995.00
Heyayhr B. Vis Heyayhr B. Vis Mad At The Corporation Beavis (Beavis and Butthead); James Hetfield (Metallica) 6,666.00
Prince Ali Prince Ali Ali Jupiter Prince; Aladdin 71,958.00
Maddhonest Maddhonest Beyonest Madonna; Pinocchio 101,982.00
Gong Farley Gong Farley Brethren Songclash Bob Marley; Chris Farley 511,810.00
Earnie Cash Earnie Cash Kenneth Rural Johnny Cash; Ernest Phineas Worrell 912,003.00
Daft Prado G. Daft Prado G. Skrilla Daft Punk; Keith Flint (Prodigy) 1,171,987.00
Demon Darrell Demon Darrell Steel Pantera Gene Simmons (KISS); Dimebag Darrell 1,282,004.00

Live Your Profits[]

Live Your Profits Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Scot Flopula Scot Flopula Belly Flopping Scott Bakula, Ula (50 First Dates) 291.00
Bill Freedom Shrubbery Bill "Freedom" Shrubbery Larping William Wallace (Braveheart); The Knights who say Ni (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) 4,877.00
D. White-ltout D. White-ltout Rock, Paper, Scissors Dwight Schrute (The Office) 43,964.00
Papa Iron Bear Papa "Iron" Bear Bear Knuckle Boxing The Berenstein Bears; "Iron" Mike Tyson 142,058.00
Violent Guacamole Violent Guacamole Backyard Wrestling Nacho Libre; Violent J (Insane Clown Posse) 2,364,172.00
Dennie El Toro Worm Dennie "El Toro" Worm Running of the Bulls Dennis Rodman 612,290,504.00
Kobayash E. Hondahead Kobayash E. Hondahead Competitive Eating E. Honda (Street Fighter); Jughead (Archie Comics); Takeru Kobayashi (Competitive Eater) 1 billion
Guy Blankendouche Guy Blankendouche MXC Guy LeDouche (MXC); Kenny Blankenship (MXC) 6 billion
J. Picholas J. Picholas E-Sports Nicholas Schimmelpenninck aka Nicholas Picholas (Video & Arcade Top 10) 40 billion

The Excellent AdVenture[]

The Excellent AdVenture Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Dr. Grant Murphy Dr. Grant Murphy Dino Shock Collars Alan Grant (Jurassic Park); Robocop 150.00
Murdoch Bros. Murdoch Bros. Pyramid Cranes Boondock Saints; Jay and Silent Bob; Coming Soon 300.00
Crusader Sasha Crusader Sasha 7 Blade Viking Razors Sasha the Fierce Warrior (Crusaders of the Lost Idols) 500.00
Corny McGallop Corny McGallop Horse GPS Marty McFly (Back to the Future trilogy); Coming Soon 1,000.00
Sir Clean Ace Sir Clean Ace Medieval Soap on a Rope William Wallace (Braveheart); Mr. Clean 2,000.00
Davin The Hoff Seagull Davin "The Hoff" Seagull Camel AC Units Steven Seagal; David Hasselhoff 4,000.00
Zachy Schreiber Zachy Schreiber Sabretooth Litterboxes Sabretooth (Marvel); Liev Schreiber; Zack Taylor (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) 8,000.00
Tomas Eeks Tomas Eeks Bubonic Mouse Traps Tom Cat (Tom and Jerry); Eek (Eek! the Cat) 16,000.00
Ol' Bailey Jack Ol' Bailey Jack Pirate Ship Outboard Cpt. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean); Old Gregg (The Mighty Boosh) 32,000.00

Saturday Morning Fever![]

Saturday Morning Fever! Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Tom E
Tom E. Gherkin Ankle Biters Tommy Pickles (Rugrats); Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes) $5,555.00
Goliamammoth Babargoyles Babar (Babar); Goliath (Gargoyles) $22,222.00
Santa's Spunky Helper
Santa's Spunky Helper Rocky and Stimpson Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life); Santa's Little Helper (The Simpsons) $66,666
Megatwilite My Lil Beast Machines Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic); Megatron (Beast Machines: Transformers) $99,999
Ms. Throzzle School Bikes from Mars Ms. Valerie Frizzle (The Magic School Bus); Throttle (Biker Mice from Mars) $333,333
Major Narf
Major Narf Captain Plan It Pinky (Pinky and the Brain); Captain Planet (Captain Planet) $555,555
Betelgeuse Bleu
Betelgeuse Bleu Tick Juice Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice); The Tick (The Tick) $888,888
Ted McCloud
Ted McCloud Teddy Duxpin Teddy Ruxpin (The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin); Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales) $4,444,444
The Red Rodent
The Red Rodent Power Rescue Rangers Dale (Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers); Red Power Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) $7,777,777

1% Land[]

1% Land Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Lemmy Parker Lemon Lane LemonHead (Candy Mascot);

Coming Soon

J. Kanine Caviar Dots Jig

Needles Kane/Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)

Bubsy Casanova Champagne Falls Giacomo Casanova (Casanova);

Bubsy Bobcat (Video Game Mascot)

Michelle Dee Cathy Dodo Legs Cathy Bates; Coming Soon $400,000,000
John Crikemond Endangered Animal Petting Zoo John Hammond (Jurassic Park); Steve Irwin; Coming Soon $700,000,000
Dom Dijon Grey Poupon on a Stick Dom Deluise; Coming Soon $2 Billion
Dave N. Gineer Ivory Tower of Terror David S. Pumpkins (Saturday Night Live); Coming Soon $50 Billion
Crash D. Woody Stock Market Crash Coaster Owen Wilson; Crash Test Dummies (Both Band and Toy Mascot) $200 Billion
Big Willy Branberg Capitalism Hill Lil' Dicky

Andy Sandberg

$100 Sextillion

A Nightmare on Easy Street[]

A Nightmare on Easy Street Managers
Image Name Business Reference Cost
Dr. Granny Applesmith Ph.D Golden Apple Bobbing The Evil Queen (Snow White) $56,700
Slappers OO. Nly Best Suit Contest Slappy the Dummy (Goosebumps); James Bond $3,450,000
Cousin Skrill It Monster Mash DJ Cousin It (Adams Family); Skrillex $123,000,000
Sea monster
Leatherwise Sewer Tours PennyWise (IT); Leatherface (The Texas Chansaw Massacre) $2.34 Billion
Artur E. Clogger Insufficient Fun House Ronald McDonald (McDonald's); Pennywise (IT); Captain Underpants; Horny the Clown (Drive-Thru) $45.6 Billion
Hellraisin Bran Cereal Killer House Pinhead (Hellraiser); Raisin Bran $234 Billion
Tiffany Good Gal Scairy Tale House Fairy Godmother (Cinderella) $1.23 Trillion
Sam 'R' Strangekiss Prankenstein House Shade (Borderlands 2); Dr. Strangelove; Sam (Trick or Treat); Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask) $78.9 Trillion
The Gradient Twins Last Mansion on the Left The Grady twins (The Shining); Pugsley & Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family) $100 Quadrillion


Accountants (as called by the DevelopDJers) are bought by sacrificing Angel Investors rather than by spending cash. Accountants change that business's display, replacing the "Cash Per Profit Cycle" with a "Cash Per Second" display. They also reduce the price of new units of that Business by 10%, so purchasing early on in a run is recommended.

Like Angel upgrades, purchased Accountants are lost on reset and must be re-bought. The Angels sacrificed to buy them are permanently gone.

Accountants are of relatively low value compared to the other managers. A player can calculate their income per second manually, and the 10% price reduction buys approximately one extra building. This can be worthwhile, but only if the number of Angels spent is a very small fraction of the total. (TODO: Actual math here.)


Earth Accountants
Avatar Name Business References Cost
5 Ebenezer Rockerfeller Oil Company Ebenezer Scrooge (A Christmas Carol); Rockefeller family 10 Angels
Grumpy Darky McGrumpface Bank Grumpy Cat 100 Angels
Shrek Jenn Catsburger Movie Studio Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO of Dreamworks), Shrek (Shrek), John Ratzenburger 1,000 Angels
Dwayne Dwayne Greatsky Hockey Team Wayne Gretzky 9,999 Angels
Krunch Cpt Janeway Krunch Shrimp Boat Cap'n Crunch cereal, Captain Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek: Voyager) 100,000 Angels
Homersprinkles Homer Sprinkles Donut Shop Homer Simpson, Homer the Greek Poet (Author of the Iliad and the Odyssey) 1 million Angels
Pjfries P.J. Fries Pizza Delivery Phillip J. Fry (Futurama) 10 million Angels
Pollos Gus Pollos Car Wash Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad), Pollos in spanish means chicken and there is a fast-food restaurant in Breaking Bad called Los Pollos Hermanos with chicken in logo 100 million Angels
Millybayes Milly Bayes Newspaper Delivery Billy Mays (TV commercials) 1 billion Angels
Gladys Gladys Caroline Lemonade Stand GLaDOS/Caroline (Portal 2) 10 billion Angels


Moon accountants are like accountants on Earth: they show "Cash Per Second" instead of "Cash profit Per Cycle". They discount business by 25% (not 10% like on Earth) and they cost money (not angels like on Earth).

Moon Accountants
Avatar Name Business References Cost
Neil Hammstring
Neil Hammstring Moon Shoe Neil Armstrong, Hamm (Toy Story franchise) 10 duotrigintillion
Dr. Houston Pines
Dr. Houstan Pines Gravity Booth Stanley Pines (Gravity Falls), The Doctor (Doctor Who) 10 duotrigintillion
Dolly 1.1.1
Dolly 1.1.1 Payday Clone Dolly (a first cloned animal) 10 duotrigintillion
Hubert Humerus
Hubert Humerus Moon Delivery Hubert Farnsworth (Futurama), Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Star Trek), Humerus (long bone in the arm) 10 duotrigintillion
Moelone Oxygen Bar Moe Szyslak (The Simpsons), Sam Malone (Cheers) 10 duotrigintillion
Zee McDonnery
Zee McDonnery Helium-3 Farm Zed (Zardoz) played by Sean Connery 10 duotrigintillion
Wally MacBrine
Wally MacBrine Cheese Mine Wallace (Wallace & Gromit), Herobrine (Minecraft) 10 duotrigintillion
Mick E. Sixx
Mick E. Sixx Amusement Park Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe rock band), Mr. Six (Six Flags character), Mickey Mouse (Disney) 10 duotrigintillion
Hero Wolfe
Hero Wolfe Werewolf Colony Nero Wolfe (fictional detective) 10 duotrigintillion
Major A. Zelena
Major A. Zerena Giant Laser Majora (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask), Serena Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 10 duotrigintillion

Discount Managers[]

Past the Accountants is a group of "Discount Managers", who reduce the cost of new units of an associated Business by 99.999% and display cash per second produced by a business. They cost cash, not Angel Investors. These are only found on Earth.

Earth Discount Managers
Avatar Name Business References Cost
Mayoneil May O'Neil Newspaper Delivery May Parker (Spider-Man); April O'Neil (Ninja Turtles) $10 tretrigintillion
Duckguy Gordie Palmbay Hockey Team Gordon Bombay (Mighty Ducks) $75 quattuortrigintillion
Alfredhitchpost Alfredo Hitchpost Movie Studio Alfred Hitchcock $250 quintrigintillion
Gordanramsay Jordan Ram C. Pizza Delivery Gordon Ramsay $100 sextrigintillion
Raygunzulu Raygun P. Zuzu Bank Regan MacNeil,

Pazuzu (The Exorcist)

$50 septentrigintillion
Duncand Duncan Eclair Donut Shop Fred the Baker (Dunkin Donuts); Man-At-Arms Duncan (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) $3 octotrigintillion
Snackbar Admiral Snackbar Shrimp Boat Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars) $750 octotrigintillion
Jessie Jessie Car Wash Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) $3 novemtrigintillion
Richieruthless Richard Ruthless Oil Company Dick Dastardly (Cartoon Network Racing Show: Likes using OIL); Richie Rich (comic book character)

Dick is a nickname for Richard

$33 quadragintillion
Chill Chill Lemonade Stand Chell (Portal, Portal 2) $9 unquadragintillion

Upgrade Managers[]

The two special "Upgrade" managers add quality of life features to the interface, making it easier to buy upgrades.


Avatar Name Effect Reference Cost
Spike Sully "Spike" H. Connor EZ Upgrader

(top right of main screen)

Chris Heatherly/"Spike Hike" (Former mod of Club Penguin); Sulley (Monsters Inc) and Dan Connor (Roseanne); (both played by John Goodman) 1 Angel Investor
LouisF Louis Fittui Quik Buy Upgrades (top of Cash and Angel Upgrades list) Louis Vuitton (luxury bag/suitcase manufacturer) 33 billion Angel Investors


Avatar Name Effect Reference Cost
Billy B. Wayne MacLane "Billy B." Wayne MacLane EZ Upgrader (top right of main screen) Lane Merrifield/"Billybob" (Co-founder and former mod of Club Penguin); Billy Mays (TV commercials); Bruce Wayne/Batman; Seth MacFarlane 1 Angel Investor
LouisF Louis Fittui Quik Buy Upgrades (top of Cash and Angel Upgrades list) Louis Vuitton (luxury bag/suitcase manufacturer) 1 billion Angel Investors


Avatar Name Effect Reference Cost
Sl Sir Lancelot R. Snail EZ Upgrader (top right of main screen) Lance Priebe/"RocketSnail" (Creator of Adcap); Sir Lancelot (Knights of the Round Table) 1 Angel Investor
LouisF Louis Fittui Quik Buy Upgrades (top of Cash and Angel Upgrades list) Louis Vuitton (luxury bag/suitcase manufacturer) 15 trillion Angel Investors

Black & Blue Friday (Event)[]

Avatar Name Effect Reference Cost
Jonny O. Anderson Jonny O. Anderson EZ Upgrader (top right of main screen) Neo/Mr. Anderson (Matrix); Johnny O (singer) 1 Angel Investor