Mars is the third planet released in AdVenture Capitalist. Like the Moon, it is complete with all of its own businesses, separate money and angel system, and its own original background music. Money on Mars is counted in "Mars Credits". After unlocking Mars, the player may travel freely between Earth and Mars (and the Moon if it's unlocked) via Mission control.

Mars currently acts as its own game. There is currently no way to move money between any of the planets and Mars. The money on Earth cannot be spent on Mars, or vice versa, same goes for angels. The only link with Earth is through Mega Bucks, since the Mega Bucks earned on Earth can be spent on Mega Tickets or on the Teal Suit, both of them being able to boost the investments on the other planets.

Profit MartiansEdit

The true first place is taken by Profit Martians, they are a more active way of earning credits. Deploying them doubles profits. Clicking on them while deployed adds 1 second to the timer. Once the cooldown has begun, clicking reduces it by one second. Using an auto-clicker can keep the double credit buff going indefinitely.

Businesses Edit

Mars Businesses Initial Cost Coefficient Initial Time Initial Revenue Initial Productivity
Red Dirt Red Dirt 0.05 1.01 0.5 0.011 0.022
Marsies Marsies 1 1.03 3 1 0.333
Men Men 1,234 1.05 9 4321 480.111
Buggles Buggles 23,000,000 1.07 32 4,007,310 125,228.5
Heck Portal Heck Portal 49,000,000,000 1.11 64
518,783,295 8,105,989
Ambassadors Ambassadors 77 trillion 1.04 4 500,634,321 125,158,580
Brain-cation Brain-cation 5 quadrillion 1.07 18 7,543,177,325 419,065,407
LiFE Pod LiFE Pod 1 quintillion 1.09 42 69,263,532,485 1,649,131,726
Terrorformer Terrorformer 13 septillion 1.25 43200
99 trillion 2 trillion

Managers Edit

Managers are upgrades that enhance business productivity. Mars has only the normal managers. There are no accountant or discount managers.

Image Name Business Reference Cost
Dirtwood Redsmith Red Dirt Kurtwood Smith; Joe Dirt 100.00
Ccc General Candy Coates Marsies Colonel Sanders (KFC); M&M's (Mars Inc. Candy) 5,000.000
Crr Carlos "Roundhouse" Ray Men Chuck Norris 10,000,000.00
Mw M. Wong Buggies Amy Wong (Futurama); M. Bison (Street Fighter 2) 1 billion
Hag Hekhov A. Guy Heck Portal Hellboy (Hellboy); Doomguy (Doom) 400 billion
Sa Sister Ack Ambassadors Sister Act (Movie)

Mars Attacks (Collectible Cards & Movie)

100 trillion
Tkc Tommy K. Quaid Brain-Cations Agent K (Men in Black) played by Tommy Lee Jones; Douglas Quaid (Total Recall) 15 quadrillion
Ml Marty Landsajob LiFE Pods Steve Jobs (Apple); "Marty lands a job" 10 quintillion
Lw Lieutenant Wildwebs Terrorformers General Zod (Superman II; Man of Steel); Dr. Arliss Loveless (Wild Wild West) 200 septillion

Swag Edit

For Mars's Swag see Swag (Mars)

Unlocks Edit

Main article: Unlocks (Mars)

There are 637 unlocks on Mars.

Upgrades Edit

Main article: Upgrades

Upgrades increase the profits by adding income multipliers to the businesses. There are three categories of upgrades on Mars:

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