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Upgrades increase your profits by adding income multipliers to your buildings. They come in three categories: Cash Upgrades, which are bought with money, Angel Upgrades, which are bought by sacrificing Angel Investors, and Gold Upgrades, which are bought with Gold (real money).

To show the upgrades, click the Upgrades button on the right side. There are three tabs, one for each upgrade category, letting you switch between them.

EZ Upgrader[]

The "EZ Upgrader" is a Manager that costs 1 Angel Investors. Once bought, it adds a widget next to the Buy Multiplier in the upper right of the screen, showing the least expensive Cash Upgrade you haven't yet bought. The widget's button will say "Next" or "Buy" depending on whether you can afford the upgrade or not; clicking on it when it says "Buy" will buy the upgrade.

The EZ Upgrader offers no game benefit. Its sole purpose is to make it easier to see and buy upgrades without having to open the Upgrades menu. However, its cost is so low that it can still be worth buying, even after your very first reset, just for the convenience.

(Possible bug: the Upgrades menu seems to sometimes not show all the upgrades, suddenly skipping to a much more expensive one. The EZ upgrader always shows the correct next upgrade, allowing you to work around this bug and buy all the upgrades properly.)

Quick Buy Upgrader[]

The "Quick Buy Upgrader" is a Manager that costs 33 billion Angel investors. Once bought, it adds a new permanent entry to the top of the Cash Upgrades and Angel Upgrades lists, letting you buy all upgrades you can currently afford with a single click. For the Angel Upgrades, it only auto-purchases "safe" upgrades (ones that cost 1% or less of your total), so there's no need to worry about it accidentally wiping out your entire Angel Investor fund.

Like the EZ Upgrader, this offers no in-game benefit, just convenience. It is much more expensive, and so not worthwhile until the player has accumulated a large number of Angel Investors already, but once the price is low relative to one's AI count (less than 1% of your total), the convenience is worth paying for. It eliminates the tedious "click 50 times" upgrade binge at the start of each reset, and because it's rather conservative when spending Angel Investors, it protects you from "over-clicking" when buying Angel Upgrades and accidentally spending too much!

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