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Planet Swapping is an advanced strategy in AdVenture Capitalist, in which you manipulate the game's mission calculator in order to get easy goals for events, thus allowing you to make lots of points in a short span of time through a repetitive task. It works both on the Steam and mobile versions of the game.

How to Planet Swap[]

An example of Planet Swapping.

In order to execute the Planet Swapping strategy you must do the following:

  1. Finish your current goals but don't claim them.
  2. Claim investors.
  3. Leave the event by swapping to a planet (e.g. Earth).
  4. Re-join the event.
  5. Claim all goals.
  6. Repeat.

This becomes more effective as you get more AI, usually becoming extremely viable once you get all unlocks in an event. Some events have a really high AI threshold and likely require the use of a 7 day boost or more in order to make swapping viable, these events being:

Hard Events to Planet Swap in on Mobile:[]

Hard Events to Planet Swap in on Steam:[]

How it works[]

Goals are calculated by checking your profits per second, suits, boosts and previously completed goals. By claiming investors you set your profits per second to 0 and by swapping to a planet and re-joining the event you are unloading previous goals, therefore preventing the mission calculator from basing its goals off previous ones. It should be noted that Hyper Hippo developers acknowledge this strategy as 100% valid and legal and it is employed by most, if not all, AdCap top players.

Suit Stripping[]

Planet Swapping is based on an older, less effective strategy called suit stripping, which consists of unequipping your best suit to claim goal and re-equipping it. This strategy becomes more effective the better suits you have and it's still a viable strategy if you are unable to Planet Swap.