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Opt-In Boosts are bonuses available in AdVenture Capitalist that requires doing multiple tasks before getting them.

Daily Rewards Edit

Daily Rewards was a feature which granted players different prizes by entering the game every 24 hours. The maximum number of days was seven. This special bonuses consisted of gold, Mega Bucks, and multipliers. It restarted at day one if a day was missed or after the day seven reward was earned.

Day Reward
1 1 Gold
2 2 Gold
3 2 Mega Buck Icon
4 3 Mega Buck Icon
5 3 Gold
6 5 Gold
7 x3 Multiplier (on Earth)

Login Bonus Edit

Login Bonus is a boost available on the Mobile version. It can be obtained by logging in with the Kongregate Account. This bonus adds a +5% Angel Effectiveness boost, as long as the account is logged in. If logged correctly, it will display a notification under the "Investors" tab on the menu saying "Signed into Kongregate, and getting a +5% Bonus per Angel."

Ad Boosts Edit

Ad Multiplier Edit

The Ad Multiplier is available only on the Mobile version, and is offered as an optional opt-in x2 multiplier, in exchange for watching an ad, the boost lasting four hours. The maximum number of views per day and per planet is five.

Note: The x2 multiplier adds on an additional x2 to the current amount, and does not double the current money.

For example:

3 purchases of x3 multiplier + x2 Ad Multiplier = x11 multiplier Overall; x3+x3+x3+x2=x11

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