AdVenture Capitalist Wiki

Marvin's Theorem is a gold upgrade in AdVenture Capitalist which can be bought only on Mars. It cut the Martians wait time by 1/2 and add x1 to their surge. It also appears in most events with a different name and price.


Below are all the upgrades related to the Martians.

Name Price Effect
Marvin's Theorem 50 Gold Cut the Martians wait time by 1/2 and add x1 to their surge
Martian Law 200 Gold Five Marvin's Theorem for the price of four


Below is a list with all the names and prices of the Marvin's Theorem in the events.

Name Price Event Affects
Daily Gift Boost 20 Gold A Capitalist Carol Daily Gift
Rock & Roll All Night 20 Gold Cashella Rock Meter
Anything for Love 20 Gold For the Love of Money Meter O' Love
Super Mash 20 Gold Insert Coins to Continue Button Masher
Get To Da Profits 20 Gold Live Rich and Profit ProfitCaster
Enhancer Boost+ 20 Gold Live Your Profits Profit Enhancer
Catch Some Waves! 20 Gold Saturday Morning Fever! Channel Surfer