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Mega Bucks are a form of currency in AdVenture Capitalist. They can be purchased on each planet (including events, when finished) for a large amount of that planet's currency.


The cost of each Mega Buck is significantly higher than the previous Mega Buck.

  • On Earth, the Moon, and Mars, the first Mega Buck costs 1 decillion dollars/credits.
  • The multipliers to determine the cost of the next Mega Buck are different on each planet:


In events, both the initial cost and the multiplier vary according to the income rate of the completed event.

  • In Live Rich and Profit, the initial cost was 1 septendecillion Star Bux, and the multiplier was 100.
  • In the March, 2018, replay of Black & Blue Friday, the initial cost was 1 tresvigintillion Americoins, and the multiplier was 100.
  • In 1% Land, the initial cost was 1 Novemdecillion FUNdZ, and the multiplier was 100.


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Mega Bucks can be used in the following ways within AdVenture Capitalist:

Purchase Mega Tickets

  • 10 Mega Buck Icon.png = 1 Mega Ticket.png
  • 90 Mega Buck Icon.png = 10 Mega Ticket.png

In order to unlock EVERYTHING POSSIBLE in Adventure Capitalist with Mega Bucks, you need;

  • 200 to apply for the Mega Tickets everything on Earth and The Moon (100 each)
  • 90 to Mega Ticket everything on Mars
  • 100 to unlock Mars in the first place
  • 30 to boost the Platinum Boost from 17.77x to 77.77x (10 each)
  • 90 to boost the Platinum Boost from 77.77x to 777.77x (30 each)
  • 150 to boost the Platinum Boost from 777.77x to 7,777.77x (50 each)

Everything you can buy with Mega Tickets comes out to you needing 660 Mega Tickets.

The only way to spend Mega bucks infinitely is by spending 200 mega bucks for a Mini Item Vault.


  • Mega Bucks, Mega Tickets, Gold Upgrades and boosted investments are kept upon resetting.