AdVenture Capitalist Wiki
Q: What is Coefficient?

A: Coefficient is how much the cost increases every time

you buy an investment.

Q: Why am I getting the leaderboard error message

when I try to access the leaderboard?

A: You might not have enough internet connection.

Q: How do I contact support?

A: Go to Help & Social, then click Contact support.

Q: How much does the cost increase when you buy an


A: Every investment costs increase differently, but the

lemonade stand increases by 7%.

Q: Do I have to restart after beating a planet?

A: You can restart whenever you want.

Q: Why does to ProfitCaster barely reload by tapping it?

A: If the boost is big, Screenzilla makes it hard

to keep it going. This is intentional.

Q: How much does the ProfitCaster boost the profits?

A: The boost ranges from x9 to x33. The multipliers are as follows: x9 in Live Your Profits, and Cashalot, x11 in Cashella and Thanks Gizmo, x12 in Live Rich and Profit, Profit-a-Bowl, A Capitalist Carol, Making It Rain, and A Nightmare on Easy Street, x14 in For the Love of Money, x15 In Insert Coins to Continue, The Excellent Adventure, and Capitalist Cakeday, x20 in Saturday Morning Fever, x25 in merry merger, and x33 in 1% land.

Q: Is it possible to always be RANK 1 on Events

without gold upgrades?

A: It is possible, but it is very tough.

Q: How do I get Angels?

A: You earn angels by earning money. You can claim them

by restarting or paying 20 Gold to not restart.

Q: Why can't I rotate the screen anymore?

A: Screenzilla removed screen rotation.

Q: Why did I not get my Tier prize?

A: Contact support and tell them that you didn't get your

Tier prize.

Q: How do I report content or players

A: Contact support and tell them about the content or player.

Send a screenshot so they know better about what is


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