AdVenture Capitalist Wiki

The ProfitCaster is a profit booster exclusive to Events. It applies a boost on all investments, (except for Black & Blue Friday where it applies a boost to one investment) ranging from x9 to x33, taking 1.5 to 4 hours to refill and lasting 9.9 to 29.9 seconds. One example is that the Cash Fountain applied a x15 boost to all investments on the Capitalist Cakeday event. The button to run the ProfitCaster has a name. When activated by pressing it on the right, the ProfitCaster makes a sound for 1 second and the icon becomes animated. The affected investments turn a certain color and the profits multiply. You can check how much it boosts by looking at the number above the trigger button. You can keep it running for longer or shorten the wait time by pressing the ProfitCaster icon. Depending on Tap-charge, you may have to click the icon extremely quickly to keep it running. The bigger the boost is, the smaller the Tap-charge is. However, the ProfitCaster does not add the boost, it sets the boost, meaning that if you watch an ad to get a x2 profit boost and then run the ProfitCaster, the boost from the ProfitCaster won't be doubled. The 1% Land event's ProfitCaster applies the biggest boost - x33.

If you have questions about the ProfitCaster, see Q&A or More Questions.


  • The ProfitCaster makes no sound when activated in some Events.
  • The Root of All Evil Event has no ProfitCaster.