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Unlocks are bonuses that are awarded after a certain set goal is reached.

Red Dirt Red Dirt[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Red Dirt are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Red Dirt.

Red Dirt Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Pay Dirt 200 Profit x3
Dirty Deeds... 400 Profit x3 AC/DC's song
...Done Dirt Cheap 600 Profit x3 AC/DC's song
Talking Dirty 800 Profit x3
Hit The Dirt 1000 Profit Speed x2
Red Velvet 1200 Profit x3
Drill Sergeant 1400 Profit x3
Can You Dig It? 1600 Profit x3
Big Red 1800 Profit x3
Talk Into The Mic 2000 Profit Speed x2
Got A Backup Mic Right Here! 2200 Profit x3
It's Pronounced Dirt-e' 2400 Profit x3
Here's Mud In Your Eye 2600 Profit x3
Dirty Harry 2800 Profit x3 Dirty Harry (movie)
Make My Day 3000 Profit Speed x2
Keep On Keeping On 3200 Profit x3
Not Van Hagar 3400 Profit x3
Joe Meteorite 3600 Profit x3
Zippity Do-Das 3800 Profit x3
Miner Flesh Wound 4000 Profit x3 A pun on "Minor flesh wound"
Very Offshore Drilling 4300 Profit x3
Red Dawn 4600 Profit x3 4900 Profit x3
Je-Kelso & Hide 5200 Profit x3 Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde (movie); Michael Kelso and Stephen Hyde (That 70's Show characters)
Red Fez Dispenser 5500 Profit x3
Drilling Time 5800 Profit x3
Can You Fly Bobby? 6100 Profit x3
Dirt Feelings 6400 Profit x3
Drilling In The Name Of 6700 Profit x3 Killing In The Name Of (Rage Against the Machine's song)
This Is Not A Drill 7000 Profit Speed x2
I Got A Jar Of Dirt 7300 Profit x3 "I got a jar of dirt, I got a jar of dirt, and guess what's inside it?" (Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest)
That's Gotta Dirt 7600 Profit x3
Dirt Bag 7900 Profit x3
Under Yo Fingernails 8200 Profit x3
I'm Better Than Dirt... 8500 Profit Speed x2
...Well, Most Kinds... 8800 Profit x3
..Not Fancy Store Bought 9100 Profit x3
Dirty Jokes 9400 Profit x3
Grime Time 9700 Profit x3
Optimus Grime 10000 Profit x3 Optimus Prime (Transformers)
That's Soil Folks 10500 Profit x3 "That's all folks" (Looney Toons)
Sizemore Reference 11000 Profit x3
Dusty Roads 11500 Profit x3
Mud Pies 12000 Profit x3
Erosion 12500 Profit x3
Dish The Dirt 13000 Profit x13
Spade Parade 13500 Profit x3
Crimson Garden 14000 Profit x3
Vermillion Fields 14500 Profit x3
Red Ground Beneath 15000 Profit x3
Martian Soil 15500 Profit x3
Turn it up! 16000 Profit x3
Dig Douglas 16500 Profit x3 Dig Dug (1982 video game)
Trio Trio Trio 17000 Profit x3 Dugtrio (Pokémon)
Ground Type 17500 Profit x3 Pokémon being Ground types
Daru Day Sandstorm 18000 Profit x3 Darude - "Sandstorm"
Goron Garnish 18500 Profit x3
Dust Bath 19000 Profit x3
Rub Some Dirt In It 19500 Profit x3
Perfect For Grandma 20000 Profit x3
Get Your Hands Dirty 20500 Profit x3
Dirt Alert 21500 Profit x3
Dirt Flirt 22000 Profit x3
Red Desert On A Horse 22500 Profit x3
Dirt Aid 23000 Profit x3
Dirt Inserts 23500 Profit x3
Dirt Desserts 24000 Profit x3
Line In the Red Sand 24500 Profit x3
Sand Bags - Red Edition 25000 Profit x3
I Can't Sand It! 25500 Profit x3 "I can't stand it!"
Soil Your Plants 26000 Profit x3
Sand Witches 26500 Profit x3
Poison Dirt 27000 Profit x3
We've Struck Dirt 27500 Profit x3
Yaksmen Feed 28000 Profit x3
Down And Dirty 28500 Profit x3
Stronger Than Old Cheese 29000 Profit x3
After Shock 29500 Profit x3
Dust Sale 30000 Profit x3
Dirt Dirt Everywhere 30500 Profit x3
And All The Worlds Did Sink 31000 Profit x3
Premium Blend 31500 Profit x3
Abrasive 32000 Profit x3
Great For Sandcastles 32500 Profit x3
Add Some To Your Coffee 33000 Profit x3
Natural Laxative 33500 Profit x3
Grime DOES Pay 34000 Profit x3
Salt Free 34500 Profit x3
Spot Remover Probably 35000 Profit x3
Tastes Like Chicken 35500 Profit x3 Probably reference to Bear Grylls and his popular phrase.
Ashes To Ashes 36000 Profit x3
Dust To Dust 36500 Profit x3
It Gets Everyone 37000 Profit x3
Sprinkle On Yogurt 37500 Profit x3
Mud Masks 38000 Profit x3
Hair Color-er 38500 Profit x3
Lifts Stains 39000 Profit x3
GMO Free 39500 Profit x3
Kosher 40000 Profit x3
Gluten Free 40500 Profit x3
Red Footprint 41000 Profit x3
Does Your Taxes 41500 Profit x3
Walks Your Pets 42000 Profit x3
Shines Your Car 42500 Profit x3
Prevents Infections 43000 Profit x3
Great Beef Supplement 43500 Profit x3
Freshens Breath 44000 Profit x3
Relieves Conjestion (sic) 44500 Profit x3
Destroys Toxins 45000 Profit x3
Never Drops Calls 45500 Profit x3
Effective Diuretic 46000 Profit x3
Apply Directly To The Forehead 46500 Profit x3
Teaches Phonics 47000 Profit x3
Lasts For Years 47500 Profit x3
Preservative Free 48000 Profit x3
Low Fat 48500 Profit x3
Calorie Free 49000 Profit x3
Anti-Oxidant 49500 Profit x3
Fits In Most Compartments 50000 Profit x3
100% Guarantee 50500 Profit x3
Great For Parties 51000 Profit x3
Available In Blue 51500 Profit x3
To The Victory Goes The Soil 52000 Profit x3
The Shoveling 52500 Profit x3
Always More Dirt 53000 Profit x3
Free Sandbox 53500 Profit x3
Dirt Like It Hurts 54000 Profit x3
Welcome To Your Dune 54500 Profit x3
Dirtopia 55000 Profit x3
As Above So Below 55555 Profit x5
The All Dirt 56000 Profit x3

Marsies Marsies[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Marsies are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Marsies.

Marsies Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Deep Fried Goodness 75 Profit x3.33 Deep fried Mars bars
Grease Proof Napkins 150 Profit x3.33
Tempura Batter 225 Profit x3.33
Icing Dippers 300 Profit Speed x2
Buy 1 Get 2 Free 375 Profit x3.33
Doctors Hate You 450 Profit x3.33
The Milky Way 525 Profit x3.33 Popular chocolate bar
Candy Coated Asteroids 600 Profit Speed x2
Smarty-Pants 675 Profit x3.33
11 Herbs and Sprinkles 750 Profit x3.33 KFC reference - 11 secret herbs & spices
May Contain Peanuts 825 Profit x3.33
Extra Crispy Crunch 900 Profit Speed x2
O Hank! 975 Profit x3.33 Oh Henry! (Candy Bar)
Nugget Nougat 1050 Profit x3.33
Butter Chicken Fingers 1125 Profit x3.33
Ambi-Dextrose 1200 Profit Speed x2
Crazy Glucose 1275 Profit x3.33
Mellow Mars 1350 Profit x3.33 Mallowmars
Double Down 1425 Profit x3.33
Sugar High 1500 Profit Speed x2
Bounty Hunters 1575 Profit x3.33
Marstesers 1650 Profit x3.33 Maltesers
Snicker Crunch Combo 1725 Profit x3.33
Candy Coated Drumsticks 1800 Profit Speed x2
Two For Me None For You 1875 Profit x3.33
Featherless Doves 1950 Profit x3.33
Do You Want Gravy with that? 2025 Profit x3.33
Diabetic Hens 2100 Profit x3.33
Chicken Nougats 2275 Profit x3.33 Chicken nuggets
Grease Lightning 2450 Profit x3.33
Finger Lickin Good 2625 Profit x3.33 KFC's slogan.
Nutritional Misinformation 2800 Profit x3.33
Wrapped In Cheese 2975 Profit x3.33
Bacon Based Confectionery 3150 Profit x3.33
Fries With That? 3325 Profit x3.33 "You want fries with that?"
Jelly Bean Dip 3500 Profit x3.33
Candy Bisque 3675 Profit x3.33
Deep Fried Soda 3850 Profit x3.33
Fondant Sauce 4025 Profit x3.33
Chocolate Dippers 4200 Profit x3.33
Fondue Bucket 4375 Profit x3.33
Grease Test 4550 Profit x3.33
Artificial Ingredients 4725 Profit x3.33
Refine All The Things 4900 Profit x3.33
Caramel Sliders 5075 Profit x3.33
Served Warm And Fresh-ish 5250 Profit x3.33
Pink Slime Shakes 5425 Profit x3.33
Choco-bomb Blaster 5600 Profit x3.33
AED On Site 5775 Profit x3.33
Cardiologist Mascot 5950 Profit x3.33
Clog Away Injections 6125 Profit x3.33
Salt 6300 Profit x3.33
Byproduct Enhancers 6475 Profit x3.33
Endangered Options 6650 Profit x3.33
Chococardiac Arrest 6825 Profit x3.33
Fizzes In Your Mouth 7000 Profit x3.33
Free Pain Killers 7175 Profit x3.33
Real Flavour Chemicals 7350 Profit x3.33
Mashmallow Tortilla 7525 Profit x3.33
Butter Scotch 7700 Profit x3.33
Em And Ems 7875 Profit x3.33 M & Ms candy
10,000 Locations 8050 Profit x3.33
Corn Syrup Amuse-bouche 8225 Profit x3.33
Munchies 8400 Profit x3.33
Just Eat It 8575 Profit x3.33
Complimentary Chewers 8750 Profit x3.33
Triple Bypass 8925 Profit x3.33
Icing Sugar For Color 9100 Profit x3.33
Coconut Garnish 9275 Profit x3.33
Fried 10,000 Times 9450 Profit x3.33
Technically Cuisine 9625 Profit x3.33
Jelly Based 9800 Profit x3.33
Neon Colored 9975 Profit x3.33
Cruelty Free Toffee 10150 Profit x3.33
Easy Open Wrappers 10325 Profit x3.33
Palm Oil Rigs 10500 Profit x3.33
All You Can Eat 10675 Profit x3.33
Off Season Egg-Ees 10850 Profit x3.33
Gummy Werebears 11025 Profit x3.33 Gummy bears
Candied Hams 11200 Profit x3.33
By The Dozen 11375 Profit x3.33
Sugar Souffle 11550 Profit x3.33
Progress Bars TM 11725 Profit x3.33
Some Side Effects 11900 Profit x3.33
Exstatic Dentists 12075 Profit x3.33
Eat Rhymes With Meat 12250 Profit x3.33
Chochicken 12425 Profit x3.33
Chocolate Covered Chocolate 12600 Profit x3.33
Delicious 12775 Profit x3.33
Warning Labels 12950 Profit x3.33
Technically Food 13125 Profit x3.33
Melts In The Sun... 13300 Profit x3.33
...Not In Your Hands 13475 Profit x3.33 With the previous unlock, is a reference to a former M&M's slogan "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand".
Strange Textures 13650 Profit x3.33
3D Printed 13825 Profit x3.33
Secret Recipe 14000 Profit x3.33 KFC reference
Flavour Country 14175 Profit x3.33
Sugar High-Rise 14350 Profit x3.33
Elevensies 14525 Profit x3.33 Lord of the Rings
Part Of This Complete Breakfast 14700 Profit x3.33 General Mills' slogan
Sugar Crash 14875 Profit x3.33
Oompa Cha-loompas 15050 Profit x3.33 Oompa Loompas (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Mini Marsies 15225 Profit x3.33
Obe-City 15400 Profit x3.33 Obesity
What A Way To Go 15575 Profit x3.33
Lard Bars 15750 Profit x3.33
Sign Waivers 15925 Profit x3.33
Sappy Meals 16100 Profit x3.33 Happy Meals (McDonald's)
Never-Rot Technology 16275 Profit x3.33
Industrial Strength 16450 Profit x3.33
Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Candy... 16625 Profit x3.33
Sweet And Salty 16800 Profit x3.33
Recommended Daily Dose 16975 Profit x3.33
Unregulated 17150 Profit x3.33
Them Good Eats 17325 Profit x3.33
Please Sir, Can I have Some More? 17500 Profit x3.33 Quote from Oliver Twist

Men Men[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Men are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Men.

Men Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Men Men Men Men, Manly Men 100 Profit x5 Two and a Half Men theme song
Fun To Stay At The M.A.R.S. 200 Profit x5 Song "Y.M.C.A." by The Village People
Mens Room 300 Profit x5
Texas Ranger 400 Profit x5 Walker: Texas Ranger
Now You're a Man! 500 Profit Speed x2
Round House Kicks 600 Profit x6 Signature attack of Chuck Norris
Discovered The Wheel 700 Profit x9
It's Science 800 Profit x9
Man Overboard 900 Profit x9
Rocketman 1000 Profit Speed x5 Elton John song
Buy-ceps 1100 Profit x9
Testosterownd 1200 Profit x9
Five O'Clock Shadow 1300 Profit x9
It's Reigning Men! 1400 Profit x9 Song "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls
Alpha Force 1500 Profit x9
Chun Kuk Dough 1600 Profit x9
He-man 1700 Profit x9
Venus Guy Trap 1800 Profit x9
Beard Ornaments 1900 Profit x9
Fine Beard Oils 2000 Profit x9
The First Rule 2200 Profit x9 Fight Club (1996)(Book) by Chuck Palahniuk
And The Second Rule 2400 Profit x9 Fight Club (1996)(Book) by Chuck Palahniuk
Men In Tights 2600 Profit x9 Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)(Film)
Lumberjacks Anonymous 2800 Profit x9 "The Lumberjack Song" from Episode9 of Monty Python's Flying Circus
Flannel Suits 3000 Profit x9
Popped Collar 3200 Profit x9
Big Trucks 3400 Profit x9
An Abundance Of Chairs 3600 Profit x9
On A Boat 3800 Profit x9 Song "I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain
Gone Fishing 4000 Profit x9
Rocks 4200 Profit x9
Unstolen Hoodies 4400 Profit x9
Butt Slaps 4600 Profit x9
High Fives 4800 Profit x9
Beard Salons 5000 Profit x999
Paintball Everywhere 5200 Profit x9
Homemade Action Movies 5400 Profit x9
Just Dogs Everywhere 5600 Profit x9
The Odd Cat Too 5800 Profit x9
All The Homeruns 6000 Profit x9 Baseball
Touchdown! 6200 Profit x9 American Football
GOOOOAAALLL! 6400 Profit x9 Association Football (Soccer)
Checkered Flag! 6600 Profit x9 Car Racing
Gigantic Burger Patties 6800 Profit x9
Irresponsibly Big TVs 7000 Profit x9
Free 'Beverages' 7200 Profit x9
Swords 7400 Profit x9
Power Armor 7600 Profit x9
Missile Target Practice 7800 Profit x9
Robot Butlers 8000 Profit x9
Semi Demolition Derby 8200 Profit x9
Affordable Spaceships 8400 Profit x9
Superbowl Sundays 8600 Profit x9 The Superbowl is the annual championship game in American Football.
Hundreds of Stanley Cups 8800 Profit x9 The Stanley Cup is the championship trophy of the National Hockey League.
Gladitorial Combat 9000 Profit x9
A Fart Joke 9200 Profit x9
Presidential Combat 9400 Profit x9 Presidential Election
Knights Running Around 9600 Profits x9
The Bro-lympics 9800 Profit x9 The Olympics
Wingman Awards 10000 Profit x9
Talking Only When Necessary 10200 Profit x9
Semi-annual Fight Club 10400 Profit x9
Rap Battle Diplomacy 10600 Profit x9
Boxer/Briefs Debate 10800 Profits x9
Monster Truck Lanes 11000 Profit x9
Everything's A Competition 11200 Profit x9
Camp 11400 Profit x9
No Speed Limits 11600 Profit x9
Lots Of Stuff To Fix 11800 Profit x9
Bromance 12000 Profit x9

Buggles Buggles[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Buggles are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Buggles.

Buggles Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Oh Give Me A Home 10 Profit x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
Where The Buggles All Roam 20 Profit x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
Where The Gears... 40 Profit x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
And The Cantelope Lay 80 Profit x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
Where Seldom Is Burned 100 Profit Speed x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
With Discouraging Words 150 Profit x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
And The Skies Are Not Cloudy 200 Profit x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
At All 250 Profit x2 "Home on the Range" classic western folk song
Buggle O'Bill 300 Profit Speed x2 Buffalo Bill - early frontiersman
Cute As A Buggle 350 Profit x2 Play on Cute as a button
Buggle Buggle Buggle Buggle 400 Profit x2
Buggle-O Soldier 450 Profit x2
Home on the De-Range 500 Profit Speed x2
Buggle-O Wings 600 Profit x2 Play on Buffalo wings
Back At The Ranch 700 Profit x2
Shut Up And Take My $$$ 777 Profit x77777 Popular line from the show Futurama
Buggle Bungle 800 Profit x2
Stampede Stamps 900 Profit x2
The Daily Buggle 1000 Profit x77
Buggle Horn 1100 Profit x5
Operation Buggle O 1200 Profit x5
Buggle Boogie 1300 Profit x5
Buggle Juggle 1400 Profit x5
Buggle Snuggle 1500 Profit Speed x2
Buggle Smuggle? 1600 Profit x5
Farmer In The Cell 1700 Profit x5 Farmer in the Dell - nursery rhyme title
Bingo Was His Name O 1800 Profit x5 line from "There was a Farmer Had a Dog" nursey rhyme
Buggle Struggle 1900 Profit x5
8 Seconds 2000 Profit x5
Scary Dairy 2100 Profit x5
Farm Charm 2200 Profit x5
Buggle Tug O War 2300 Profit x5
Easier Than Cats 2400 Profit x5
Round Em Up 2500 Profit Speed x2 Quote from Rawhide tv series theme song
Raw Hide 2600 Profit x5 1959 TV series
Yeeha! 2700 Profit x5
Giddyup 2800 Profit x5
There's A Snake In My Boot 2900 Profit x5 "There's a snake in my boot!" (Toy Story)
Someone's Poisoned The Waterhole 3000 Profit x5
Howdy Howdy Howdy 3100 Profit x5 Quote from Toy Story
Standing Outside The Fire 3200 Profit x5
Honky Talk 3300 Profit x5
Save A Buggle 3400 Profit x5
Don't Name Them! 3500 Profit x5
Buggle-Tied 3600 Profit x5
Red-Pepper Farms Remembers 3700 Profit x5 Family Guy quote "Pepperidge Farm remembers"
Time For A Drive 3800 Profit x5
Stop Me If You Herd This 3900 Profit x5
Surprisingly Cuddly 4000 Profit x5
Buggle Steaks 4100 Profit x5
Buggle Stew 4200 Profit x5
Boiled Buggle 4300 Profit x5
Buggle On A Stick 4400 Profit x5
Mashed Buggle 4500 Profit x5
Poached Buggle 4600 Profit x5
Rack OF Buggle 4700 Profit x5
Buggle Loaf 4800 Profit x5
Stewed Buggle 4900 Profit x5
Deep Fried Buggle 5000 Profit x5
Buggle A La King 5100 Profit x5 Recipe "Chicken a la King"
Buggle Brisket 5200 Profit x5 Recipe "Beef Brisket"
Buggle Sashimi 5300 Profit x5 Recipe "Salmon or Tuna Sashimi"
Smoked Buggle 5400 Profit x5
Buggle Tartar 5500 Profit x5 Recipe "Steak Tartar"
Regulations Shmegulations 5600 Profit x5
Kinda Cute 5700 Profit x5
Makes A Great Pet 5800 Profit x5
Loyal 5900 Profit x5
Friendly 6000 Profit x5
Eats Intruders 6100 Profit x5
House Broken 6200 Profit x5
Might Break Your House 6300 Profit x5
Insurance Available 6400 Profit x5
Man's Pest Friend 6500 Profit x5 "Man's best friend."
Raid Free Zone 6600 Profit x5
Giant Frog Defenses 6700 Profit x5
Buggleboys 6800 Profit x5
The Red Dirt Road 6900 Profit x5
Song Of The Southpole 7000 Profit x5
Baa Baa Buggle 7100 Profit x5 Baa Baa Black Sheep (Nursery Rhyme) (1744)
Have You Any Wool? 7200 Profit x5 Baa Baa Black Sheep (Nursery Rhyme) (1744)
No Sir No Sir 7300 Profit x5 Baa Baa Black Sheep (Nursery Rhyme) (1744)
Just Horrifying Moults 7400 Profit x5 Baa Baa Black Sheep (Nursery Rhyme) (1744)
Old McBuggle Had A Farm 7500 Profit x5 Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Nursery Rhyme) (1917)
E I E I WHOA! 7600 Profit x5 Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Nursery Rhyme) (1917)
On His Farm He Had Some Buggles 7700 Profit x5 Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Nursery Rhyme) (1917)
With A SCREEE SCREEE Here 7800 Profit x5 Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Nursery Rhyme) (1917)
And A SCREEE SCREE There 7900 Profit x5 Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Nursery Rhyme) (1917)
Quite Horrifying Actually 8000 Profit x5

Heck Portal Heck Portal[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Heck Portals are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Heck Portals.

Heck Portal Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Unholy Cow! 25 Profit x7
What The Heck? 50 Profit x7 A level in Earthworm Jim
Heckraiser 100 Profit x7 Hellraiser (1984 horror movie)
Chop Stick Face 200 Profit x7
Upside Down Hockey Sticks 300 Profit Speed x2
Aw Heck Nah! 400 Profit x7
Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter 500 Profit x7
Mind The Gap 600 Profit x7
Heck Gets Real 666 Profit x666
Gosh 800 Profit x666
Dawn Of The Darned 900 Profit x666
Root Of All Badness 1000 Profit x666
Evil The Kitten 1250 Profit x666
Rather Sinister 1500 Profit x666
Heck Trek 1750 Profit x666
Dial Tone 2000 Profit x666
Dante's Humid-ish 2250 Profit x666
Mark Of The Yeast 2500 Profit x666
Bat Out Of Heck 2750 Profit x666 Bat Out of Hell (TF2 Weapon)
Abadeer's Summer Home 3000 Profit x666
Noisy Neighbors 3250 Profit x666
Eternal Nuisance 3500 Profit x666
Nefarious 3725 Profit x666
Bad Boys Bad Boys 4000 Profit x666
A Snowball's Chance 4250 Profit x666
Heck With That 4500 Profit x666
A Little Underwhelming 4750 Profit x666
Better To Rain In Heck... 5000 Profit x666

Ambassadors Ambassadors[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Ambassadors are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Ambassadors.

Ambassadors Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
We Come In Peace 10 Profit x6
Close Encounters 50 Profit x6 Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (1977)
Ack Ack Ack! 100 Profit x6
Brains Over Braun 200 Profit x6
Take Me To Your Leader 400 Profit x6
Convent-ional Wisdom 600 Profit x6
De-humanitarian 800 Profit x6
Cerebellumdddd 1000 Profit Speed x2
Nun Sense 1200 Profit x6
Hyper Hippocampus 1400 Profit x6
Mother Brain Superior 1600 Profit x6
Independence Yay 1800 Profit x6
Goldblum Sachs 2000 Profit x6
Nun Shall Pass 2200 Profit x6
Why Cant We All Just Get Along? 2400 Profit x6
No Weapons! No Tricks! 2600 Profit x6
Little Green Manager 2800 Profit x6
Nun of Your Business 3000 Profit x6
Lasers Are Cool 3200 Profit x6
Bubble Gum 3400 Profit x6
Head Swap 3600 Profit x6
Devito Special 3800 Profit x6
It Is An Awesome Sight 4000 Profit x6
Like A Giant Hupcap 4200 Profit x6
2 Of 3 Branches Ain't Bad 4400 Profit x6
The Suede That Mows 4600 Profit x6
Thanks Grandma 4800 Profit x6
You'll Need Lawyers 5000 Profit x6
Don't Run! 5200 Profit x6
We're Your Friends 5400 Profit x6
Sign Of The Donut 5600 Profit x6
They Ain't Getting The TV 5800 Profit x6
War Of The Words 6000 Profit x6
Cruise Control 6200 Profit x6
Tripod Triumph 6400 Profit x6
HEPA Filters 6600 Profit x6
Illegal Aliens 6800 Profit x6
Come In Peace... 7000 Profit x6
Go In Pieces 7200 Profit x6
Set Phasers To Stunning 7400 Profit x6
Exploding Heads 7600 Profit x6
Peace Talks 7800 Profit x6
Agressive Negotiation 8000 Profit x6
Bunny Ears 8200 Profit x6
Meaty Treaty 8400 Profit x6
Sign On The Line 8600 Profit x6
Super Fine Print 8800 Profit x6
Diplomacy Dip 9000 Profit x6
Soft Touch 9200 Profit x6
Walk Softly 9400 Profit x6
...And Carry A Big Stick Of Gum 9600 Profit x6
Words 9800 Profit x6
Charisma Check 10000 Profit x6
Hairy Emissary 10200 Profit x6
The Great Mediate 10400 Profit x6
Conciliator Troy 10600 Profit x6
Talks Talks And More Talks 10800 Profit x6
Am-Bad-Ass-Ador 11000 Profit x6
Public Relations 11200 Profit x6
Annoy The Envoy 11400 Profit x6
We Have An Accord 11600 Profit x6
Sticks And Stones 11800 Profit x6
May Break My Bones 12000 Profit x6
But Lasers Disintegrate Flesh 12200 Profit x6
Very Few Scandals 12400 Profit x6
Cut A Deal 12600 Profit x6
Arbitrate-ors 12800 Profit x6
Conflict Of Interest 13000 Profit x6
Battle Of Words 13200 Profit x6
Parlay? 13400 Profit x6
More Guidelines Than Rules 13600 Profit x6
Covenant 13800 Profit x6
Adjudication Vacation 14000 Profit x6

Brain-cation Brain-cation[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Brain-cations are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Brain-cation.

Brain-cation Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Total Rekt-all 25 Profit x3 Total Recall, film that inspires Brain-cation
Remember The Impossible 50 Profit x3
Are You Really On Mars? 75 Profit x3
Delusions Of Grandeur 100 Profit Speed x2
Some Side Effects 150 Profit x3
Three Cups 200 Profit x3
Join The Resistance 250 Profit x3
Sassy Robo-Taxi 300 Profit x3
IT'S NAHT A TUMAH 400 Profit x3
IT'S A MUTANT 450 Profit x3
Giant Drill Shenanigans 500 Profit Speed x2
Memorable Side Characters 550 Profit x3
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub 600 Profit x3 Rick and Morty
And That's The Way The News Goes 650 Profit x3 Rick and Morty
Grass Tastes Bad 700 Profit x3 Rick and Morty
AdCap 100 Years! 750 Profit x7 Rick and Morty (1st episode)
Lobotomy Free Since 2015 800 Profit x3
Mysterious Air Machine 850 Profit x3
Attractive Sidekick 900 Profit x3
Bulgy Eye Goodness 950 Profit x3
Great One Liners 1000 Profit x8
Friendly Scientists 1150 Profit x8
Just A Pinch 1300 Profit x8
Who Is Your Daddy 1450 Profit x8
And What Does He Do 1600 Profit x8
I'll Be Back-aroonie 1750 Profit x8 "I'll be back." (Arnold Schwarzenegger's quote)
Last Traction Hero 1900 Profit x8
Mostly Recall 2050 Profit x8
Ladies Edition 2200 Profit x8
Save Venus 2350 Profit x8
Back Mutant 2500 Profit x8
Reverse Greenhouse Gases 2650 Profit x8
Squishy Eyes 2800 Profit x8
Discount Memories 2950 Profit x8
Brain Coupons 3100 Profit x8
Frequent Memory Miles 3250 Profit x8
Money Back Guarantee 3400 Profit x8
Do It Yourself Implants 3550 Profit x8
Jail Break-able 3700 Profit x8
Accept No Substitutes 3850 Profit x8
Forget-It Procedure 4000 Profit x8
Low Risk Of Backfire 4150 Profit x8
Forget Your Inlaws 4300 Profit x8
Brain Stay-cation 4450 Profit x8
Visit Your Psyche 4600 Profit x8
Ego Trip 4750 Profit x8
Battle Your Id 4900 Profit x8
Search Your Feelings 5050 Profit x8
May The Schwartz Be With You 5200 Profit x8
Capitalist Implant 5350 Profit x8
Pretend To Make Billions 5500 Profit x8
Buy A Lemonade Stand 5650 Profit x8
Hire Colorful Managers 5800 Profit x8
Make Money While Away 5950 Profit x8
Unlock The Moon 6100 Profit x8
It's A Bit Slow 6250 Profit x8
Unlock Mars 6400 Profit x8
It's Much Faster 6550 Profit x8
Buy A Brain-Cation Business 6700 Profit x8
Implant Capitalism Memories 6850 Profit x8
Capital-ception 7000 Profit x8 Film "Inception"
We Must Go Deeper 7150 Profit x8
Grab Your Top 7300 Profit x8
Crossed References 7450 Profit x8
BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 7600 Profit x8 Rabbids signature scream, from a video game Rayman: Raving Rabbids

Hank Hill's quote from "King of the Hill"

LiFE Pod LiFE Pod[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of LiFE Pods are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the LiFE Pod.

LIFE Pod Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
iMars 100 Profit x15 iOS
Tortoiseneck Sweaters 200 Profit x15 turtle neck sweaters
Reality Showoff 300 Profit x15
Mac & Me 400 Profit x15 Mac and Me
Basket of Apples 500 Profit Speed x2
Easy Mac 700 Profit x50
Wizard of Woz 900 Profit x50 Wizard of Oz
Apple Jacked 1100 Profit x50 Apple Jack (My Little Pony series)
Bang Up Job 1300 Profit x50
Mars Needs Legal Guardians 1500 Profit x5050
Jobs Creator 1700 Profit x50
No Margin For Error 1900 Profit x50
One and Only 2100 Profit x50
No Turning Back 2300 Profit x50
Taking Applicants 2500 Profit x50
One Way Trip 2700 Profit x50
Trendy! 2900 Profit x50
Pleasing Aesthetic 3100 Profit x50
Patented Corners 3300 Profit x50
No Dropped Pods 3500 Profit x50
Expensive 3700 Profit x50
Fan Boys 3900 Profit x50
Pre-Planned Innovation 4100 Profit x50
Mars Won 4300 Profit x50
We'll Be Right Back 4500 Profit x50
Technical Difficulties 4700 Profit x50
Available In Black 4900 Profit x50
Experts Available 5100 Profit x50
30 Day Warranty 5300 Profit x50
So Long Earth 5500 Profit x50
Voted Off The Planet 5700 Profit x50
More Like Lands-Drop 5900 Profit x50
Cozy 6000 Profit x50

Terrorformer Terrorformer[]

These unlocks are awarded when a certain number of Terrorformers are acquired. The awarded bonuses affect the Terrorformer.

Terrorformer Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Eight Legged Freaks 33 Profit x333 2002 movie title
Man Of Steel Reference 66 Profit x333
Just Go With It 99 Profit x333
Radioactive 222 Profit x333 Reference to spider that bit Peter Parker and made him Spiderman
Spiders in Disguise 333 Profit x333
Arachnophobia 444 Profit x333 Fear of spiders / 1990 movie title
Wicky Wild Wild 555 Profit x333
Spins a Web Any Size 666 Profit x333 Quote from Spiderman theme song
Element 36 777 Profit x333 Krypton
Black Widower 888 Profit x333
Austrailian Exchange Program 999 Profit x333
Salutations 1111 Profit x333 Charlotte's Web quote
Fire Won't Save You Now 2222 Profit x333 Harry Potter quote "Parseltongue won't save you now"


Capitalist unlocks are special, as they are awarded when every business is bought a specific number of times. Also, the corresponding bonus affects every business.

Capitalist Unlocks
Name Goal Effect Reference
Onward! 1 Profit speed of all investments x2
To Arms! 50 Profit speed of all investments x2
Mobilization! 100 Profit speed of all investments x2
All Hands! 200 Profit speed of all investments x2
With All Deliberate Speed 300 Profit speed of all investments x2
Swiftly To Thy Course 400 Profit speed of all investments x2
Double Time 500 Profit speed of all investments x2
Look Alive 600 Profit speed of all investments x2
Let's Go Let's Go 700 Profit speed of all investments x2
Make It Snappy 800 Profit speed of all investments x2
Shake A Leg 900 Profit speed of all investments x2
Get The Lead Out 1000 Profit speed of all investments x2
After Burners 1200 Profit speed of all investments x2
Pedal To The Metal 1400 Profit speed of all investments x2
Andele 1600 Profit speed of all investments x2
Light The Fires 1800 Profit speed of all investments x2
Overdrive! 2000 Profit speed of all investments x2
Show Them The Meaning Of Haste 2500 Profit speed of all investments x2 Lord of the Rings

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