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Merry Merger is the 2017 Christmas event for AdVenture Capitalist.


  1. Xmas (Entrepreneur): Adds a 1.5x (I think?) boost to the base profit of your Brussel Sprout Kids in the Merry Merger event. (Obtain this badge by getting 400 points in the event)
  2. Stop It (Executive): Adds a 2x boost to your base Ad Watch bonus in the Merry Merger event. (Mobile)/ Adds a 75% speed boost to all your businesses in the Merry Merger event. (Steam) (Obtain this badge by getting 5000 points in the event)
  3. Pet Coal (Mogul): Adds a 350% boost to the base speed of your Amusement Parks on the Moon. (Obtain this badge by getting 40000 points in the event)
  4. Turdy (Magnate): Adds a 20x boost to the base profit of your Men on Mars. (Obtain this badge by getting 60000 points in the event)

Reward Tiers Edit


Tier 1 1 Jingle Tuxedo, 3 7 Day Time Warps, Tier 1 Trophy, 750 MegaBucks

Tier 2 1 Jingle Top Hat, 2 7 Day Time Warps, Tier 2 Trophy, 350 MegaBucks

Tier 3 1 Jingle Suit Jacket, 1 7 Day Time Warp, Tier 3 Trophy, 250 MegaBucks

Tier 4 1 Jingle Suit Pants, 3 1 Day Time Warps, Tier 4 Trophy, 150 MegaBucks

Tier 5 5 Blushing Tuxedos, 2 1 Day Time Warps, Tier 5 Trophy, 100 MegaBucks

Tier 6 3 Blushing Tuxedos, 1 1 Day Time Warp, Tier 6 Trophy, 50 MegaBucks

Tier 7 2 Blushing Tuxedos, 3 Time Warp Expresses, Tier 7 Trophy, 35 MegaBucks

Tier 8 2 Blushing Tuxedo Pants, 2 Time Warp Expresses, Tier 8 Trophy, 20 MegaBucks

Tier 9 1 Blushing Tuxedo Pants, 1 Time Warp Express, Tier 9 Trophy, 15 MegaBucks

Tier 10 Tier 10 Trophy, 5 MegaBucks


Brussel Sprout Kids

Stop It


Baking Bugs


House Trap

Play Dough

Trigger Me Millennial

Pet Coal


Picture Name Business Cost References
Lil brassical
Lil' Brassicals Brussel Sprout Kids $10 Million Lil' Rascals

Cabbage Patch Kids

Mr C. Hobbeson Stop It! $20 Million Calvin and Hobbes
Cpt. Frank DiMoai Etch-a-Cheque $20 Million Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale
D.R. Creeper Baking Bugs $17 Trillion Weevil Underwood
Oop C. Dook. E Turdy $17 Trillion Mr. Hanky
Marvin D. Inky House Trap $17 Trillion Marv Merchants (Home Alone)


Alf E. Elf Play Dough $1 Quintillion Hermy the Misfit Elf

Buddy the Elf

Alfred E. Newman

Jennifer Y Trigger Me Millennial $1 Quintillion College Liberal Meme

"Generation Y"

Orville Diemond Pet Coal $1 Quintillion Cruella de Vil

Pyro (Team Fortress 2)

Face McShooty

Orville Redenbacher


Cash UpgradesEdit

Angel UpgradesEdit

20 Angels: Double Checked Lists (Angel Investor effectiveness + 7.5%) 20 million Angels: Jelly-Bowl-Belly Girdles (Angel Investor effectiveness + 2.5%) 200 million Angels: Anti-Stirring Mice Traps (Angel Investor effectiveness + 8%) 500 million Angels: Grinches Get Pinches (Angel Investor effectiveness + 7%) 30 billion Angels: Shiny Baubles (Angel Investor effectiveness + 15%) 80 trillion Angels: Wassa-who-iling? (Angel Investor effectiveness + 15%) 2 quadrillion Angels: Free Ribbons (Angel Investor effectiveness + 10%) 20 quintillion Angels: Fancy Wrapping (Angel Investor effectiveness + 13%) 3 sextillion Angels: Tinsel (Angel Investor effectiveness + 8%) 5 septillion Angels: Silver-Bell Polish (Angel Investor effectiveness + 6%) 30 septillion Angels: Sleigh Seat Warmer (Angel Investor effectiveness + 6%)

Gold UpgradesEdit


  • Stop It is based on the board game, Bop It.
  • Turdy is based on the toy, Furby.
  • Like A Capitalist Carol, this event has also Home Alone references.
    • Marvin D. Inky, the manager of House Trap, is based on Marv from the movie Home Alone.
    • The upgrades for House Trap has quotes from Home Alone.
  • Play Dough is based on PlayDoh
  • Trigger Me Millenial is based on Elmo, and some of the unlocks and upgrades are based on memes.
    • The unlock "Did you assume my Net Worth?" is a reference to the "Did you assume my gender?" meme.
    • The unlock "Get LIT!" is a reference to the "lit" meme.
    • The name of the investment is a reference to the "Triggered" meme.
    • One of the new unlocks, "Okay Boomer." is a reference to the "OK Boomer" meme, which originated from a Reddit comment in 2009, which was then used in 4chan in 2015, and then became popular in 2019.

Capitalist ConnectionsEdit

Card Name/Job/Skill/Trivia
1. Lil' Brassicals
  • Job Title: Cruciferous Curator
  • Skill: Builds and drives go-karts
  • Trivia:
2. Mr C. Hobbeson
  • Job Title: Fitness coach
  • Skill: Specializes in building character
  • Trivia:
3. Cpt. Fank DiMoai
  • Job Title: Chief Finance Officer
  • Skill: If you can dream it, he can draw it
  • Trivia:
4. D. R. Creeper
  • Job Title: Pestry Chef
  • Skill: The lesser of two weevils
  • Trivia:
5. Oop C. Dook E.
  • Job Title: Second in Command
  • Skill: Doesn't stink... promise!
  • Trivia:
6. Marvin D. Inky
  • Job Title: Soggy Sidekick
  • Skill: Superhuman pain threshold
  • Trivia:
7. Alf E. Elf
  • Job Title: Mold and Shape Manager
  • Skill: Only eats tofu shaped like a cat
  • Trivia:
8. Jennifer Y
  • Job Title: Vlogger and Influencer
  • Skill: B. A in wokeness
  • Trivia:
9. Orville Diemond
  • Job Title: Graphite Trainer
  • Skill: Mines his own business
  • Trivia:
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