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Time Warps are Gold Upgrades in AdVenture Capitalist, which can be used to get money and Angel Investors instantly. They can be used on every planet and on every event.

Time Warps

There are 4 Time Warps upgrades, one being a one time purchase. The reward from Time Warps does not factor in the profit from Flux Capitalors. There is a formula, which tells exactly how much cash is actually rewarded from Time Warps:

OR Go to shop, See how much it gives you in 1 day and divide by 8

Where x = Time Warps, y = Flux Capitalors, and d = days of profit.

Time Warp Cost Effect
1 Time Warp 10 Gold.png The player receive one day worth of profits instantly.
7 Time Warps 25 Gold.png The player receive one weeks worth of profits instantly.
14 Time Warps 40 Gold.png The player receive two weeks worth of profits instantly.
Time Traveller Pack 40 Gold.png Three 14 Day Time Warps for the price of one. It can be bought once.

Time Warp Express

TimeWarp Express.png

Time Warp Express is a 10-pack that gives 3 hours worth of profits per boost. The players receive 3 free boosts out of 10 at the beginning. It costs 50 Gold.png to get all 10 boosts.