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The Moon is a planet in AdVenture Capitalist. It was the first alternate planet added to the game, the second being Mars. It costs $100 trillion earth dollars to start the mission to the Moon.

Once the Moon is unlocked, the player may travel freely between it and the other planets as well as the events through the Mission control tab located in the AdVentures menu. It acts as a second "Earth", with different investments, upgrades, managers, unlocks. These main mechanics found on Earth still work the same way while on the Moon.


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There are a total of 10 businesses on Moon.

Moon Businesses Initial Cost Coefficient Initial Time Initial Revenue Initial Productivity
Moon Shoes Moon Shoes 5 1.05 2 1 0.5
Gravity Booth Gravity Booth 105 1.21 7 21 3
Payday Clone Payday Clone 2,929 1.07 28 2,001 71.46
Moon Express Moon Express 42,525 1.19 2 376 188
Oxygen Bar Oxygen Bar 493,025 1.09 45 98,820 2,196
Helium-3 Farm Helium-3 Farm 18,753,525 1.15 180
1,976,400 10,980
Cheese Mine Cheese Mine 393,824,025 1.13 600
32,940,000 54,900
Amusement Park Amusement Park 8,270,304,525 1.17 3000
1,152,900,000 384,300
Werewolf Colony Werewolf Colony 173,676,395,025 1.11 14400
11,067,840,000 768,600
Giant Laser Giant Laser 1 trillion 1.50 86400
332,035,200,000 3,843,000


Moon has two categories of managers: normal and accountant.

Normal Managers
Avatar Name Business Cost
Buzz Cobler Buzz Cobbler Moon Shoe 750.00
Gracie Stone Gracie Stone Gravity Booth 22,500.00
Dolly Pardon Dolly Pardon Payday Clone 150,000.00
Jean Luc Turanga Jean Luc Turanga Moon Delivery 1,850,000.00
Strange Lange Strange Lange Oxygen Bar 4,300,000.00
Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy Helium-3 Farm 145,000,000.00
Nick Gromcraft Nick Gromcraft Cheese Mine 33.333 billion
Willy Dizzy Willy Dizzy Amusement Park 55 billion
Mike Jameson Wolf Mike Jameson Wolf Werewolf Colony 1.53 trillion
Dr.Bad News Dr. Bad News Giant Laser 11.109 trillion
Accountants Managers
Avatar Name Business Cost
Neil Hammstring
Neil Hammstring Moon Shoe 10 duotrigintillion
Dr. Houston Pines
Dr. Houstan Pines Gravity Booth 10 duotrigintillion
Dolly 1.1.1
Dolly 1.1.1 Payday Clone 10 duotrigintillion
Hubert Humerus
Hubert Humerus Moon Delivery 10 duotrigintillion
Moelone Oxygen Bar 10 duotrigintillion
Zee McDonnery
Zee McDonnery Helium-3 Farm 10 duotrigintillion
Wally MacBrine
Wally MacBrine Cheese Mine 10 duotrigintillion
Mick E. Sixx
Mick E. Sixx Amusement Park 10 duotrigintillion
Hero Wolfe
Hero Wolfe Werewolf Colony 10 duotrigintillion
Major A. Zelena
Major A. Zerena Giant Laser 10 duotrigintillion


The Moon is renowned for being very slow paced, with many walls present throughout. It is usually played in small increments, then checked on later to see how much progress was made.

The Moon is dominated by Oxygen Bars quite early on, as the multipliers provided by its unlocks are quite stupendous. After hitting 720 Oxygen Bars, the profit made from this investment will not be surpassed by any others until the player reaches many Sextrigintillions of dollars.

Most of the time in the Moon is spent between 1440 and 2880 Oxygen Bars, composing at least 50% of the time spent playing. During most of this time period, Oxygen Bars will compose more than 99.9% of all profits, up until the point where the player is able to reach 600 Giant Lasers.

The Endgame is usually said to start at around the Quattuortrigintillions, where a massive wall to reach a 1 Quintrigintillion x9 All Profits upgrade is presented. This is followed by a 32 Quintrigintillion upgrade to purchase x3 Oxygen Bar Profit, then 600 Giant Lasers, and finally, the 1 Sextrigintillion x3 Laser Profit Upgrade.

The player should then get above 1 Sexdecillion AI, and purchase the x9 All Profits 500 quindecillion Angel upgrade. This will allow the player to reach the 100 Sextrigintillion x9 All Profits upgrade, followed by x3 to lasers and then to oxygen bars, and finally, the 500 Sextrigintillion x9 All Profits upgrade, which should give the player enough income to reach 2880 Oxygen Bars.

This point is known as the endgame even though there's a 5720 Oxygen Bar unlock because the x666,666 profit multiplier for Oxygen Bars is so powerful that it propels the player through the rest of the moon in less than 2 days. Once 2880 Oxygen Bars is reached, the Moon is practically over, as the time it takes to finish the rest of it is so minuscule compared to the amount of time spent in every other area of the Moon, being a measly two days in comparison to what had most likely been months of playtime.

After this point, Amusement parks will quickly take over as the dominant investment, due to a continuous string of x888 multiplier unlocks, leaving it as the dominant investment when the Moon is completed.


There are multiple changes which can be observed while playing on the Moon.

Firstly, each Moon investment has different unlock intervals; Moon Shoes, the first business, has unlocks at 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, 5120, and finally, 10000. Oxygen Bars, the fifth business, has unlock rewards at 20, 50, 90, 180, 360, 720, 1440, 2880 and 5720. Each business has its own unique unlock pattern, though some appear to be quite similar to one another. 

Secondly, each investment's unlock rewards come with unique income multipliers. The most expensive investment, Giant Lasers, gain an incredible ×75 multiplier for each milestone, while Oxygen Bars gain a ×12 multiplier for the first three unlock tiers, but the proceeding unlocks grant multipliers of ×22, ×333, ×4,444 and so on, up to ×7,777,777 (which is ridiculous). Many businesses also have unbelievably high multipliers for later unlocks, such as Werewolves, which, at 3500, gain an astounding ×9,876,543,210 profit multiplier. 

Thirdly, no business earns a profit speed bonus by its own unlock tiers. The only way to speed up a business is by earning the "Everything Unlocks", which come at 1, 5, 25, 50, 75, and 100, and so on, increasing at varied intervals.


For Moon's Swag see Swag (Moon)


Money on the Moon is counted in "Moon Dollars", which are represented by an inward curved D with a horizontal line running through it ( MD). Moon Dollars, like with all other planets, cannot be used on different planets, and are a currency unique to The Moon. Nothing on the Moon, except for the exchange of Mega Bucks, can affect any other planet.


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There are three categories of upgrades on Moon:


There are a total of 213 unlocks on Moon.

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Capitalist Connections[]

Card Name/Job/Skill/Trivia
1. Buzz Cobbler*Job Title: Shoe Fitter
  • Skill: Cooks amazing soul food
  • Trivia: His spacesuit is based on Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear
2. Gracie Stone*Job Title: Space Survivalist
  • Skill: Expertise in wibbly-wobbly stuff
  • Trivia: Her name is a combination of two character names, Gracie Heart from Miss Agent and Ryan Stone in Gravity
3. Dolly Pardon*Job Title: Genetic Genius
  • Skill: Always stays warm
  • Trivia: His name is similar to country singer Dolly Parton. Dolly is also a name of a sheep which is the first mammal that was cloned
4. Jean Luc Turanga*Job Title: Bold Captain
  • Skill: Plays the flute
  • Trivia: His name is a combination of two character names, Star Trek's character Jean Luc Picard and Futurama's Turanga Leela
5. Strange Lange

  • Job Title:TBA
  • Skill:TBA
  • Trivia: He is based on Star Trek Deep Space 9 Quark and Issac Washington in The Love Boat
6. Hurdy Gurdy*Job Title: Artificial Rancher
  • Skill: Has an impressive octave range
  • Trivia: He is based on GERTY, a robot companion in the movie Moon
7. Nick Gromcraft

  • Job Title:TBA
  • Skill:TBA
  • Trivia: His name is based on Minecraft Developer Notch, American writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and animated clay character Gromit in Wallace & Gromit
8. Willy Dizzy*Job Title: Gravity Lift Operator
  • Skill: A magician with physics
  • Trivia: He is a reference of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Walt Disney
9. Mike Jameson Wolf*Job Title: Lycanthropologist
  • Skill: Is one with the moon
  • Trivia: His appearance is based on John Jameson Man-Wolf in Marvel Comics, early English settler John Rolfe and star actor Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf
10. Dr. Bad News*Job Title: Zap Inspector
  • Skill: Knows a lot about sharks
  • Trivia: He is a reference of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers


  • The Moon is generally completed after Mars but before Earth, though usually falls behind both a little between the quinvigintillions and the duotrigintillions.
  • The Moon was originally unbelievably difficult to complete, but the 2.0 update to Adventure Capitalist changed a lot about the Moon, including making it beatable.
  • The 4.0 update added Gold unlocks to the Moon, which were unlocked along with specific "# of all" unlocks.

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