AdVenture Capitalist Wiki

This part or feature has been removed from the game.

This part or feature was removed in an update, and is no longer in the game.

Skin change is a feature that changes the look of your Capitalist. Entering an Event or another planet changes the style of your Capitalist. The style change includes what your Capitalist wears, holds, and its hair style. In the Moon and Mars, your Capitalist is wearing an oxygen helmet. Before skin change has been removed, Badges were earned by buying certain investments. After skin change has been removed, the Career screen has been completely changed. Your Capitalist has the same style in any planet. Goals have been added and now you get Badges by having at least 400 points, which are needed to climb the Leaderboard. They are earned by completing Goals. However, your Capitalist still has different styles in the Events tab.


  • Skin change has been removed from the career screen, now in the Events screen.