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The North Pole is in chaos. All of Santa's Elves have gone on strike. Who can Santa turn to in his, nay, the WORLD's time of need? Time to outsource the toy-making to the Capitalist! With plenty of inspiration from insanely popular holiday items from the past, this line-up of toys is guaranteed to impress!

Feeling panicked? Push the "WRAP!" button to start the 'Night Before Wrapper 3000' and you'll gain a massive profit boost!

— Event Info

Merry Merger is the 2017 Christmas event for AdVenture Capitalist.

Dates available

  • Bold dates are only for mobile
  • December 21, 2017
  • June 22, 2018
  • December 21, 2018
  • June 20, 2019
  • December 19, 2019
  • June 26, 2020
  • December 25, 2020
  • December 24, 2021

Wrapper 3000

This profit booster gives all business investments a 25x profit boost for 10 seconds when activated. To keep the timer going, keep pressing the gift box on the left.

Description: Press the "WRAP!" button to apply a profit boost to your festive industries! Check out the Gold Shop for upgrades to increase the boost and reduce cooldown time between wrapping sessions. You won't even need to find the end of the tape roll!


Badge Name Rank Requirement Badge Image Profit Bonus
Xmas Badge Entrepreneur (⭐) 10 Play Dough (before leaderboards)

400 points

Adds a 1.75x boost to the base profit of your Brussel Sprout Kids in the Merry Merger event.
Stop It Badge Executive (⭐⭐) ? (before leaderboards)

5,000 points

Adds a 2x boost to your base Ad Watch bonus in the Merry Merger event. (Mobile)/ Adds a 75% speed boost to all your businesses in the Merry Merger event. (Steam)
Pet Coal Badge Mogul (⭐⭐⭐) ? (before leaderboards)

40,000 points

Adds a 350% boost to the base speed of your Amusement Parks on the Moon.
Turdy Badge Magnate (⭐⭐⭐⭐) ? (before leaderboards)

60,000 points

Adds a 20x boost to the base profit of your Men on Mars.

Reward Tiers

Tier Ranks Prize
Tier 1.png Tier 1 1 - 1 Tier 1 Trophy

1 Jingle Tuxedo

3 7-Day Time Warps

750 MegaBucks

Tier 2.png Tier 2 2 - 2 Tier 2 Trophy

1 Jingle Suit Top Hat

2 7-Day Time Warps

350 MegaBucks

Tier 3.png Tier 3 3 - 3 Tier 3 Trophy

1 Jingle Suit Jacket

1 7-Day Time Warp

250 MegaBucks

Tier 4.png Tier 4 4 - 4 Tier 4 Trophy

1 Jingle Suit Pants

3 1-Day Time Warps

150 MegaBucks

Tier 5.png Tier 5 5 - 5 Tier 5 Trophy

5 Blushing Tuxedos

2 1-Day Time Warps

100 MegaBucks

Tier 6.png Tier 6 6 - 10 Tier 6 Trophy

3 Blushing Tuxedos

1 1-Day Time Warp

50 MegaBucks

Tier 7.png Tier 7 11 - 20 Tier 7 Trophy

2 Blushing Tuxedos

3 Time Warp Expresses

35 MegaBucks

Tier 8.png Tier 8 21 - 30 Tier 8 Trophy

2 Blushing Tuxedo Pants

2 Time Warp Expresses

20 MegaBucks

Tier 9.png Tier 9 31 - 40 Tier 9 Trophy

1 Blushing Tuxedo Pants

1 Time Warp Express

15 MegaBucks

Tier 10.png Tier 10 41 - 60 Tier 10 Trophy

5 MegaBucks


Business Base Cost Coefficient Initial Time (s) Base Profit Initial productivity ($/sec) Max on mobile Max on steam
Brussel Sprout Kids $18.52 1.35 2 $5.00 2.50 590 360
Stop It! $1250.00 1.325 4 $180 45.00 615 360
Etch-a-Cheque $93,733.00 1.3 8 $6,480 810.00 640 360
Baking Bugs $9,373,350.00 1.275 15 2.099 million 139,933.33 675 360
Turdy $1,171,668,750.00 1.25 32 67.184 million 2,099,500.00 710 360
House Trap $175,750,000,000.00 1.225 36 17.736 billion 492,666,666.67 760 360
Play Dough $30,756,300,000,000.00 1.2 73 17.878 trillion 244.904 billion 820 360
Trigger Me Millenial $6.151 quadrillion 1.175 146 1.607 quadrillion 11.007 trillion 890 360
Pet Coal $1.384 quintillion 1.15 276 12.536 quintillion 45.420 quadrillion 990 360
Everything $1.390 quintillion 1.632 - 12.543 quintillion 45.431 quadrillion 940 (only ~680 of everything is possible). 480


Picture Name Business Cost References
Lil brassical.png
Lil' Brassicals Brussel Sprout Kids $10 Million Lil' Rascals

Cabbage Patch Kids

Mr C. Hobbeson Stop It! $20 Million Calvin and Hobbes
Cpt. Frank DiMoai Etch-a-Cheque $20 Million Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale
D.R. Creeper Baking Bugs $17 Trillion Weevil Underwood
Oop C. Dook. E Turdy $17 Trillion Mr. Hanky
Marvin D. Inky House Trap $17 Trillion Marv Merchants (Home Alone)


Alf E. Elf Play Dough $1 Quintillion Hermy the Misfit Elf

Buddy the Elf

Alfred E. Newman

Jennifer Y Trigger Me Millennial $1 Quintillion College Liberal Meme

"Generation Y"

Orville Diemond Pet Coal $1 Quintillion Cruella de Vil

Pyro (Team Fortress 2)

Face McShooty

Orville Redenbacher


  • Unlocks in Bold are only on Mobile.
Unlock Business Level Effect
Eat ya veggies! Brussel-sprout Kids 12 Profits of everything x9
Sprout, sprout... let it all out! Brussel-sprout Kids 36 Profits of everything x9
Better Fried Than Steamed Brussel-sprout Kids 144 Profits of Brussel Sprout Kids x33
More Like Brussel Pouts! Brussel-sprout Kids 360 Profits of Brussel Sprout Kids x55
6 foot 4 Brussel-sprout Kids 545 Speed of Brussel-sprout Kids profits x2
Full of Muscles Brussel-sprout Kids 555 Profits of Brussel-sprout Kids x2
Brussel Tussle Brussel-sprout Kids 560 Speed of Brussel-sprout Kids profits x2
Short and Stout Brussel-sprout Kids 570 Speed of Brussel-sprout Kids profits x1.25
Sprout from the Rooftops Brussel-sprout Kids 590 Profits of Brussel-sprout Kids x2
Bop It... Stop It! 12 Profits of Everything x9
Twist It... Stop It! 36 Profits of Everything x2
Pass It... Stop It! 144 Profits of Stop it x9
Buy It... Stop It! 360 Profits of Stop It x33
Toss It... Stop It! 565 Speed of Stop It! profits x2
Sell It... Stop It! 585 Profits of Stop It! x2
Shake It... Stop It! 595 Speed of Stop It! profits x2
Take It... Stop It! 605 Speed of Stop It! profits x1.25
Prof It! Stop It! 615 Profits of Stop It! x2
Shake and Bake! Etch-a-Cheque 12 Profits of Everything x9
Cheque Yourself... Etch-a-Cheque 36 Profits of Everything x2
Before You Wreck Yourself Etch-a-Cheque 144 Profits of Etch-a-Cheques x2
What's the date? Etch-a-Cheque 360 Profits of Etch-a-Cheques x10
How do you spell QuinDecillion? Etch-a-Cheque 590 Speed of Etch-a-Cheque profits x2
Don't Leave it Blank Etch-a-Cheque 600 Profits of Etch-a-Cheques x2
Certified Etch-a-Cheque 610 Speed of Etch-a-Cheque profits x2
Ch-ch-ch-cheque it Out! Etch-a-Cheque 620 Speed of Etch-a-Cheque profits x1.25
Who should I make this out to? Etch-a-Cheque 630 Profits of Etch-a-Cheques x2
Anyone still use these things? Etch-a-Cheque 640 Profits of Etch-a-Cheques x2
Fly-llo Dough Baking Bugs 12 Profits of Everything x2
Tick Torte Baking Bugs 36 Profits of Everything x9
BEES?! Baking Bugs 144 Profits of Baking Bugs x2
Tastes like chicken... Baking Bugs 360 Profits of Baking Bugs x2
Meat Group! Baking Bugs 615 Speed of Baking Bugs profits x2
Sustainable Scarabs Baking Bugs 640 Profits of Baking Bugs x2
Grub-Infused Baking Bugs 650 Speed of Baking Bugs profits x2
Weevil Strudel Baking Bugs 660 Speed of Baking Bugs profits x1.25
Pupae Pie Baking Bugs 675 Profits of Baking Bugs x2
Making Boom Boom! Turdy 12 Profits of Everything x33
Don't Get Down In The Dumps... Turdy 36 Profits of Everything x2
Getting Christ-messy in Here Turdy 144 Profits of Turdy x2
The #2 Christmas toy of all time! Turdy 360 Profits of Turdy x8
Blame it on the Dog Turdy 650 Speed of Turdy profits x2
Poo Much of a Good Thing Turdy 675 Profits of Turdies x2
You Sure Are Turdy Turdy 685 Speed of Turdy profits x2
Smells like the Real Thing! Turdy 710 Speed of Turdy profits x1.25
I'm gonna give you to the count of House Trap 12 Profits of Everything x7
To get your ugly, yella... House Trap 36 Profits of Everything x1.5
No-good keister... House Trap 144 Profits of House Traps x2
Off my Property! House Trap 360 Profits of House Traps x10
Large Cheese Pizzas! House Trap 690 Speed of House Trap profits x2
We're Going In For The Big House Trap 705 Profits of House Traps x2
Nails on the Stairs House Trap 715 Speed of House Trap profits x2
Anonymouse House Trap 730 Speed of House Trap profits x1.25
Rodenticide House Trap 745 Profits of House Traps x2
Sorry, Jerry! House Trap 760 Profits of House Traps x2
Open A Can of Whoop Cash! Play Dough 12 Profits of Everything x1.5
Bakeable Cash Play Dough 36 Profits of Everything x3
I'm making a snake! Play Dough 144 Profits of Play Dough x2
Tastes Like It Smells ... Delicious! Play Dough 360 Profits of Play Dough x2
Available In Any Colour! Play Dough 740 Speed of Play Dough profits x2
Getting Soft Play Dough 755 Profits of Play Dough x2
Putty in your Hands Play Dough 770 Speed of Play Dough profits x2
Moldable Money Play Dough 785 Speed of Play Dough profits x1.25
Clay Dough Play Dough 800 Profits of Play Dough x2
Mold your future Play Dough 820 Profits of Play Dough x2
Did you assume my Net Worth? Trigger Me Millennial 12 Profits of Everything x5
Get LIT! Trigger Me Millennial 36 Profits of Everything x2
Builds 144 Characters Trigger Me Millenial 144 Profits of Trigger Me Millennial x2
Skinny Genes Trigger Me Millenial 360 Profits of Trigger Me Millenial x4
Extra Avocado Trigger Me Millennial 800 Speed of Trigger Me Millennial profits x2
Participation Trophies Trigger Me Millennial 840 Profits of Trigger Me Millennial x2
What's a Mortgage? Trigger Me Millennial 850 Speed of Trigger Me Millennial profits x2
Would you like cries with that? Trigger Me Millennial 870 Speed of Trigger Me Millennial profits x1.25
Okay Boomer. Trigger Me Millennial 890 Profits of Trigger Me Millennial x2
A Diamond in the Ruff Pet Coal 12 Profits of Everything x5
Cleaner Formula Pet Coal 36 Profits of Everything x2
Purest Pedigree Pet Coal 144 Profits of Pet Coal x1.5
Avoid Inevitable Heartbreak! Pet Coal 360 Profits of Pet Coal x3
Power a Train Pet Coal 890 Speed of Pet Coal profits x2
Keep Away From Open Flames Pet Coal 910 Profits of Pet Coal x2
Off-Leash Friendly Pet Coal 930 Speed of Pet Coal profits x2
Double Bag It! Pet Coal 950 Speed of Pet Coal profits x1.25
Puppydog Googly Eyes Pet Coal 990 Profits of Pet Coal x2
Self-Sweeping Chimney Jackets Everything 24 Speed of All Investments x1.333333
Good Profits We Bring... Everything 72 Speed of Pet Coal profits x10.99989
To You and Your Shareholders! Everything 168 Speed of Trigger Me Millennial profits x4
The Final Christmas Countdown Everything 240 Speed of Play Dough profits x4
The Reason Rudolph's Nose Is Red Everything 320 Speed of House Trap profits x3.00003
Stockings Hung With No Care Everything 480 Speed of Turdy profits x3.00003
All I Want For Christmas... Everythng 880 (Impossible) Speed of All Investments x1.25
Is Cash! Everything 940 (Impossible) Profits of Everything x1.5

Cash Upgrades

2019-2021 (Mobile exclusive upgrades are in bold)
Upgrade Cost Business Effect
Have Yourself... $4 Billion Everything x2
A Merry Little Merger... $250 Trillion Everything x2
May Your Wallet... $5 Sextillion Everything x1.5
Litter Trained $900 Sextillion Pet Coal x1.5
Now With More Woke $2 Septillion Trigger Me Millenial x1.5
Don't Eat It $29 Septillion Play Dough x1.5
I've Reached the Top! $50 Septillion House Trap x1.5
What's That Smell? $70 Septillion Turdy x4
7 Spiders In Every Loaf! $120 Septillion Baking Bugs x12
Square Zone $170 Septillion Etch-a-Cheque x33
Simon says Stop It! $250 Septillion Stop It x21
Jolly Green Tiny $400 Septillion Brussel Sprout Kids x19
Mostly Hypoallergenic $700 Septillion Pet Coal x1.5
YAAAAAAS $1 Octillion Trigger Me Millenial x1.5
Stretch your dollar $1.8 Octillion Play Dough x7
Furious Mumbling $2.9 Octillion House Trap x33
Diaper Dilemma $9 Octillion Turdy x33
Cute Outfits! $240 Nonillion Pet Coal x9
Never Be Light! $900 Nonillion Everything x333
Matching Bae $5 Undecillion Trigger Me Millenial x22
Candy Cane Lane $7 Undecillion Everything x11
Seal the Lid! $2.9 Duodecillion Play Dough x7
Christmukkah $7 Duodecillion Everything x111
Lethal Ornaments $6 Tredecillion House Trap x3
Skip the Frankincense... $11 Tredecillion Everything x5
Christmas Pile $2 Quattourdecillion Turdy x3
Skip the Myrrh... $2.9 Quattourdecillion Everything x3
That's the bee's knees! $50 Quindecillion Baking Bugs x4
Go for the Gold! $300 Quindecillion Everything x33
Every Time a Bell Rings $80 Sexdecillion Everything x3
Pixely Payments $120 Sexdecillion Etch-a-Cheque x5
An Angel Gets its Wings $16 Septendecillion Everything x33
Larp It... $90 Septendecillion Stop It! x3
All I Want for Christmas... $2.2 Octodecillion Everything x3
Kinda smells like feet... $3 Octodecillion Brussel Sprout Kids x3
Is Cold Hard Cash! $300 Octodecillion Everything x2
Lifetime Guarantee! $4 Novemdecillion Pet Coal x3
Away In A Manager... $7 Novemdecillion Everything x2
Infinite Tumblr Accounts $70 Novemdecillion Trigger Me Millenial x4
Extra Fluffy Snow $90 Novemdecillion Everything x2
Make yourself a star $700 Novemdecillion Play Dough x7
Endless-Burning Yule Logs $800 Novemdecillion Everything x2
My Gold Tooth! $9 Vigintillion House Trap x5
Endless Supply of Cheer $10 Vigintillion Everything x2
BM tm $50 Vigintillion Turdy x4
Fancy Wrapping $70 Vigintillion Everything x2
Creepy-Crawly Cuisine $500 Vigintillion Baking Bugs x5
Puttin' on the Pounds $2.5 Unvigintillion Everything x2
Chicken scratch $15 Unvigintillion Etch-a-Cheque x5
Merry Merger to All... $24 Unvigintillion Everything x2
Please. Stop It. $50 Unvigintillion Stop It x6
...And to All A Good Night! $140 Unvigintillion Everything x2
Everyday I'm Brusselin $300 Unvigintillion Brussel Sprout Kids x6
Money Tree $4.1 Trevigintillion Everything x1.25
Gold-Bar-Tree-Topper $5.2 Trevigintillion Everything x1.25
Gold-Leaf Tinsel $120 Trevigintillion Everything x2
Palms are Sweaty $96 Trevigintillion Stop It x2
Earwiggy Pudding $140 Trevigintillion Baking Bugs x2
Well that stinks... $160 Trevigintillion Turdy x2
Paper Straws Only $240 Trevigintillion Trigger Me Millenial x2
Obscene Lawn Ornaments $1.9 Quattourvigintillion Everything x2
Geese-a-layin? $18 Quattourvigintillion Everything x1.5
Who Actually Likes These? $18 Quattourvigintillion Brussel Sprout Kids x2
Calluses $24 Quattourvigintillion Stop It x2
Pre-Authorized $30 Quattourvigintillion Etch-a-Cheque x2
Sugar Buzz $36 Quattourvigintillion Baking Bugs x2
That's Not Chocolate! $43 Quattourvigintillion Turdy x2
Les Incompetents $49 Quattourvigintillion House Trap x2
Smells Like Profits! $55 Quattourvigintillion Play Dough x2
#Hashtag's Hashtag $61 Quattourvigintillion Trigger Me Millenial x2
Job Creator $67 Quattourvigintillion Pet Coal x2
Maids-a-Milking?! $490 Quattourvigintillion Everything x2
Dingleberry Pie $680 Quattourvigintillion Turdy x2
Taste the Heat $1 Quinvigintillion Pet Coal x2
Forget that Junk! $3.9 Quinvigintillion Everything x1.5
Give Me the Golden Rings! $16 Quinvigintillion Everything x2

Angel Upgrades

Upgrade Cost Effect
Double Checked Lists 20 Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 7.5%
Jelly-Bowl-Belly Girdles 20 Million Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 2.5%
Anti-Stirring Mice Traps 200 Million Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 8%
Grinches Get Pinches 500 Million Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 7 %
Shiny Baubles 30 Billion Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 15%
Wassa-who-iling? 80 Trillion Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 15%
Free Ribbons 2 Quadrillion Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 10%
Fancy Wrapping 20 Quintillion Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 13%
Tinsel 3 Sextillion Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 8%
Silver-Bell Polish 5 Septillion Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 6%
Sleigh Seat Warmer 30 Septillion Angels Angel Investor effectiveness + 6%

Gold Upgrades


  • On December 19, 2019, 49 unlocks and 23 upgrades were added to the mobile version of the event for a total of 91 unlocks and 76 upgrades. (Steam still has 42 unlocks and 53 upgrades).
  • Stop It is based on the board game, Bop It.
  • Turdy is based on the toy, Furby.
  • Like A Capitalist Carol, this event has also Home Alone references.
    • Marvin D. Inky, the manager of House Trap, is based on Marv from the movie Home Alone.
    • The upgrades for House Trap has quotes from Home Alone.
  • Play Dough is based on PlayDoh
  • Trigger Me Millenial is based on Elmo, and some of the unlocks and upgrades are based on memes.
    • The unlock "Did you assume my Net Worth?" is a reference to the "Did you assume my gender?" meme.
    • The unlock "Get LIT!" is a reference to the "lit" meme.
    • The name of the investment is a reference to the "Triggered" meme.
    • One of the new unlocks, "Okay Boomer." is a reference to the "OK Boomer" meme, which originated from a Reddit comment in 2009, which was then used in 4chan in 2015, and then became popular in 2019.

Capitalist Connections

Card Name/Job/Skill/Trivia
1. Lil' Brassicals
  • Job Title: Cruciferous Curator
  • Skill: Builds and drives go-karts
  • Trivia:
2. Mr C. Hobbeson
  • Job Title: Fitness coach
  • Skill: Specializes in building character
  • Trivia:
3. Cpt. Fank DiMoai
  • Job Title: Chief Finance Officer
  • Skill: If you can dream it, he can draw it
  • Trivia:
4. D. R. Creeper
  • Job Title: Pestry Chef
  • Skill: The lesser of two weevils
  • Trivia:
5. Oop C. Dook E.
  • Job Title: Second in Command
  • Skill: Doesn't stink... promise!
  • Trivia:
6. Marvin D. Inky
  • Job Title: Soggy Sidekick
  • Skill: Superhuman pain threshold
  • Trivia:
7. Alf E. Elf
  • Job Title: Mold and Shape Manager
  • Skill: Only eats tofu shaped like a cat
  • Trivia:
8. Jennifer Y
  • Job Title: Vlogger and Influencer
  • Skill: B. A in wokeness
  • Trivia:
9. Orville Diemond
  • Job Title: Graphite Trainer
  • Skill: Mines his own business
  • Trivia: