AdVenture Capitalist Wiki
Quantity Requirement Swag Acquired Reference
1 Angel20px.png Angel Investor* Angel above shoulder
3000 Red Dirt.png Red Dirt Bubbled Mars Credit in the top left
400 Brain-cation.png Brain-cation Train looking vehicle on the right Total Recall (Film)(1990)
777 Buggles.png Buggles Farm with buggles flying in the back Wong ranch from Futurama
444 Terrorformer.png Terrorformer House with a spider inside Charlotte's Web (Book)(1952)
5600 Marsies.png Marsies Mouse with a motorcycle Biker Mice from Mars (TV)(1993)
2500 LiFE Pod.png LiFE Pod Spartan helmet Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes
1000 Everything Spiked glass dome in the background Watchmen (Comic)(1987)
Dr Manhattan builds this glass structure from Mars sand.
3000 Heck Portal.png Heck Portal Portal on the ground
10000 Men.png Men A dog Men In Black 2 (Film)(2002)
7000 Brain-cation.png Brain-cation Excavation machine, found on the left Total Recall (Film)(1990)
13000 Ambassadors.png Ambassadors 2 UFOs

*Exclusive to versions available on Kongregate, Steam, and mobile


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