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Mega Bucks are a form of currency in AdVenture Capitalist. They can be purchased on each planet (including events, when finished) for a large amount of that planet's currency.


The cost of each Mega Buck is significantly higher than the previous Mega Buck.

  • On Earth, the Moon, and Mars, the first Mega Buck costs 1 decillion dollars/credits.
  • The multipliers to determine the cost of the next Mega Buck are different on each planet:


In events, both the initial cost and the multiplier vary according to the income rate of the completed event.

  • In Live Rich and Profit, the initial cost was 1 septendecillion Star Bux, and the multiplier was 100.
  • In the March, 2018, replay of Black & Blue Friday, the initial cost was 1 tresvigintillion Americoins, and the multiplier was 100.
  • In 1% Land, the initial cost was 1 Novemdecillion FUNdZ, and the multiplier was 100.


Mega Bucks can be used in the following ways within AdVenture Capitalist:


  • Mega Bucks, Mega Tickets, Gold Upgrades and boosted investments are kept upon resetting.
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